acidic clasts. See clasts, acidic
acidic volcanic clasts. See clasts, acidic volcanic
acidic volcanic rocks. See volcanic rocks, acidic
photomicrograph, A11:15, 21
protoliths, A11:4
See also hornblende, actinolitic
actinolite grains, photomicrograph, B7:53-54
actinolite schist, lithostratigraphic units, A8:14-15
aegirine, volcaniclastics, B8:8
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
biostratigraphy, B4:1-13
data compilation, B5:22-24
dolerite, B1:1-18; B2:5
isochrons, B1:15
limestone, B12:1-5
See also argon-argon dating; geochronology
age vs. depth
Site 1108, A5:76
Site 1109, A6:150; B4:4-5; B5:16-17
Site 1114, A5:85
Site 1115, A9:103; B4:6-7; B5:18-19
Site 1116, A10:51
Site 1118, A12:109; B4:8-9; B5:14-15
Woodlark Basin, B(synthesis):31; B6:31; B7:28
aggradation, sedimentation, A6:32-33
aggregates. See carbonate aggregates
diabase, B3:7
gabbro, B3:7
lithostratigraphic units, B6:6, 8, 10-11, 13-16
metadolerite, A8:17
secondary minerals, B3:8
Miocene, B15:1-6
photomicrograph, A12:81
See also calcareous algae
algae, coralline, photomicrograph, A12:83
algal fragments
lithostratigraphic units, A12:17
photograph, A12:82
volcaniclastics, B8:5
algal limestone. See limestone, algal
alkali feldspar
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
photomicrograph, A7:42
quartz trachyte, A7:13
alkalic volcanic clasts. See clasts, alkalic volcanic
bacteria, A9:40-41
pore water, A5:30; A6:54, 56, 61; A7:21; A8:30; A9:38-39; A12:36, 38
sediments, B(synthesis):15
vs. depth, A6:162; A9:114; A12:118
alkalis, basalt pebbles, A12:27
alkanes. See n-alkanes
composition, A1:7-8
diabase, B3:4-7
dolerite, B2:6-9
dolerite clasts, A12:27
geochemistry, A1:23
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A6:35; A8:14-15
low temperature, B1:4-5
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
volcanic ash, A9:40, 43
See also diagenesis; hydrothermal alteration; pyritization; recrystallization; sericitization; silicification
alteration rims, lithostratigraphic units, A12:20
altered basalt. See basalt, altered
amphibole, B3:8-9
calcic amphiboles, B8:20
diabase, B3:7
gabbro, B3:7
intrusions, B3:8-11
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
aluminum/aluminum ratio
clinopyroxene, B3:16
intrusions, B3:8
aluminum oxide
metadolerite, A8:18
sediments, B6:5-6, 8-9, 10-11, 15
vs. calcium oxide, B6:8-9, 12, 18, 33-35, 41
vs. depth, B6:34
vs. iron oxide, B6:18, 33, 41
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:18, 41
vs. potassium oxide, B6:12, 14-16, 18, 33, 35-36, 39, 41
vs. silica, B6:14, 36
vs. sodium oxide, B6:14-16, 18, 36, 41
vs. titanium oxide, B6:14, 18, 33, 36, 41
vs. yttrium, B6:14, 36
vs. zirconium, B6:14, 36
zircon, B6:14
bacteria, A9:40-41
methane, A9:45
pore water, A1:26; A6:54, 57, 61; A7:21; A9:39; A12:36, 38
sediments, B(synthesis):15
vs. depth, A1:48; A6:162; A9:114; A12:118; B(synthesis):35
fault gouge, A11:4
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; B6:6-13, 16
metadolerite, A7:14-15
mineral chemistry, B8:10
photomicrograph, A11:15, 21
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
See also hornblende
amphibole, calcic, aluminum, B8:20
amphibole grains
photomicrograph, A12:68
sandstone, B7:10
volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
amphibole phenoclasts, chemical composition, B8:39
amphibole phenocrysts, chemical composition, B8:39
amphibole, pleochroic, granite porphyry, A7:13
amphibole, zoned
photomicrograph, B3:28
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
amphibolite, petrology, A7:14-15
amphibolite facies
protoliths, A1:13
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
amphibolite fragments, volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
Amphlett Islands
provenance, B(synthesis):12
sediment provenance, A6:32
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
amygdaloidal aphyric basalt. See basalt, amygdaloidal aphyric
andesine, diabase, B3:7
petrology, A7:13-14
photomicrograph, A8:59; A9:76, 84
andesite, basaltic
photomicrograph, A6:107
sediment provenance, B6:16-24
andesite, calc-alkaline basaltic, photomicrograph, B8:42-43
andesite clasts, photomicrograph, B8:42
andesite fragments, subrounded, photomicrograph, A9:89
andesite, hornblende, photomicrograph, A10:31
andesite, plagioclase-hornblende-phyric, lithostratigraphic units, A6:23-24
andesite, tholeiitic, basement, B(synthesis):6
isothermal remanent magnetization, A11:35
magnetic properties, A:29
anisotropy, compressional wave velocity, vs. depth, A6:172; A8:95; A12:128
anisotropy, magnetic susceptibility discrete samples, A7:20, 79; A11:34, 43
gabbro, B21:1-7
vs. depth, A5:78, 93; A6:153, 161; A8:87; A9:107; A12:112
fault gouge, A1:13; A11:4; B3:3-4
formation, A9:40-41
lithostratigraphic units, B6:6
anoxic sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A9:12
