Leg 197 Week 1

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Scientists are enjoyng their last night in Yokohama harbor with a last beer and BBQ. From left to right: Johannes Stoll (Germany), Martin Leven (Germany), Arno Buysch (Germany), Thorvaldur Thordarson (United States), and Fabrizio Tremolada (Italy).

People standing on top of the bridge of the Joides Resolution (JR), watching the Yokohama bridge passing by when leaving the harbor.

Ladies looking for sun. From left to right: Rosalba Bonaccorsi, Italy; Sarah Haggas, England; Patricia Thompson, England; and Rory Cottrell, United States. They will catch few rays in the high northwestern Pacific floating above the Emperor Seamounts.

Fabrizio Tremolada (Italy) and Florence Einaudi (France) standing on the bow of the JR and looking northeast toward the direction of the first drill site. "What will we find" the thinking goes?

Scientists and staff members experiencing their first safety drill on the JR.

Leg 197 scientists, in the upper conference room, designing a drilling approach and underway geophysical survey for Detroit Seamount, northwestern Emperor Seamount chain.

Bryan Kerr (United States) and Chad Peddy (United States) showing first results of seismic underway geophysics to Co-Chief John Tarduno (center).

Drillers changing pipe in the drill string and rigging for the next core.

"Core on deck, core on deck ....!" Drillers are pulling out the first core of Leg 197.

Scientists watching the first core coming aboard. From left to right: Jill Gudding (United States), Patricia Thompson (England), Sarah Haggas (England), Rory Cottrell (United States), and Martin Leven (Germany).

ODP shipboard technicians cutting the first core into one-meter section. From front to back: Chieh Peng, Dennis Graham, Maniko Kamei and Anastasia Ledwon.

Group of scientists discussing core lab procedure with Co-Chief John Tarduno.

Thorvaldur Thordarson (United States, 1st left) and Fred Frey (United States, 2nd left) showing highly motivated scientists (from left to right: Florence Einaudi, France; Patricia Thompson, England; Sidonie Revillon, France; Jill Gudding, United States; and Shichun Huang, United States) how to proceed with core description.

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