Sphaeropyle langii Zone Reference Slide R 54
Sample Slide
32-310-7-2, 83-90 cm R54.1 R54.2 R54.3



Sphaeropyle robusta
N4/3 O8/3
Stichocorys peregrina B16/2 H27/0 E30/1

X31/2 D34/1 N28/2
Theocorythium vetulum D17/0 G18/4 B34/3

S19/1 M33/0 M28/0

**Subsequent unpublished studies (Kling, pers. comm., 1992) and our own observations suggest that Sphaeropyle langii and Sphaeropyle robusta are not stratigraphically useful species and that the radiolarian zonation in this part of the time scale will need to be revised.

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and moderately well preserved in this sample, but a high proportion of specimens show signs of dissolution.