(Riedel and Sanfilippo, 1971)

The top of the zone is defined by the morphotypic first appearance of Lychnocanoma elongata and is coincident with the lower limit of the Lychnocanoma elongata Zone.

Events included in the zone are:

- Bm Calocycletta robusta

- Bm Dorcadospyris forcipata; Tm Lithocyclia angusta; Tm Lychnocanoma trifolium

- Bm Dorcadospyris papilio

- Bm Theocyrtis annosa

- Bm Lychnocanoma trifolium; Tm Theocyrtis tuberosa

- The lower limit of the zone is approximately synchronous with Tm Lithocyclia crux; Centrobotrys petrushevskayae -> Centrobotrys thermophila

The base of the zone is defined by the evolutionary transition from Tristylospyris triceros to Dorcadospyris ateuchus and is coincident with the upper limit of the Theocyrtis tuberosa Zone.

Reference slides R 30.1, R 30.2 and R 30.3 from Sample 85-573B-21-CC; R 31.1, R 31.2 and R 31.3 from Sample 85-573B-22-CC; R 32.1, R 32.2 and R 32.3 from Sample 85-573B-33-CC.