antigorite, fault gouge, A11:4; B3:3-4
aphyric basalt. See basalt, aphyric
dissolution, A9:40
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10; A9:8; A12:19; B6:5, 7, 11
aragonite, biogenic, pore water, A9:41
arcs, Neogene, Papuan Peninsula, A3:4-5
arenite, photomicrograph, B8:43
arenite, polygenic, photomicrograph, B8:41, 43
argon, loss, B1:5
argon-argon dating
apparent age vs. potassium alteration, B2:28
dolerite age, B1:5-7
incremental heating ages, B1:18
plagioclase, B(synthesis):5; B2:5, 20-23, 29-32
potassium feldspar, B2:25-26
rhyolite clasts, B2:9-10
arkose. See subarkose
aromatics, yield, B16:19
Ascomycete, funginite, B10:7
chromatographs, B16:5-6
yield, B16:19
asthenosphere, evolution, A3:4-5
Atlantic Ocean E, sediment provenance, B6:22
diabase, B3:7
lithostratigraphic units, A6:35; B6:9-11
photomicrograph, A6:126; A10:32
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
See also ferro-augite; magnesio-augite
Australia NE, tectonics, B(synthesis):4
clays, A9:40
geochemistry, A12:39
Awaitapu Formation, deposition, A3:8
boreholes, A12:148, 150
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:107


hydrocarbons, A1:26-27; B18:5-6
oxidation, A9:40-41
populations, A5:34-35
sediments, A1:9; A5:124; A6:60-61, 263; A7:22, 84; A8:32; A9:45-46, 193; A12:41, 191; B(synthesis):15; B19:1-12
vs. depth, A1:48; A5:88; A6:168; A7:58; A9:120; A12:124; B(synthesis):35
vs. depth and organic carbon, A5:125
banding, structures, A6:42
dolerite, A6:36
gabbro, B1:4-5
lamprophyre, A7:15
metadolerite, A8:18
pore water, B17:1-20
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5, 14, 16
vs. depth, B17:8
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. manganese oxide, B6:14, 38
age, B(synthesis):6
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
cores, A6:122
correlation, B1:3
geochronology, B2:1-35
lithostratigraphic units, A6:24, 28-31; A9:19; A12:22
MORB-normalized multielement diagram, B1:12-14
photomicrograph, A5:48-49, 58; A6:115; A7:46-48; A8:56-57, 59; A9:72, 76-77, 80; B8:43
See also dolerite/basalt, massive; tholeiite
basalt, altered, photograph, A5:114
basalt, amygdaloidal aphyric, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
basalt, aphyric, lithostratigraphic units, A10:7
basalt, chloritized plagioclase and clinopyroxene-phyric, photomicrograph, A12:81
basalt, flow-banded, lithostratigraphic units, A12:14
basalt, glassy, photomicrograph, A1:61, 63; A7:31; A10:41
basalt, low-potassium, sills, A6:37-38
basalt, pilotaxitic, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
basalt, plagioclase-phyric, photomicrograph, A12:75
basalt, porphyritic, photomicrograph, A9:84
basalt, pyroxene, sediment provenance, B7:21
basalt, pyroxene phyric, lithostratigraphic units, A9:22, 24
basalt, tachylitic, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
basalt, tholeiitic, photomicrograph, B8:42
basalt, variolitic, lithostratigraphic units, B6:11
basalt, vesicular, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
basalt clasts
lithostratigraphic units, A7:16; A12:21-22; B6:13-14
photograph, A9:83
photomicrograph, A10:23
volcaniclastics, B8:7
basalt clasts, plagioclase phyric, photomicrograph, A12:68
basalt clasts, porphyritic, photomicrograph, A10:34
basalt cobbles. See cobbles, basalt
basalt fragments
photograph, A12:82
photomicrograph, A9:86
basalt fragments, plagioclase phyric, photomicrograph, A9:81-62
basalt fragments, subrounded, photomicrograph, A9:89, 92
basalt fragments, well-rounded plagioclase and clinopyroxene-phyric, photomicrograph, A12:85
basalt grains, photomicrograph, A12:62
basalt pebbles
chemistry, A12:27
lithostratigraphic units, A12:19-20
basalt/dolerite clasts
composition, A1:6
lithostratigraphic units, A12:21-22
photograph, A12:86
basaltic andesite. See andesite, basaltic; andesite, calc-alkaline basaltic; andesite, tholeiitic
basaltic texture
diabase, B3:6
photomicrograph, B3:26
age, B(synthesis):5-7
continental crust, B3:3-4
correlation, B1:7
dating, B2:12-13
depth, A3:16
P-T conditions, B3:10-11
See also sediment/basement contact
basic volcanic rocks. See volcanic rocks, basic
Basidiomycete, funginite, B10:7
continental crust, B3:1-28
evolution, A3:4-5
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
See also forearc basins; paleorift basins
bathyal sedimentation
benthic foraminifers, A6:47-48
lithostratigraphic units, A6:10, 19; A8:6; A9:7, 9, 11-12, 24, 26, 42; A12:6-7, 9-13, 15, 18, 24-25
sandstone, B7:12, 15
geophysical surveys, A2:1-20
physiography, B(synthesis):28
Woodlark Basin, A1:33, 40; A2:12
See also paleobathymetry
beach sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A6:31; A9:20
bed thickness
exponential decline, B9:25
logaithmic tendency, B9:24
turbidite facies, B9:1-30
folding axis, B25:114
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:110; B24:6; B25:20
