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D&A Lab Working Team

D&A Working Team meetings

Supervising Scientist: Peter Blum

JOIDES Resolution Depth and Age Lab

Working Team Meetings

Meeting of 22 February 2000: Minutes
  Becker, Blum, Bodley, Escutia, Fackler, Firth, Freeman, Hastedt, Kotz, Malone, Miller, Mithal, Moortgat, Wright      
  This meeting had been called after a discussion with David Becker about the need to provide an information and discussion forum for ODP personnel involved in depth and age application development and operation (MCS, MLS, application developers, database). Eight application development tasks were defined for this category for the "Janus" Review meeting in December 1999. The need for a "Depth and Age" (D&A) lab working team had also been discussed by staff scientists at recent operations meetings. Today's meeting presented the kick-off for the D&A LWT.      
  Blum presented an overview of depth measurements, correlation, and calculation (including the concepts of composite depth and core-downhole data integration) and age modeling. Summary notes and diagrams are attached (see Attachments below). The notes incorporate references to the D&A application tasks defined in December for the "Janus" Review.      
  A = % Completed (approximate!), B = Dec. 1999 Janus Review priority A B Status
  The task "Fix/Create Splice Reports" was completed last week. Hemanth Rajashekhar communicated and coded very effectively and the task was completed in less than a day (40 hr budgeted). 100 G3-8 completed
  The task "Better Integrate Splicer" is eliminated from the list because we have word from the BRG representative for Splicer/Sagen operations (Ulysses Ninnemann) that they wrote improved data transfer routines. These should be deployed on Leg 189. N/A G3-14 eliminated
  The following application tasks remain from the December list (see attachment for task description):      
  1. Create X Converter (see Attachment for more details) 20 G2-17 not active
  2. Splice as query parameter 0 G2-10 not active
  3. Age-Depth Control Points 20 G2-6 semi-active
  4. Age Model Upload/Report 40 G3-18 not active
  5. Age Independent Variable 0 G2-15 not active
  6. Implement Integrated Display 0 G1-8 not active
  Priorities were not discussed much at this initial meeting. However, the task "Create X-Converter" is most likely ranked too low because it was moved from G1 to G2 at the end of the Janus Review meeting and simply attached to the bottom of the list rather than prioritized.      
  D&A LWT members should familiarize themselves with the tasks and concept before the next meeting (April 2000). New tasks can then be added, existing task descriptions modified if necessary, and the list re-prioritized. The revised task/priority list will then be forwarded to the Operations meeting which will integrate it into the overall lab project priority list for all departments.      
  All personnel affected by the development or operation of these applications should attend the bi-monthly, one-hour review meeting. My mailing list will include relevant ISD personnel. Staff scientists will be copied. Those on the mailing list should forward messages to additional people if appropriate. Detailed discussions of individual tasks will take place separately as needed with the 2-4 individuals typically working on the task.      
  Minutes and attachment will be posted on the web to make them accessible to any interested individual.      
  I. Feb. 2000 D&A LWT minutes (this page)      
  IIA. Depth and Age concepts: Notes      
  IIB. Depth and Age concepts Fig. 1: Overview diagram      
  IIC. Depth and Age concepts Fig. 2: Compare mbsf with mcd      
  IID. Depth and Age concepts Fig. 3: Age-depth model      
  III. Revised task description list      
  IV. X-Converter Initial Specifications      

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