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Browse by Topic

This browse-by topic tool is designed to help users find IODP publications* (Expeditions 301–current) that cover specific IODP-related topics such as IODP Science Plan themes and challenges (Science Plan), drilling locations (Locations), science and operational tools that are not included in IODP standard measurements (Science, Operational Tools), less common lithologic features described in core (Lith Features), and key age-diagnostic features found in core (Age).**

The Data Reports tab presents postcruise research topics for which a data report was published by IODP.

These links search the AGI Scientific Ocean Drilling Bibliographic Database, a subset of the AGI GeoRef database, and return a list of the summary chapters for each IODP volume that contains reference to the search term. From the results page, users can view the database citation record, access the IODP volume online, save entries to a personalized list or collection, and/or export references.