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-18; A6:25; A8:11-12
photograph, A6:106; A8:70
shear zones, A8:26
structural domains, A9:29-31
See also cross bedding; graded bedding
bedding, convoluted, lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16
bedding dips
Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:211; B24:6, 34-37; B25:58
histogram, A5:67; A6:208
number, A6:137, 139
Site 1114, A8:21, 26, 68-69, 83, 87, 111-117; B24:22
Site 1115, A9:96-99; B25:86, 109
Site 1116, A10:44, 49, 53
Site 1118, A12:97; B25:31
structures, A1:56; A5:20-23; A12:28
vs. depth, B24:33
bedding, overturned, lithostratigraphic units, A12:9
bedding, prerift, orientation, B25:89
bedding, synrift, orientation, B25:90
bedding planes, photograph, A8:50
benthic foraminifers. See foraminifers, benthic
bioclastic carbonates. See carbonates, bioclastic
bioclastic detritus, volcaniclastic sand, B7:8
bioclastic limestone. See limestone, bioclastic
bioclastic sandstone. See sandstone, bioclastic
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 13; A8:10; A9:19-20; A10:5; A12:13, 17, 19-21; B6:5-7, 13-14
paleoecology, A1:11
photograph, A6:88; A8:55
photomicrograph, A8:48, 56
volcaniclastics, B8:4-5
biogenic aragonite. See aragonite, biogenic
biogenic component, volcaniclastics, B8:4-5
cycles, A1:26-27
sediments, B(synthesis):35
biomarkers, chromatographs, B16:5-6
biosphere, microbes, A1:27
age, B4:1-13
Pliocene, B11:2-3
radiolarians, B14:3-5
Site 1108, A5:24-27
Site 1109, A6:43-48
Site 1114, A8:27-29
Site 1115, A9:31-34
Site 1116, A10:14-15
Site 1117, A11:8
Site 1118, A12:31-33
Sites 1110-1113, A7:17-19
units and ages, A6:148-149; A8:84; A9:100-101; A10:50; A12:107-108; B4:1-13
granite porphyry, A7:13-14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7-9; A12:5-6, 14-15; B6:6-7, 11-13, 15-16
metadolerite, A7:14-15
mineral chemistry, B8:10
photomicrograph, A1:61; A5:49, 52; A6:94, 102-103, 107; A7:33, 45; A8:53, 56; A9:70, 76-77, 80, 82; A10:26; A12:74; B3:28; B7:55-58; B8:41
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
biotite/muscovite ratio, vs. depth, B7:30-33, 39-42
biotite grains
photomicrograph, A9:92; A12:62, 68; B7:49-50
sandstone, B7:10, 16
volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
biotite phenoclasts, chemical composition, B8:38
lithostratigraphic units, A6:11-12, 15-16; A8:7-8; A9:8, 16, 24; A10:9-10; A12:5, 11, 13-14; B6:15
paleoecology, A1:11
photograph, A5:55; A8:47; A9:78, 91; A10:28, 39; A12:57
Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
See also burrows
abundance, B10:5-7
bulk composition, B16:19
chromatographs, B16:5-6
bivalves, lithostratigraphic units, A6:25; A9:17; A12:18-19
black siltstone breccia. See breccia, black siltstone
Blake event, magnetostratigraphy, A7:21
boninite, basement, B(synthesis):6
boninitic lava. See lava, boninitic
borehole azimuth, vs. depth, A12:148
borehole deviation, vs. depth, A6:202; A9:142; A12:147
borehole geometry
downhole measurements, A6:72-76; A8:41; A9:55-56; A12:48-49, 150
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:106; A9:144-147
Botryococcus colonies, Miocene, B15:1-6
mica schist, A7:12
petrology, A11:5
photomicrograph, A7:36
Bouguer anomalies, maps, A2:16
Bouma sequences
lithostratigraphic units, A5:17-19; A10:10
Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
Braarudosphaera chalk, paleoceanography, A6:45
braarudosphaerids, paleoceanography, A6:45
photograph, A8:80; A11:26-27
photomicrograph, A8:76-78; A11:17, 27
structures, A12:30, 101
textures, B3:5
See also volcanic breccia
breccia, black siltstone, lithostratigraphic units, A12:21-22
breccia, matrix-supported, lithostratigraphic units, A12:22
breccia, penetrative, structures, A8:24-26
breccia, polymict
lithostratigraphic units, A12:22
photograph, A12:86
breccia, tectonic
dolerite, A8:17, 82
Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:7
lithostratigraphic units, A8:14-15
sediments, A1:14-15
structures, A8:24
brecciated gabbro. See gabbro, brecciated
gabbro, A1:14; A11:8
lithostratigraphic units, A5:15; A8:15-16
paleoecology, A1:11
photograph, A12:104-105
structures, A5:20-23
brittle deformation
diabase, B3:4-7
gabbro, A11:8
granite porphyry, A7:13
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12
structures, A5:20-23; A6:39-43; A12:29-30
tectonic model, A6:146
brittle faults. See faults, brittle Brunhes Chron, magnetostratigraphy, A7:21; A9:37
Brunhes/Matuyama boundary
magnetic polarity, A5:29-30; A6:51, 158
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
brunsvigite, secondary minerals, B3:8
bryozoans, lithostratigraphic units, A9:23; A12:19-20
bulk density. See density, bulk
bulk density logs, vs. depth, A6:181, 186-189; A8:101-102; A9:135-138; A12:137-141
lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16; A6:12, 15-16, 20-21, 23; A8:5; A9:8, 19, 21, 25-26; A10:5-6; A12:5, 9-11, 13, 15-17
