Leg 202 Week 1

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Gathering at Cristal in Vina Del Mar, Chile before departing for Leg 202. Clockwise from left: Patrick Riley (Marine Laboratory Specialist [MLS]: Physical Properties), Heather Paul (MLS: Core Lab), Jurie Kotz (Marine Electronics Specialist [MES]) Johanna Suhonen (MLS: Underway Geophysics), Pieter MES), John Davis (Marine Computer Specialist [MCS]), Tim Bronk (Assistant Lab Officer and MLS: Chemistry), and Bob Wheatley (MLS: X-ray).

Processing core as it arrives on deck. From left to right: Alan Mix (USA, Co-chief), Frank Lamy (Germany, Sedimentologist), Peter Blum (Switzerland/USA, Staff Scientist), Ron Grout (USA, Operations Manager), and Sandy Dillard (MLS: Downhole Tools/Thin Sections).

Nick Pisias (ODP Director) and Ron Grout (Operations Manager) standing by.

JOIDES Resolution anchored in the harbor of Valparaiso, Chile.

Sedimentologists analyzing smear slides and creating barrel sheets. From left to right: Becky Robinson (USA), Leah Joseph (USA), and Tomohisa Irino (Japan).

Scientific party members with ODP Director Nick Pisias. From left to right: Isabel Cacho-Lascorz (Spain/UK, Sedimentologist), Liviu Giosan (Romania/USA, Physical Properties Specialist), Nick Pisias (ODP Director, Stratigraphic Correlator), Ralf Tiedemann (Germany, Co-chief), Peter Blum (Staff Scientist), and Alan Mix (USA, Co-chief).

Flavia Cecilia Velasquez Ruiz (Chile, Observer) rising to the challenges of washing micropaleontological samples. (She is contemplating a career change from volcanologist to paleoceanographer.)

Scientific party members. From left to right: Helga "Kikki" Kleiven (Norway, Sedimentologist), Frank Lamy (Germany, Sedimentologist), Robert Herrera (Peru, Observer), Steve Lund (USA, Paleomagnetist), Min-Te Chen (Taiwan, Sedimentologist), and Jerry McManus (USA, Sedimentologist).

Weeks 2-4