Table AT1. List of controlled items including precursor chemicals and related laboratory apparatus and glassware.
Precursor chemicals Laboratory apparatus
Methylamine Condensers
Ethylamine Distilling apparatus
D-Lysergic acid Vacuum dryers
Ergotamine tartrate Three-necked flasks, two-necked flasks, single-necked flasks
Diethyl malonate Distilling flasks
Malonic acid Tableting machines
Ethyl malonate Encapsulating machines
Barbituric acid Filter funnels, Buchner funnels, and separatory funnels
Piperidine Flasks: Erlenmeyer, two-neck, single-neck, round-bottom, thermometer, and filtering
N-acetyl anthranilic acid Soxhlet extractors
Pyrrolidine Transformers
Phenylacetic acid Flask heaters
Anthranilic acid Heating mantles
Ephedrine Adapter tubes
Controlled substance analog*

Notes: * = a substance that is substantially similar in chemical structure to that of a controlled substance or has central nervous system activity that is substantially similar to or greater than that of a controlled substance. The MOU does not establish any minimum quantities of precursor chemicals nor size of glassware or equipment. Prescription and nonprescription medicinal formulations are exempted.