Dorcadospyris alata Zone Reference Slide R 19
Sample Slide
85-573B-11-3, 61-63 cm R19.1 R19.2 R19.3

Dorcadospyris alata * B29/4 V39/3 E40/4

L5/0 S41/0 W36/4

J4/3 P19/4 V36/2

Calocycletta costata K23/2
Calocycletta virginis Q11/1 S41/1 N17/2

O38/4 P36/1
Carpocanopsis bramlettei J11/4 M39/0 W35/3
Carpocanopsis cristata
L11/2 M29/3
Cyrtocapsella cornuta T38/0 F36/0
Cyrtocapsella tetrapera V19/0 S42/0 U42/0
Didymocyrtis mammifera O16/3 H8/0 L15/1
Didymocyrtis violina C7/4
Liriospyris parkerae L30/1 S33/1 V13/1
Lithopera renzae S14/3 U15/3 U3/0

L28/4 H16/2

*Complete, unbroken specimens of D. alata are extremely rare. The specimens identified above are all broken, but the species can be recognized easily from fragments, which is what you will probably have in your sample.

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well preserved in this sample. Collosphaerids are abundant.