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Coring & Transit Time Estimator

The Coring & Transit Time Estimator is provided to assist prospective ocean drilling proponents in estimating transit times between sites and the time required to complete various coring activities available on the JOIDES Resolution. A standard three-hole site for coring in sediments is followed by a fourth hole for basement coring if required. The time estimator is a Microsoft Excel workbook with Instructions on the first worksheet and Coring Time, Transit Time, and Summary calculators on the following worksheets.

This is a gross time estimator for general leg planning and organizational purposes. Time estimates should be verified with IODP JRSO Operations Superintendents.

To use the Coring & Transit Time Estimator you can

  • download the file to your hard computer, and open it with Excel or similar spreadsheet software; or
  • you can set up Excel as your browser's application for .xlsx files (see browser Preferences).