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Export Control

The Texas A&M University System, its members, employees and students must comply with all United States export control regulations. Export control regulations are federal laws that restrict the unlicensed shipment, transmission or transfer of certain items, information or technology from the United States to a foreign country for reasons of national security, foreign policy or trade protection. Export control regulations also prohibit “deemed exports,” or the unlicensed release or disclosure of controlled items, information or technology to foreign nationals in the United States.

NOTE: As a result of US Government export and import control regulations, the JRSO is no longer able to forward third-party (i.e., non-IODP owned or controlled) shipments such as laboratory equipment and supplies from College Station to the JOIDES Resolution port call locations. Instead, scientists must ship laboratory equipment directly to the port where their expedition starts and arrange for its return at the end of the expedition, if required. Please contact the Expedition Project Manager of your expedition for more information on where and when shipments should be sent, and what information the JRSO needs before equipment can be allowed on board.




Shipping Deadlines

IODP-TAMU Staff Only