photograph, A6:101; A12:57; B9:20-21
See also bioturbation
butadiene, sediments, B18:4-14
butane, sediments, B18:4-14
bytownite, diabase, B3:6


calc-alkalic lava. See lava, calc-alkaline
calc-alkalic volcanic rocks. See volcanic rocks, calc-alkalic
calc-alkalic basaltic andesite. See andesite, calc-alkaline basaltic
clasts, B7:18
evolution, A3:4-5
sediment provenance, B6:18-24
calc-schist, photomicrograph, A1:63; A10:41
calc-schist, detrital, photomicrograph, A8:53
calcareous algae, lithostratigraphic units, A12:18-21
calcareous clay. See clay, calcareous
calcareous claystone. See claystone, calcareous
calcareous ooze. See ooze, calcareous
calcareous sand. See sand, calcareous
calcareous sandstone. See sandstone, calcareous
calcareous silt. See silt, calcareous
calcareous siltstone. See siltstone, calcareous
calcareous turbidites. See turbidites, calcareous
calcic amphibole. See amphibole, calcic
clasts, A12:26
fault gouge, A11:4; B3:3-4
lithostratigraphic units, A6:28; A7:9-10; A9:6; A12:5-6, 10-11, 14, 17; B6:5-13, 15-16
mica schist, A7:12-13
photograph, A6:108, 130
photomicrograph, A1:61, 63; A8:53, 77; A10:34; B3:26
recrystallization, A9:40-41
sandstone, B7:8-17
veins, A7:13
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
calcite, fibrous, photomicrograph, A7:39
calcite, inorganic, lithostratigraphic units, A12:5; B6:11-12, 16
calcite overgrowths, photomicrograph, B7:51-52
calcite spar cement
lithostratigraphic units, A9:19; A12:14, 18-21
photomicrograph, A5:48-49, 51; A8:52-53, 55-56; A9:82, 84; A10:25, 41; A12:81; B7:51-52
sandstone, B7:8-10
calcite veins
petrology, A11:4
photograph, A5:54; A10:39; A12:102
photomicrograph, A8:77-78; A11:25; A12:91
structures, A10:13
calcite-zeolite veins, photograph, A12:102
calcitized gabbro. See gabbro, calcitized
diabase, B3:6-7
diagenesis, A9:41-44
gabbro, B3:7
pore water, A1:25; A5:31-32; A6:54-58; A7:21; A8:31;A9:39; A12:37-39
sediments, B6:5
vs. depth, A1:49; A5:84; A6:164; A9:116; A12:120
calcium/magnesium ratio
diagenesis, A9:41-43; B6:19
pore water, A5:32; A6:56-57
vs. depth, A5:85; A6:164; A9:116; A12:120
calcium carbonate, data, A5:118
calcium oxide
metadolerite, A8:18
sediments, B6:5-11, 13, 15, 17-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:8-9, 12, 18, 33, 35, 41
vs. chromium, B6:33
vs. depth, B6:34
vs. iron oxide, B6:8-9
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:8-9, 33
vs. strontium, B6:14, 38
caliche, lithostratigraphic units, A6:29
caliper logs
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:108
vs. depth, A5:101-102; A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134, 144; A12:132-136
Canary Islands, sediment provenance, B6:22
Cape Vogel
basement, B(synthesis):6
sedimentation sources, A6:32-33
Cape Vogel Basin, evolution, A3:4-5, 8
Cape Vogel boninites, evolution, A3:3-6
data, A5:118
sediments, A10:17
carbon, inorganic, sediments, A6:261-262
carbon, organic
rocks, A11:10, 44
sands, B8:35
sediments, A6:60, 261-262; A7:22, 83; A8:32, 133; A9:45, 191-192; A10:17, 71; A12:40, 189-190; B(synthesis):15; B16:3, 16-17
vs. depth, A5:87; A6:167; A8:90; A9:119; A12:123
carbon, total organic
bacteria, A9:46
sediments, A5:33-35
volcaniclastics, B8:5
carbon/nitrogen ratio
sediments, A5:34; A6:60, 261-262; A8:32; A9:45; A12:40
vs. depth, A5:87; A6:167; A8:90; A9:119
carbon isotopes
methane, B16:4, 18
sediments, B16:4
carbonaceous fragments, vs. depth, B7:30-34, 39-42
carbonate aggregates
sandstone, B7:10
volcaniclastic sand, B7:8
carbonate content
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-18, 34; A8:4; B6:16
rocks, A11:10, 44
sedimentation, A1:6
sediments, A6:59-60, 261-262; A7:22, 83; A8:32, 133; A9:45, 191-192; A10:17, 71; A12:40; B6:6, 10, 17-24
vs. depth, A1:57; A5:87; B7:33; A6:167; A8:90; A9:119; A12:123, 189-190; B7:30-32, 34, 39-42; B8:17
carbonate platforms
deposition, B7:22
Quaternary, B(synthesis):13
carbonate sand. See sand, carbonate
carbonate-clay matrix, photograph, A12:104
fault planes, A6:41
Formation Microscanner imaging facies, B25:115
lithostratigraphic units, A6:28; B6:10
photograph, A6:97
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
volcaniclastics, B8:5
See also aragonite; calcite; calcium carbonate; dolomite; micrite; microspar
carbonates, bioclastic, photograph, A12:84
carbonates, sandy, photograph, A12:84
dolerite, A7:14
petrology, A11:4-5
photomicrograph, A7:44; A11:17; B3:28
structures, A8:24-26
See also ultracataclasite
cataclastic texture, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
celadonite, volcaniclastics, B8:9
cell lumens, photomicrograph, B10:24, 29
cell walls
macerals, B10:8
photomicrograph, B10:22-35
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
vs. depth, B7:30-34, 39-42
See also calcite spar cement; micrite cement
arcs and forearcs, evolution, A3:4-5
