Leg 198 Week 1 (continued)

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Clockwise from front left: Jason Eleson (Paleontology, USA), Stuart Robinson (Physical Properties, UK), Paul Bown (Paleontology, UK), Harumasa Kano (Sedimentology, Japan), Kotaro Takeda (Paleontology, Japan), Susanne Gylesjö (Sedimentology, Sweden), Maria Rose Petrizzo (Paleontology, Italy), and Leon Clarke (Physical Properties, UK) enjoy their last night on land.
The JOIDES Resolution seen from a crane at the port of Yokohama, Japan.

From left to right: Kristin Averyt (Inorganic Geochemistry, USA), Leon Clarke (UK), Andrea Dutton (Sedimentology, USA), Ursula Röhl (Stratigraphy, Germany), Debbie Thomas (Sedimentology, USA), and Jason Eleson (USA) get their last glimpse of Japan as the JOIDES Resolution leaves port.

First Leg 198 sunset.

Cooks Antonio Barao (Portugal) and Fernando Marques (Portugal) grilling at our first Sunday barbecue.

Stuart Robinson (UK), Ursula Röhl (Germany), Tim Bronk (Chemistry lab), and Kristen Averyt (USA) enjoy the first Sunday barbecue.

Captain Pete Mowat (Canada) and ODP Operations Manager Mike Storms give the science party a tour of the bridge.

ODP Curator Kim Bracchi and Co-chief scientists Tim Bralower and Isabella Premoli-Silva instruct scientist on core sampling procedures. From left to right: Jim Channell (Paleomagnetism, USA), Bob Wheatley (X-ray lab), Kristen Averyt (USA), Haidi Hancock (Sedimentology, Australia), Tim Bralower (USA), Isabella Premoli-Silva (Italy), Ursula Röhl (Germany), Kim Bracchi (Curator), and Trevor Williams (Logging Staff Scientist, USA/UK).

Kim Bracchi, Bob Wheatley, Tim Bronk, and Lisa Crowder (Yeoperson) prepare a newly received core for the core lab.

Bob Wheatley, Lisa Crowder, and Tim Bronk joyfully bring a core into the core lab.

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