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Scientific Ocean Drilling Vessel

JOIDES Resolution Facilities

These pages detail the laboratories, accommodations, and drilling capabilities of the D/V JOIDES Resolution.

FANTAIL BRIDGE CORE FO’C’S’LE MAIN F ’TWEEN L ’TWEEN QUARTERS HOLD U ’TWEEN A ’TWEEN CONTAINER DERRICK THRUSTERS THRUSTERS BRIDGE DP MOONPOOL RIG FLOOR Accomodations on Core through ’Tween decks Ship’s bridge and dynamic positioning systems, radio room, & Captain’s quarters Hold deck: refrigerated core storage Forward ’Tween deck: lounge, movie room, & gym Lower ’Tween deck: IT office, developer office, data center, & science user room Upper ’Tween deck: supplies storage & logistics shop Aft ’Tween deck: bulk storage Main deck: mess hall, galley, food storage, & laundry Fo’c’s’le deck: chemistry, microbiology, sample prep, X-ray, thin sections, conference room, staff office, imaging office, publications office, & hospital Core deck: core receiving, splitting & sampling, description, paleontology, microscopy, paleomagnetism, petrophysics, stratigraphic correlation, downhole measurements, & electronics shop Bridge deck: science office, technical support office, operations office, & nitrogen generator Rig floor, derrick, and moonpool Core deck: expedition-specific science container Thrusters used to hold the ship’s position with the dynamic positioning system Fantail: underway geophysics

PDF Download Bridge and Core decks poster in PDF format.

PDF Download Fo’c’s’le and Fantail decks poster in PDF format.

PDF Download Main, Tween, and Hold decks poster in PDF format.