See also Neogene; Paleogene
basalt pebbles, A12:27
dolerite, A6:36
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5, 10-11, 14, 16
vs. depth, A6:132
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
chalcedony, photomicrograph, B:51-52
chalk. See Braarudosphaera chalk
channel fills, sedimentation, A6:32-33
characteristic remanent magnetization. See remanent magnetization, characteristic
charring, photomicrograph, B10:29
chert clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:9
pore water, A5:31; A6:54, 58; A7:21; A9:39; A12:37
volcanic ash, A9:43
vs. depth, A5:83; A6:163; A9:115; A12:119
clay, B17:20
diagenesis, A9:42; B6:19
dolerite, A12:26
fault gouge, A1:13; A11:4
fault planes, A6:41
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:7-8; A12:10; B6:6, 9-13, 16
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12-13
mineral chemistry, B3:24-25
mylonite, A11:6
photograph, A6:130
photomicrograph, A11:15-16, 25; A12:91-93; B3:26-27
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
secondary minerals, B3:8
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4
chlorite/smectite mixed minerals, clay, B17:6
chlorite clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
chlorite grains, sandstone, B7:10, 17
chlorite veins
photomicrograph, B7:53-54
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
lithostratigraphic units, A6:12, 15-16, 20-21; A8:5; A9:10, 24; A10:9; A12:5, 11, 13
photograph, A6:93; A8:47; B9:21
lithostratigraphic units, A10:11-12
volcaniclastic sandstone, A7:16
chromite grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
basalt pebbles, A12:27
dolerite, A6:36
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5-11, 13, 15-24; B7:21
vs. calcium oxide, B6:33
vs. depth, A6:132; B6:34
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:14, 16
vs. nickel, B6:12, 14, 35, 37
Chron 3.4, geophysical surveys, A2:5
Chron C1r.1n, magnetic polarity, A6:51
Chron C1r.2r.1n, magnetic polarity, A6:51
Chron C2An.1n, magnetic polarity, A5:30
Chron C2An.1r, magnetic polarity, A5:30; A6:51-52
Chron C2An.2n, magnetic polarity, A5:30
Chron C2An.2r, magnetic polarity, A5:30; A6:51
Chron C2n, magnetic polarity, A6:51-52
Chron C2r.1n, magnetic polarity, A6:51-52
chronostratigraphy, Pliocene, B11:2-3
chrons, magnetic polarity, A12:35
fault gouge, A11:4
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4
See also clinochrysotile
cis-2-butene, sediments, B18:4-14
clastics, provenance, B(synthesis):12
alkalic volcanism, B8:13
calc-alkaline source, A10:11-12
dating, B2:9-11
fault gouge, A11:4
forearcs, B(synthesis):9
Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:213
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 16-17; A6:24, 30-31, 33, 35-38; A7:9-10; A9:20-21, 23-24; A10:5-8; B6:11
petrology, A7:11-17
photograph, A5:57, 114; A8:49; A9:83; A12:79
photomicrograph, A1:60-62; A5:48-49, 58, 63; A6:107; A7:31, 48; A8:57, 76, 78; A9:73; B7:55-56; B8:41
Pleistocene, A1:10
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A1:19
provenance, B8:9-12
reworking, B8:12
structures, A8:24
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
volcaniclastics, B8:5-9
See also alkalic volcanic clasts; andesite clasts; basalt clasts; basalt/dolerite clasts; chert clasts; chlorite clasts; claystone clasts; clinopyroxene clasts; conglomerate clasts; diorite clasts; dolerite clasts; epidote clasts; gabbro clasts; glassy basalt clasts; glassy basaltic clasts; granite clasts; igneous clasts; intraclasts; lava clasts; lithoclasts; metagabbro clasts; metamorphic clasts; microgabbro clasts; mud clasts; mylonite clasts; ophiolite clasts; phenoclasts; phytoclasts; plagioclase clasts; rhyolite clasts; sand clasts; sandstone clasts; schist clasts; sedimentary clasts; serpentinite clasts; siltstone clasts; trachyte clasts; volcanic clasts
clasts, acidic, photomicrograph, A8:56
clasts, acidic volcanic, photomicrograph, A10:24
clasts, alkalic volcanic, volcaniclastics, B8:8
clasts, angular, photograph, A12:105
clasts, angular-subangular, photograph, A12:86
clasts, basic volcanic rocks, lithostratigraphic units, A12:12
clasts, calc-alkalic, photomicrograph, B8:42
clasts, calc-alkalic volcanic, volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
clasts, clay-rich, lithostratigraphic units, A12:17
clasts, indurated angular, lithostratigraphic units, A8:14-15
clasts, intraformational and extraformational, lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-12
clasts, lensoid, petrology, A11:5
clasts, rip-up
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-12; A8:10; A9:23; A10:9
Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
sandstone, B8:4
clasts, rounded, photograph, A9:85
clasts, volcanic, photograph, A10:30
geochemistry, B17:5-6
lithostratigraphic units, A6:11; A8:13-14; B6:9, 11
photograph, A8:47
Pleistocene, A1:10
