Leg 198 Weeks 2-3

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ODP technicians and SOS roughnecks work together to remove a core from the core barrel. From lower left clockwise are Lex Lambeck (temporary lab tech, Australia), Johanna Suhonen (Underway Geophysics lab, Finland), Mel Pepito (SOS, Philippines), Manuel "Jun" Cabusa (SOS, Philippines), Boni Agonias (SOS, Philippines), and Patrick Riley (Physical Properties lab).

Medardo "Mayday" Gudillos (Philippines) secures one of the lifeboats after an abandon-ship drill.

A collage of shipboard participants.

Shipboard scientists Harumasa Kano (Sedimentology, Japan), Michael Arthur (Sedimentology, USA), and Simon Brassell (Organic Geochemistry, USA) examine the black shale that represents Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a.

Camilo "Mel" Caig (Philippines) and Julito Codilla (Philippines) put the finishing touches on a new door between the catwalk and hotel stack on the bridge deck.

Night shift paleontologists (a.k.a. the "dating service"): Mark Leckie (Paleontology, USA; foreground and top inset) and Jason "Clark Kent" Eleson (Paleontology, USA; background and bottom inset) work on assigning ages to a core.

A view of core arriving on deck through the new catwalk door.

Sunrise on Shatsky Rise (Site 1208)—one benefit of being on the night shift.

Weeks 4-5