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  1. Downhole Variation of Nitrogen in Hole 504B: Preliminary Results
J. Erzinger and W. Bach

2. Geochemistry of Lavas from Hole 896A
T.S. Brewer, W. Bach, and H. Furnes

3. Composition and Crystallization Temperatures of Primary Melts from Hole 896A Basalts: Evidence from Melt Inclusion Studies
A.W. McNeill and L.V. Danyushevsky

  4. Chemistry of the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B (Leg 148): Influence of Magmatic Differentiation and Hydrothermal Alteration
W. Bach, J. Erzinger, J.C. Alt, and D.A.H. Teagle

5. Stable and Strontium Isotopic Profiles through Hydrothermally Altered Upper Oceanic Crust, Hole 504B
J.C. Alt, D.A.H. Teagle, W. Bach, A.N. Halliday, and J. Erzinger

6. Chemistry and Origin of Secondary Minerals from the Deep Sheeted Dikes Cored during Leg 148 (Hole 504B)
D.A. Vanko, C. Laverne, P. Tartarotti, and J.C. Alt

7. Nature of Fluid Inclusions in Samples of the Deep Sheeted Dikes Cored during Leg 148 (Hole 504B)
C. Gu and D.A. Vanko

8. Metasomatic and Metamorphic Peculiarities of the Diabase Dike Alteration in Hole 504B, Leg 140
N.N. Pertsev and E.B. Kurdyukov

9. Simulation of Borehole Fluid Mixing on the Basis of Geochemical Observations, Hole 504B
A.J. Magenheim and J.M. Gieskes

10. Alteration of Upper Ocean Crust in a Ridge-Flank Hydrothermal Upflow Zone: Mineral, Chemical, and Isotopic Constraints from Hole 896A
D.A.H. Teagle, J.C. Alt, W. Bach, A.N. Halliday, and J. Erzinger

11. Alteration Mineralogy and Chemistry of the Upper Oceanic Crust from Hole 896A, Costa Rica Rift
C. Laverne, A. Belarouchi, and J. Honnorez

12. Correlation among the Changes with Alteration in the Mineralogical, Chemical, and Magnetic Properties of Upper Ocean Crust, Hole 896A
J. Honnorez, B.M. Honnorez-Guerstein, H.-U. Worm, and C. Laverne

13. Microbial Activity in the Alteration of Glass from Pillow Lavas from Hole 896A
H. Furnes, I.H. Thorseth, O. Tumyr, T. Torsvik, and M.R. Fisk

14. Genetic Evidence for Endolithic Microbial Life Colonizing Basaltic Glass/Seawater Interfaces
S.J. Giovannoni, M.R. Fisk, T.D. Mullins, and H. Furnes

  15. Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Properties of Hole 896A
S. Allerton, H.-U. Worm, and L.B. Stokking


16. Structure of the Sheeted Dike Complex in Hole 504B (Leg 148)
Y. Dilek, G.D. Harper, P.A. Pezard, and P. Tartarotti

17. Structural Evolution of Upper Layer 2, Hole 896A
G.D. Harper and P. Tartarotti

18. Structure of Upper Layer 2 in Hole 896A
Y. Dilek, G.D. Harper, J.E. Walker, S. Allerton, and P. Tartarotti

19. Crack-Seal Veins in Upper Layer 2 in Hole 896A
P. Tartarotti, D.A. Vanko, G.D. Harper, and Y. Dilek


20. Temperature Measurements and Heat-Flow Analysis in Hole 504B
G. Guerin, K. Becker, R. Gable, and P.A. Pezard

21. Electrical Conduction in Oceanic Dikes, Hole 504B
A. Revil, M. Darot, P.A. Pezard, and K. Becker

22. Fracture Distribution from Downhole Electrical Images at the Base of the Sheeted Dike Complex in Hole 504B
M. Ayadi, P.A. Pezard, and F.D. de Larouzière

23. Fractures, Porosity, and Stress in the Dolerites of Hole 504B, Costa Rica Rift
P.A. Pezard, K. Becker, A. Revil, M. Ayadi, and P.K. Harvey

24. Implications for the Sources of Marine Magnetic Anomalies Derived from Magnetic Logging in Holes 504B and 896A
H.-U. Worm, V. Böhm, and W. Bosum

25. Vertical Seismic Profile into Upper Oceanic Crust in Hole 504B
S.A. Swift, H. Hoskins, and R.A. Stephen

26. Effect of the Ship’s Hull on Seismic Sources
H. Hoskins

27. Permeability Measurements in Hole 896A and Implications for the Lateral Variability of Upper Crustal Permeability at Sites 504 and 896
K. Becker

28. Microstructure and Physical Properties of Samples from Hole 896A
R.H. Wilkens and M.H. Salisbury

29. Downhole Measurements and Electrical Images in Hole 896A, Costa Rica Rift
F.D. de Larouzière, P.A. Pezard, M. Ayadi, and K. Becker

30. Neutron Absorption Cross Section (Sigma) of Basaltic Basement Samples from Hole 896A, Costa Rica Rift
T.S. Brewer, P.K. Harvey, J. Locke, and M.A. Lovell

  31. Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Thermal Conductivity of Basalt from Hole 504B, with Some Reassessment of the Shipboard Data
H. Kinoshita, H. Fujisawa, N. Sakai, H. Sato, and H. Watanabe

32. Relationships between Strengths and Physical Properties of Samples Recovered during Legs 137, 140, and 148 from Hole 504B
D. Moos and P.A. Pezard

33. Nature of the Layer 2/3 Transition from a Comparison of Laboratory and Logging Velocities and Petrology at the Base of Hole 504B
M.H. Salisbury, N.I. Christensen, and R.H. Wilkens


34. Hydrothermal Alteration of a Section of Upper Oceanic Crust in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: A Synthesis of Results from Site 504 (DSDP Legs 69, 70, and 83, and ODP Legs 111, 137, 140, and 148)
J.C. Alt, C. Laverne, D.A. Vanko, P. Tartarotti, D.A.H. Teagle, W. Bach, E. Zuleger, J. Erzinger, J. Honnorez, P.A. Pezard, K. Becker, M.H. Salisbury, and R.H. Wilkens

35. Ridge-Flank Alteration of Upper Ocean Crust in the Eastern Pacific: Synthesis of Results for Volcanic Rocks of Holes 504B and 896A
J.C. Alt, D.A.H. Teagle, C. Laverne, D.A. Vanko, W. Bach, J. Honnorez, K. Becker, M. Ayadi, and P.A. Pezard

  36. Data Report: Gold Content in Upper Crustal Rocks from Hole 504B
A.F. Korobeynikov and N.N. Pertsev

37. Data Report: Trace-Element Geochemistry of the Lower Sheeted Dike Complex, Hole 504B, Leg 140
E. Zuleger, J.C. Alt, and J. Erzinger

38. Data Report: Magnetic Properties and Magnetic Oxide Mineralogy of Upper Crustal Rocks from Holes 504B and 896A
L.B. Stokking, E.A. Heise, S. Allerton, and H.-U. Worm

39. Data Report: Major-Element Chemistry of Hole 896A Glass
M.R. Fisk, A.W. McNeill, D.A.H. Teagle, H. Fumes, and W. Bach
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