Leg 190 Week 6

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Toshio Hisamitsu (Paleomagnetism; Japan) and Babette Boeckel (Nannofossil micropaleontologist; Germany) discuss sedimentation rates. Scientists analyze and measure structures observed in the core. Left to right: Harold Tobin (Structural Geologist; US), Alex Maltman (Structural Geologist; UK), Mario Sanchez-Gomez (Structural Geologist; Spain) and Toshio Hisamitsu (Paleomagnetism; Japan).
During a break in the weather, the ship's catering staff provides a barbeque lunch outside on the bridge deck. Left to right: Gavin Eppard (temporary Marine Laboratory Specialist from the MATES program; US), Scott Peterson (ODL Drilling Operations Superintendent; US), Fernando Marques (Catemar Outdoor Cooking Specialist; Portugal) , Antonio Barao (Catemar Outdoor Cooking Specialist; Portugal), and Sandy Dillard (Marine Laboratory Specialist: downhole tools/thin section; US). The core containing the fault between the Philippine Sea plate and the Eurasian plate (decollement) arrives on the catwalk and receives close scrutiny by scientists, technical staff, and drilling engineers. The core is being split into 1.5-m-long sections, and samples for interstitial water, permeability, strength, and microbiological analyses are being taken. Left to right: Tom Pettigrew (ODP Operations Manager; US), Johanna Suhonen (Marine Laboratory Specialist: X-ray; Finland), Barry Cragg (Microbiologist; UK), Brad Julson (silver hardhat; Lab Officer; US), Tim Bronk (blue shirt; Marine Laboratory Specialist: Chemistry; US); Art Spivack (Inorganic Geochemist; US), Harold Tobin (hands on core; Structural Geologist; US), Greg Moore (behind Tobin; Co-chief Scientist; US), Mads Radsted (Marine Laboratory Specialist: Paleomagnetism; Denmark), and Dale Hrabovsky (Marine Laboratory Specialist; US).

The noon-to-midnight shift in the physical properties lab take samples for measuring wet bulk density, porosity, void ratio, and grain density. Elizabeth Screaton (left; US) and Sabine Hunze (right; Germany). Mads Radsted (Marine Laboratory Specialist: paleomagnetism; Denmark) and Cyndi Prince (Marine Laboratory Specialist: physical properties; Canada) split a core section so it can be described and analyzed by the scientists.

Kohtaro Ujiie (Structural Geologist; Japan) trains the scientists in essential eating skills for the end-of-leg portcall in Yokohama. Sunset over the bow of the JOIDES Resolution.

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