Leg 203 Week 1

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In port in Panama JOIDES Resolution moored by the Bridge of the Americas, just inside the entrance to the Panama Canal with its steady stream of freighters passing by.

Passing under the Bridge of the Americas, heading out on Leg 203.

A geography lesson from the techs as we approach the Bridge of the Americas. Left to right: Scott Herman, Eric Jackson, Paula Weiss, Lisa Brandt, Chieh Peng, Roy Davis, Preston Sutton, Steve Tran, Michiko Hitchcox, Randy Gjesvold, Mike Meiring, Chris Bennight, Eric Moortgat, Lisa Crowder, and Stan Hammon.

Enjoying the scenery as we leave port. Left to right: Keri Heft (student trainee, Canada), Teruaki Ishii (petrologist, Japan), Xixi Zhao (paleomagnetist, USA) and Kimberly Artita (student trainee, USA).

Paula Weiss (left) and Lisa Crowder (right) pondering the mysteries of the Winfrog navigation system.

Brian Jonasson gives some newcomers a tour of the ship while Tom Davies looks on. Left to right: Brian Jonasson, Kimberly Artita, Constanza Bonadiman (petrologist, Italy), Julie Carlut (paleomagnetist, France), Keri Heft, and Tom Davies.

Weeks 2-3