ODP No. Status Authors Title Target Publisher Sample Request Number Contact Author Suggested Reviewers
# expected Isern, A.R., Anselmetti, F., Shipboard Scientific party Leg 194 synthesis SR-SYNTH n/a Isern, A. aisern@nsf.gov ?
# expected Howell, M.W., Muller, P.,Wei, W., Stewart, D., Olson, B., John, C. Leg 194 biostratigraphic synthesis SR-SYNTH 17441A Howell, M. howell@geol.sc.edu White, L. (San Francisco State U.); Kroon, D.; Wright, J. (Rutgers U.); Distefano, E. (Palermo, Italy)
# expected Conesa, G., Favre, E., Munch, P. , Chaix, C., Dalmasso, H. Petrographic analysis of components from the southern Marion Platform of middle to late Miocene age (NE Australia): facies and paleoenvironmental evolution (ODP Leg 194, Sites 1196 and 1199) SR 17432A Conesa, G. gilles.conesa@newsup.univ-mrs.fr Pomar, Luis (Mallorca, Spain); Pedley (UK); Cabioch, Guy (New Caledonia); Andre, J.P. (Angor, France)
# expected Heck, P.R., Anselmetti, F.S., Frank, M. Age and growth rate of submarine ferromanganese crusts from Sites 1196 and 1194 SR ? Heck, P. heck@erdw.ethz.ch  
# expected Kindler, P., White, T. Was the Marion Plateau (NE Australia) exposed or drowned during the latest Miocene? Petrography and isotopic evidences SR 17438A Kindler, P. pascal.kindler@terre.unige.ch Strasser, A. (U. Fribourg, Switz.)
# expected Sasaki, K., Yamada, T., Iryu, Y., Ito, T. Nakano, T. and Hallock, P. Development and demise of the Miocene platform beneath the northern Marion Plateau SR 17440A 17440B Sasaki, K. sasak1@kanazawa-gu.ac.jp Boreen, T.D. (Queens U.); James, N.P. (Queens U.); Marshall, J.F. (ANU); Pigram, C.J.
# expected Yamada, T., Sasaki, K., Iryu, Y., and Matsuda, H. Nature of Miocene platform dolomites from the northern Marion Plateau SR 17439A Yamada, T. yamada@dges.tohoku.ac.jp Melim, Leslie; Wheeler, Christopher; Vohrenkamp, V.C.; Swart, P.
# expected Dugan , B., Marone, C., Hong, T. Compaction behavior & permeability of sediments from Sites 1194 and 1198 SR-DR 17437A Dugan, B. dugan@geosc.psu.edu Saffer, D. (U. Wyoming); Winkers, W. (USGS Woods Hole); Karig, D. (Cornell U.)
# expected Eberli, G., Ehrenberg, S., Bachle, G., Bracco Gartner, G.L. Permeability, porosity and pore slope factor of Marion Platform and slope carbonates SR-DR n/a Eberli, G. geberli@rsmas.miami.edu Kenter, J. (Free U., Amsterdam); (Dugan, B.)
# expected Heck, P.R., Anselmetti, F.S., Isern, A.R. Recent sedimentation on the Marion Plateau: data from ODP leg 194 Site survey gravity cores SR-DR ? Heck, P. heck@erdw.ethz.ch  
# expected John, C., Mutti, M., Adatte, T. Stratigraphic correlations within the northern Marion Plateau slope sites: mineralogical and stable isotopes data SR-DR 17454A 17454B John, C. cjohn@geo.uni-potsdam.de Bickert, T. (U. Bremen); Korpoff, A.M.
# expected Olson, B.E., DeConto, R.M, Leckie, R.M. Late middle Miocene to early Pliocene foraminiferal population and isotopic analyses of Hole 1195B, ODP Leg 194 SR-DR 17478A 17478B 17478C Olson, B. bolson@geo.umass.edu Miller, K.; Flower, B.; Droxler, A.; Norris, D.
# expected White,T., Hallock, P., Kindler, P. Paleoenvironmental and microfacies analysis of Subunit 11A, ODP Sites 1196 and 1199 SR-DR 17475A White, T. tswhite@geosc.psu.edu Arthur, M. (Penn. State U.); Burke, Colletta (Wichita State U.); Strasser, A. (U. Fribourg, Switz.)
