8. Medford Site1

Peter J. Sugarman, Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, Marie-Pierre Aubry, Gilbert J. Brenner, David Bukry, Brian Buttari, Mark D. Feigenson, Andrew A. Kulpecz, Peter P. McLaughlin Jr., Svetlana Mizintseva, Donald H. Monteverde, Richard Olsson, Aimee E. Pusz, Helen Rancan, Jaime Tomlinson, Jane Uptegrove, and Claudia C. Velez2


The following, who are listed in alphabetic order, are responsible for writing the given sections:

Chief Scientists: Miller, Sugarman

Staff Scientist: Browning

Operations: Cobbs, Miller, Sugarman

Lithostratigraphy: Browning, Kulpecz, McLaughlin, Miller, Mizintseva, Monteverde, Pusz, Rankin, Sugarman, Tomlinson, Uptegrove, Velez


Planktonic foraminifers: Olsson

Calcareous nannofossils: Aubry (Cenozoic), Bukry (Mesozoic), Mizintseva (Mesozoic)

Spores and pollen: Brenner, McLaughlin

Logging: McLaughlin

Sr isotopic stratigraphy: Browning, Feigenson

1Sugarman, P.J., Miller, K.G., Browning, J.V., Aubry, M.-P., Brenner, G.J., Bukry, D., Butari, B., Feigenson, M.D., Kulpecz, A.A., McLaughlin, P.P., Jr., Mizintseva, S., Monteverde, D.H., Olsson, R., Pusz, A.E., Rancan, H., Tomlinson, J., Uptegrove, J., and Velez, C.C., 2010. Medford Site. In Miller, Sugarman, Browning, et al., Proc. ODP, 174AX (Suppl.), College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 1–93. doi:2973/odp.proc.ir.174AXS.109.2010

2Scientific Party addresses.

Ms 174AXSIR-109