One of the outstanding legacies of scientific ocean drilling has been the development of special drilling and coring tools and technologies that enable researchers to recover better-quality core under a wide range of environmental conditions. The engineers of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and the predecessor program, the Deep Sea Drilling Project, have been extremely successful developing new tools to meet unique scientific ocean drilling requirements (e.g., the advanced piston corer) or adapting established oil and mining industry technologies to the operational demands of the global ocean.

This portfolio of tool sheets provides a summary of the engineering legacy of ODP. Each tool sheet summarizes a tool's scientific application, overall design characteristics, and tool function. These tool sheets are not meant to be exhaustive in detail; rather, they are designed to provide a broad overview to interested parties. Each tool sheet is supported by engineering drawings and an operational manual. These supporting documents will be completed and published at the conclusion of the program.