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
See also carbonate-clay matrix
clay, calcareous
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A6:8; A7:7-10; A9:8, 10-11; B6:5
photograph, A5:47
clay, foraminifer-bearing nannofossil, lithostratigraphic units, A8:4
clay, nannofossil
lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-10
photograph, A7:29
clay, nannofossil silty, lithostratigraphic units, A9:6, 8, 10-11; B6:5
clay, silty
lithostratigraphic units, A6:8, 11-12, 14, 16; A7:7-11; B6:5, 10
photograph, A6:92, 100
clay matrix, silty, photomicrograph, A12:62, 68
clay minerals
geochemistry, B17:5-6
lithostratigraphic units, B6:15-16
matrix, B8:34
mica schist, A7:12-13
pore water, A5:32
See also chlorite/smectite mixed minerals; illite; kaolinite; montmorillonite; smectite
clay thickness, vs. scaly fabric thickness, A8:128
clayey silt. See silt, clayey
clayey siltstone. See siltstone, clayey
clays, authigenesis, A9:40
lithostratigraphic units, A6:30-31; A8:5, 9; A9:13-14, 21-22, 26; A10:10; A12:17; B6:6-8, 11-13, 15-16
photograph, A5:55; A8:54; A9:88
photomicrograph, B10:33-34
Pliocene, A1:16
pyritization, A9:45
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
sedimentation, A1:6
structures, A8:21-22
terrigenous sedimentation, A1:10
unconformities, B(synthesis):9
volcaniclastics, A1:9
See also siltstone/claystone couplets
claystone, bioturbated silty
lithostratigraphic units, A12:5
photograph, A12:71, 76
claystone, calcareous
lithostratigraphic units, A9:10-11
photograph, A5:57
claystone, calcareous sandy silty, lithostratigraphic units, A9:12-13; B6:6
claystone clasts, photograph, A12:79
claystone, nannofossil, lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18
claystone, nannofossil-rich silty, lithostratigraphic units, A9:10-11
claystone, noncarbonate silty, photograph, A9:88
claystone, organic-rich silty, lithostratigraphic units, A9:18-19
claystone, reddish silty, lithostratigraphic units, A12:5, 8
claystone, sandy silty
lithostratigraphic units, A12:14, 16
photograph, A5:62; A9:81
photomicrograph, A9:72-73
claystone, silt-rich, lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16
claystone, silty
lithostratigraphic units, A5:13-14; A6:18-21, 25, 27-28; A7:11; A8:13-14; A9:13, 18, 23, 26; A10:5-6, 10, 42; A12:5, 10-11, 13, 16, 23; B6:7-8, 10-13
photograph, A6:110-112; A10:28, 37, 39; A12:57-58, 60
photomicrograph, A9:70, 90
climate proxies, nannofossils, B11:3
climbing-ripple laminations. See laminations, climbing-ripple
clinochrysotile, lithostratigraphic units, B6:10
clinoptilolite, clay, B17:20
andesite, A7:13-14
composition, B8:19
diabase, B3:6-7
dolerite, A12:26
gabbro, A11:5-8; B3:7
lamprophyre, A7:15
lithostratigraphic units, A5:13
metadolerite, A7:14-15; A8:17-18
mineral chemistry, B3:18-19; B8:10
mylonite, A11:5
photomicrograph, A7:31, 33, 37, 43, 56-57, 59-61, 79; A9:82, 84, 86, 89-90; A11:27; A12:92-94; B3:26-28; B7:51-58
sandstone, B7:9, 16-21
secondary minerals, B3:8
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
clinopyroxene, intergranular, photomicrograph, B7:55-56
clinopyroxene, zoned, photomicrograph, A11:19-20
clinopyroxene/hornblende ratio, vs. depth, B7:30-33, 39-42
clinopyroxene clasts, mylonite, A11:5
clinopyroxene grains
photomicrograph, A9:92
volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
clinopyroxene grains, subangular, photomicrograph, A12:85
clinopyroxene phenocrysts, chemical composition, B8:37
clinozoisite, secondary minerals, B3:8
composition, A6:60
hypautochthonous origin, B10:10-11
lithostratigraphic units, A6:26; A9:19
photomicrograph, B10:30-32
coal, shaly
hypautochthonous origin, B10:10-11
photomicrograph, B10:30-31
coalification, phytoclasts, B10:11-12
coarse-grained sandstone. See sandstone, coarse-grained
coastal sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A6:29-30
cobalt, dolerite, A6:36
Cobb Mountain Subchron
magnetic polarity, A6:51
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:38
lithostratigraphic units, A10:7-8
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
cobbles, basalt, conglomerate, A1:6
coccoliths, paleoceanography, A6:45
Coccolithus pelagicus, number, B11:9
rock magnetics, B20:1-15
vs. depth, B20:8-10
collinite, photomicrograph, B10:22
color banding, fault gouge, A11:4
compaction, sediments, B(synthesis):14
compaction structures, structures, A12:29
composite depths, A6:79; A7:26
compressibility, sediments, A6:65-66; A7:24
compressional wave velocity
anisotropy, A6:172
fault zones, B(synthesis):17
sediments, A5:37-38; A6:64; A7:23-24; A8:35; A9:49; A10:19; A12:43-44
vs. depth, A5:92; A6:171; A9:124; A12:127
compressional wave velocity anisotropy. See anisotropy, compressional wave velocity
compressive strength, unconfined
fault gouge, A11:11
sediments, A6:291-294; A7:88; A9:50, 219-223
vs. depth, A6:174; A7:61; A9:127
