Anthocyrtidium angulare Zone Reference Slide R 4
Sample Slide
85-573-3-CC R4.1 R4.2 R4.3

Anthocyrtidium angulare T31/4 K26/2 W41/3

H33/4 Q10/0 X32/4

S38/3 Q20/2

Amphirhopalum ypsilon V31/0 U22/0 W14/0
Centrobotrys thermophila S37/0

Didymocyrtis tetrathalamus tetrathalamus K24/0 S8/0 C18/0
Lamprocyrtis neoheteroporos G19/3 D17/1 D21/3
Lamprocyrtis nigriniae W8/1

Lithopera bacca V42/3 N23/3 P15/4
Phormostichoartus corbula P9/1 M22/2 T33/0
Pterocorys campanula L9/2 T23/0 K36/0
Spongaster tetras tetras F36/1 W14/2 W31/1
Stylatractus universus O29/0 T23/1 U22/4
Theocorythium trachelium R32/0 S11/3 C28/1
Theocorythium vetulum Q26/3 E32/0 M31/4

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are common and moderately well preserved in this sample. There are signs of dissolution and some minor reworking.