ODP Prime Scientific Data: Collection, Archive, and Quality1, 2

ODP Information Technology and Data Services3


The acronyms used in this Technical Note are defined as follows:

A/D analog-to-digital
AF alternating field
AMST archive multisensor track
APC advanced piston coring
APCT advanced piston coring temperature tool
ARL Applied Research Laboratories
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
AVS automated vane shear
DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
DSV digital signal velocimeter
DVTP Davis-Villinger Temperature Probe
FID flame ionization detector
GC gas chromatography
GRA gamma ray attenuation
GRAPE gamma ray attenuation porosity evaluator
HI hydrogen index
HP Hewlett-Packard
HS headspace gas
HVC hue, value, and chroma
IAPSO International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean
ICP-AES inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectroscopy
IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IRM isothermal remanent magnetization
IW interstitial water
MAD moisture and density
MDCB motor-driven core barrel
MSL multisensor logger
MST multisensor track
NGA natural gas analyzer
NGR natural gamma radiation
NRM natural remanent magnetization
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
OG organic geochemistry
OI oxygen index
PARM partial anhysteretic remanent magnetizer
PCS pressure coring system
PI production index
PMAG paleomagnetism
PWL P-wave logger
PWS P-wave sensor
RCB rotary core barrel
RE rock evaluation
RSC reflectance spectrophotography and colorimetry
SCE spectral component excluded
TAMU Texas A&M University
TCD thermal conductivity detector
TCON thermal conductivity
TOC total organic carbon
VAC Vacutainer gas
VCD visual core description
WSTP water-sampling temperature probe
XCB extended core barrel
XRD X-ray diffraction
XRF X-ray fluorescence

1ODP Information Technology and Data Services, 2007. ODP prime scientific data: collection, archive, and quality. ODP Tech. Note, 37 [Online]. Available from World Wide Web: <http://www-odp.tamu.edu/publications/tnotes/tn37/INDEX.HTM>. [Cited YYYY-MM-DD]

2See Disclaimer.

3Ocean Drilling Program, 1000 Discovery Drive, College Station TX 77845-9547, USA.