goethite, A1:6; B6:11
lithostratigraphic units, A6:28
photograph, A5:62
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
See also goethite concretions
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
cores, A1:50
dolerite, A1:8
lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18; A6:29-31, 35-38; A7:8; A9:20-21; B6:7-8, 11
ophitic dolerite, A1:6
petrology, A12:26
photograph, A12:90
Pliocene, A1:16; B(synthesis):10
sedimentation, A1:3
terrigenous sedimentation, A1:10
unconformities, B(synthesis):9
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4
See also contact, conglomerate-dolerite; orthoconglomerate; paraconglomerate
conglomerate, graded, photograph, A7:30
conglomerate, granule, lithostratigraphic units, A8:10; A12:22
conglomerate, matrix-supported
lithostratigraphic units, A9:23-24
photograph, A9:83
conglomerate, tuffaceous, forearc basins, B(synthesis):7
conglomerate, weathered, lithostratigraphic units, B6:14
conglomerate clasts
composition, A12:26; B6:14
lithostratigraphic units, A9:23-24
volcaniclastics, B8:9
conjugate continental margin. See continental margin, conjugate passive
contact, conglomerate-dolerite, Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:213
continental crust. See crust, continental
continental derivation, sediment provenance, B6:19
continental margin, sediment provenance, B6:21-24
continental margin, active, sediment provenance, B6:21-22
continental margin, conjugate passive, structure, B(synthesis):3-4
continental margin, conjugate rifted, upper-plate paradox, B(synthesis):19
continental margin, passive, sediment provenance, B6:22
continental sedimentation, Botryococcus colonies, B15:2
convoluted beds. See bedding, convoluted
convoluted laminations. See laminations, convolute
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5, 8, 10, 15-24; B7:21
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:14-16, 37
vs. nickel, B6:15, 39
coral fragments
lithostratigraphic units, A12:17-20
photograph, A12:82
photomicrograph, A9:89
volcaniclastics, B8:5
Coral Sea, geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
Coral Sea Basin
geophysical surveys, A2:6
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
coralline algae. See algae, coralline
corals, rugose, photograph, A6:109
cores, tensor tool orientation, A9:187
drill sites, A1:75
microbiology sampling, B19:1-12
cork cell structures, photomicrograph, B10:31
corpocollinite, photomicrograph, B10:25
core data vs. downhole measurements, A8:37-38; B5:1-25; B24:11
depth, B25:24
Formation Microscanner imaging, B9:15-16; B24:11
hole-to-hole, A6:68
hole-to-hole gamma rays, A9:52
lithology, A3:18; A6:86; A7:28
lithostratigraphy, B(synthesis):32
magnetic susceptibility, A6:225; A7:65
seismic profiling, A1:28-29
wells, B(synthesis):30
basalt, A6:37-38
See also Maastrichtian
fault planes, A6:41
veins, A6:143
cross bedding, photograph, A9:74
cross laminations
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11; A9:15; A10:9; A12:11
petrography, B8:4
photograph, A5:60; A10:39
evolution, A3:3-6
See also lithosphere
crust, continental, pressure-temperature conditions, B3:1-28
crust, oceanic, dating, B2:11-13
crust, upper, hydrocarbons, B(synthesis):3
crustal thinning, ductile deformation, B(synthesis):18-19
crystallization, diabase, B2:13; B3:10-11
coal, B10:10-11
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
macerals, B10:9
photomicrograph, B10:26-27, 33
cyclic sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A6:13


Dabi Volcanics, basement, B(synthesis):6
dacite, intrusions, B(synthesis):6
Dawson Strait, sediment provenance, B6:18-24
debris-flow deposits
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A10:7-8
See also talus
deep induction logs, vs. depth, A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
deep-water sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A10:11-12
dolerite, A8:25-26
extension, A1:7
fabric, B(synthesis):16
faulting, A1:23-24
Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:20-21
gabbro, A1:14
lithostratigraphic units, A6:10
mica schist, A7:12-13
photograph, A6:100; A8:58; A12:58
sedimentation, A1:15
sediments, A1:11
structures, A6:38-42; A8:20-26; A9:29-31
textures, B3:4-6
See also brittle deformation; ductile deformation
deformation, gravitational, photograph, A10:45
deformation, pinch-and-swell, structures, A6:39
deformation, poroelastic, sediments, B(synthesis):14
deformation, shearing, photomicrograph, A8:78
degassing, lithification, B16:5
discrete samples, A5:79; A7:80; A8:88; A9:108-109; A10:55; A11:31; A12:114-115
dolerite, A6:52-53
magnetic inclination, A7:20, 56
sediments, A6:50, 159-160
profiles, B5:2-3
sediments, A7:23; A8:33-34; A9:47-49; A12:41-42
vs. depth, A9:160-161
density, bulk
fault gouge, A11:11
sediments, A5:35-37; A6:62-63; A8:33; A9:47-48; A10:17-18; A12:41-42
