Podocyrtis mitra Zone Reference Slide R 41
Sample Slide
10-94-17-1, 121-128 cm R41.1 R41.2 R41.3

Podocyrtis mitra S39/3 C12/2 B31/0

R17/2 K4/4 G8/2

K35/4 L40/2 N29/0

Eusyringium fistuligerum D39/4 T35.0 N37/4

W7/1 T28/2 G9/4

S31/0 O22/0 G12/3
Lithocyclia ocellus T24/2 Y13/1 S9/2

J32/4 R37/0 L44/3
Podocyrtis papalis O25/3 D43/0 S31/4
Podocyrtis trachodes O6/3 M9/0 O42/0
Spongatractus pachystylus P19/0 K34/0 J4/3
Thyrsocyrtis hirsuta W39/2 V33/3
Thyrsocyrtis rhizodon V34/4 E12/4 K18/4

N41/1 E32/1 H42/2

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well preserved in this sample.