Stichocorys delmontensis Zone Reference Slide R 25
Sample Slide
85-573B-15-CC R25.1 R25.2 R25.3

Stichocorys delmontensis C38/0 D43/3 L4/4

D9/0 F4/0 M11/0

H22/3 M18/2 O2/2

N31/1 T23/2 T30/3

Carpocanopsis cingulata E38/0 M6/3 N35/4

J23/0 O28/0 K4/2
Carpocanopsis favosa B20/0 G3/1 C12/0
Cyrtocapsella cornuta F29/3 D3/4 M10/2
Cyrtocapsella tetrapera B28/0 R33/3 C34/0

J23/3 K30/1
Didymocyrtis violina V38/0 D15/0 J30/1

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well to moderately well preserved in this sample, but there are some signs of dissolution. Spyroids are abundant and there are rare Orosphaerid fragments.