# expected Conesa, G., Favre, E., Munch, P. Facies and environmental evolution of the middle to late Miocene northern Marion Platforms (ODP Sites 1196-1199, NE Australia) Paleogeogr, Paleoclim, Paleoecol 17432A Conesa, G. gilles.conesa@newsup.univ-mrs.fr  
# expected Delius, H., Eberli, G. Reconstruction of lithology using downhole measurements at Leg 194 drill sites AAPG Bulletin n/a Delius, H. hd21@le.ac.uk  
# expected Fuller, M. Coring artefacts and the paleomagnetic record JGR 17575A Fuller, M. mfuller@soest.hawaii.edu  
# expected Hallock, P., Sheps, K., and others to be determined Larger benthic foraminifers of the Marion Plateau, northeastern Australia (ODP leg 194): comparison of faunas from cool subtropical carbonate platforms Palaios? 17433A 17433B Hallock, P. pmuller@marine.usf.edu  
# expected Isern, A.R., and Anselmetti, F. A Neogene carbonate platform, slope and shelf shaped by sea level and ocean currents: Marion Plateau (NE Australia) Marine Geology n/a Isern, A. aisern@nsf.gov  
# expected Karner, G., Anselmetti, F., Isern, A., Eberli, G., John, C. Style and distribution of extension responsible for the development of the Marion Plateau: constraints from sequence stratigraphy and ODP leg 194 drilling JGR 17562A 17562B 17562C Karner, G. garry@ldeo.columbia.edu  
# expected Obrochta, S.P., Hine, A.C. The mid-Pleistocene climate transition recorded in a hemipelagic sediment drift: implications for the understanding of mixed marine and terrigenous sediment sources Marine Geology 17429A 17429B 17434A 17982A Obrochta, S.P. obrochta@seas.marine.usf.edu Mulliar, Henry (Syracuse U.); McCave, I.N. (Cambridge U., UK); Flood, R. (SUNY)
# expected Page, M., Dickens, G., Heck, P., Howell, M., Hearty, P. Siliciclastic and carbonate fluxes in short cores (GC-10 and GC-08) and ODP Site 1198A: relationship to eustatic sea level variations of the last 500 ky Sedimentary Geology 17462A Page, M. michael.page@jcu.edu.au  
# expected Stewart, D.R.M., Pearson, P.N. An integrated approach to phylogeny of two Globorotalia (planktonic foraminiferida) lineages from the tropical Atlantic and Indo-pacific oceanic realms Paleobiology 17436A Stewart, D. D.R.M.Stewart@bris.ac.uk  
# expected White, T., Brinkhuis, H. Recent sedimentation on the Marion Plateau: data from ODP leg 194 Site survey gravity cores Palynology 17475A White, T. tswhite@geosc.psu.edu  
# expected Wood, J.L., Braga, J.C., Martin, J.M. (+ other shipboard?) Rhodalgal lithofacies in Miocene subtropical platforms of the Marion Plateau (ODP leg 194): uses in determining sea level oscillation and cyclicity Marine Geology 17480A 18207A Wood, J.L. J.L.Wood@open.ac.uk  
# expected Anselmetti, F., Karner, G., Isern, A.R., Hallock, P. Timing and magnitude of a middle Miocene sea level fall: combining seismic stratigraphy and carbonate platform history Journal? n/a Anselmetti, F. flavio@erdw.ethz.ch  
# expected Birke, T., and Fuller, M. Magnetostratigraphy of Leg 194 Sites: - Marion Plateau Journal? 17435A 17435B Fuller, M. mfuller@soest.hawaii.edu  
# expected Bracco Gartner, G.L., Eberli, G.P. Controls of early cementation on sonic velocity in subtropical carbonates Journal? 17443A 17561A 17561B Bracco Gartner, G.L. gbgartner@rsmas.miami.edu  
# expected Ehrenberg, S.N. Porosity and permeability of Miocene platform-top lithologies cored by ODP Leg 194 Journal? 17500A Ehrenberg, S.N. sne@statoil.com  
# expected John, C., Karner, G., Mutti, M. Constraining sealevel by combining backstripping results (Leg 194) with oxygen isotopes data Journal? 17454A 17454B John, C. cjohn@geo.uni-potsdam.de  
# expected John, C., Mutti, M., Adatte, T. Reconstructing terrigenous import, climatic evolutions and paleoceanography: mineralogical data, Leg 194 Journal? 17454A 17454B John, C. cjohn@geo.uni-potsdam.de  
# expected John, C., Mutti, M. Benthic stable isotope signal as recorded on the Marion Plateau slope sites (1192, 1194, 1195): the early to early late Miocene evolution Journal? 17454A 17454B John, C. cjohn@geo.uni-potsdam.de  
# expected Birke, T., Fuller, M. Paleomagnetic record of leg 194 basement rocks ? 17435A 17435B Fuller, M. mfuller@soest.hawaii.edu  
# expected Mutti, M., John, C. Diagenesis at Site 1193 ? 17453A 17453B Mutti, M. mmutti@geo.uni-potsdam.de  
# expected Mutti, M., John, C., et al. Biotic associations at Sites 1193 and 816 ? 17453A 17453B Mutti, M. mmutti@geo.uni-potsdam.de  
# expected Amann et al. ? ? 17477A Amann, H. amann@vws.tu-berlin.de  
# on hold Andresen, N. ? ? 17423A 17423C Andresen, N. nandresen@nexgo.de  
# expected Burns, S. ? ? 17420A Burns, S. sburns@geo.umass.edu  
# expected Vasconcelos, Burns, S. ? ? 17567A Burns, S. sburns@geo.umass.edu  
# expected Wei, W. ? ? 17442A Wei, W. wwei@ucsd.edu  

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