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The Applications Development Group at ODP is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and maintenance for shipboard and shorebased custom-developed software. Since ODP has been in existence, this group, in conjunction with the Database Group, has been an integral part in the development and maintenance of the many datatypes housed in the database.

As hardware platforms have evolved and changed over the past years, the Group has met the challenge of the demands of software operating on various host computers and file servers. In addition, support has been provided for individual workstations consisting of PC-compatibles, Macintoshes, laptop computers, and Sun Unix workstations. As the need arises, new features are added to existing software and support is provided to the scientific community for the retrieval of data. The Group is actively involved with developing and implementing software applications utilizing GUI interfaces and client/server architecture for interaction with the Oracle Database Management System.

The Group also lends its support to ODP personnel who wish to develop their own software. At times, such projects are turned over to the Group and are completed for scientists or other staff members. Other responsibilities of the Group include participation in the technical management of software development contracts that are entered into with outside agencies.

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