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Preliminary Pages (Volume cited by)

Synopsis of Leg 174A Postcruise Science (PDFCited by)
Nicholas Christie-Blick and James A. Austin Jr.
Publication date: 16 September 2002

1. Data Report: Carbon Isotopic Composition of Inorganic Carbon and Methane Dissolved in Pore Waters at Sites 1071, 1072, and 1073 (PDFCited by)
George E. Claypool, April K. Vuletich, and Christine Rennison
Publication date: 29 September 2000

2. Data Report: Isotopic Composition of Pore Fluids, New Jersey Shelf and Slope (PDFCited by)
Mitchell J. Malone and Jonathan B. Martin
Publication date: 2 October 2000

3. Data Report: Decimeter-Scale Sedimentologic and Ichnologic Observations on a ~520-m-Thick Pleistocene Sequence, Site 1073 (Leg 174A), New Jersey Continental Slope (PDFCited by)
C.E. Savrda and H. Krawinkel
Publication date: 14 June 2001

4. Data Report: Grain-Size Analysis of Pleistocene Cores from ODP Sites 1071, 1072, and 1073, New Jersey Margin (PDFCited by)
Koichi Hoyanagi and Akiko Omura
Publication date: 12 June 2001

5. Calcareous Nannofossils from the New Jersey Continental Margin (PDFCited by)
Wuchang Wei
Publication date: 18 July 2001

6. Data Report: Heavy Mineral Analysis of Miocene to Pleistocene Sediments (Holes 1071C, 1071F, 1072A, and 1073A) (PDFCited by)
Hannelore Krawinke
Publication date: 8 August 2001

7. Data Report: Bulk Physical Properties of Sediments from ODP Site 1073 (PDFCited by)
Brandon Dugan, David L. Olgaard, Peter B. Flemings, and M.J. Gooch
Publication date: 12 December 2002

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Chapter 3

Table T1. Sedimentologic and ichnologic observations made at the decimeter scale throughout the Quaternary interval (0-520 mbsf) of Hole 1073A, Leg 174A, New Jersey margin.

Chapter 7

Table T3. Stress and porosity measurements from Sample 174A-1073A-8H-1, 17-22 cm.
Table T4. Stress and porosity measurements from Sample 174A-1073A-26X-2, 76-82 cm.
Table T5. Stress and porosity measurements from Sample 174A-1073A-26X-2, 82-89 cm.
Table T6. Stress and porosity measurements from Sample 174A-1073A-41X-5, 97-103 cm.
Table T7. Stress and porosity measurements from Sample 174A-1073A-71X-1, 2-8 cm.

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