vs. depth, A5:89; A6:169, 222; A7:59-60; A8:91-92; A9:121; A10:58; A12:125; B5:14-15, 18-19; B22:9
density, grain
fault gouge, A11:11
sediments, A5:35-37; A6:63; A7:23; A8:33-34; A9:48; A10:18; A12:42
vs. depth, A5:89, A6:169, 181; A7:59-60; A8:92, 98; A9:122; A12:126; B5:16-17
density, GRAPE
sediments, A6:62; A7:23; A9:47-48
vs. depth, A5:90; A6:177; A8:91
density logs. See bulk density logs; lithodensity logs; neutron lithodensity porosity difference
density porosity logs, vs. depth, A1:70; A8:101-102, 105; A9:135-138, 141
D'Entrecasteaux Islands
basement, B(synthesis):6
geophysical surveys, A2:4-6
ophiolite, B1:3
provenance, B(synthesis):12
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
depocenters, physiography, B(synthesis):29
history, A1:16-21; A6:31-35; A9:27-28
lithostratigraphic units, A10:11-12
sedimentation rates, A5:18-19
depth, correlation, B24:11; B25:24
depth conversion
seismic profiling, A1:28-29; B5:14-22
Site 1109, A6:76-79
Site 1115, A9:59-61
Site 1118, A12:52-53
detachment faults. See faults, detachment
detrital grains, photomicrograph, A9:70
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
photomicrograph, B10:30-31
devitrification, glass shards, B17:6
dewatering structures
lithostratigraphic units, A9:26; A10:11-12; A12:6, 9, 15
photograph, A9:87
crystallization, B2:13
geochronology, B2:1-35
intrusions, B3:8-11
photomicrograph, B3:26-27
textures, B3:4-7
See also dolerite
diabase, brecciated, photomicrograph, B3:27
diabase, pegmatitic, photomicrograph, B3:27
biogenic carbonates, A1:9; A9:40; B(synthesis):15
geochemistry, A12:39
limestone, B12:3
lithostratigraphic units, A9:20
organic matter, A5:31-33
sediment reactions, A6:258
sediments, A1:25-26; A6:56-59; B(synthesis):14; B6:19
silica, A9:43-44
See also authigenesis; compaction; dissolution; dolomitization; laterization; lithification; recrystallization; silicification
differentiation, metadolerite, A8:19
dikes, lava, B(synthesis):6
dikes, sheeted, metadolerite, A8:19-20
dimethylbutane, sediments, B18:4-14
intrusions, B(synthesis):6
pebbles, A7:15
diorite clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:6-7
bed and fracture, A1:56
bedding, A8:21, 26, 68-69, 83, 87, 110-117; A9:96-99; A10:44, 49, 53; A12:97
fault planes, A6:41-43
faults, A8:71-73, 83; A9:96-97; A10:47-48
faults and fractures, A6:142
Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:6
fractures, A8:111-117
microfaults, A10:46
photograph, A8:70, 80
structural domains, A9:29-31
See also bedding dips; fault dips; fracture dips
dip-slip faults. See faults, dip-slip
Discoaster brouweri, number, B11:9
disconformities, Gauss/Gilbert boundary, A1:8
dispersed organic matter. See organic matter, dispersed
aragonite, A9:40-41; B12:3
carbonates, A6:59
dissolved silica. See silica, dissolved
Dobu Island, basalt, A6:37
Dobu Seamount, sediment provenance, B6:18-24
affinity, B1:1-18
alteration, B1:4-5
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
breccia, A8:82
chemical composition, A6:36-38
clasts, A6:122-123
conglomerate, A1:8; A6:35-38
Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:21
geochemistry, A1:64-66
geochemistry and age, B1:1-18
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10
major elements, A6:248; A8:126
MORB-normalized multielement diagram, B1:11
Paleocene cooling, B(synthesis):5
paleomagnetism, A6:52-53
petrology, A1:22-23; A7:14
phase diagrams, A6:133-134
photograph, A6:114, 122; A8:62; A12:102-105
photomicrograph, B8:43
Pleistocene, A1:13
recovery, A12:101
recovery log, A7:34
structures, A12:30
tectonic breccia, A8:17
trace elements, A6:249; A8:127
transition facies, A1:50
X-ray fluorescence data, A12:180-181
zirconium vs. titanium/yttrium ratio, A6:135
See also basalt/dolerite clasts; contact, conglomerate-dolerite; diabase; gneiss dolerite; microdolerite
dolerite, altered, photograph, A5:114
dolerite, brecciated
photograph, A8:80-81; A12:105
photomicrograph, A8:79
structures, A12:30
dolerite, brecciated and altered, photograph, A12:90
dolerite, glassy, photomicrograph, A6:128
dolerite, granular
photograph, A12:89
photomicrograph, A6:125; A12:91-92
dolerite, massive, petrology, A8:17-18
dolerite, ophitic
conglomerate, A1:6
photomicrograph, A6:126-127
dolerite, pegmatitic, photomicrograph, A12:93
dolerite, subrounded to angular, photograph, A12:106
dolerite, unbrecciated, petrology, A12:26
dolerite, variolitic, lithostratigraphic units, B6:11
dolerite/basalt, massive, photograph, A12:84
dolerite clasts
composition, A7:14; A8:17
lithostratigraphic units, A12:21-22; B6:13-14
volcaniclastics, B8:7
See also basalt/dolerite clasts
dolerite grains, lithostratigraphic units, A10:11-12
dolerite pebbles, lithostratigraphic units, A12:19-20
doleritic texture, diabase, B3:6
diagenesis, A9:41-44; B6:19
fluorescence, B10:5
lithostratigraphic units, A9:12; B6:6; A12:5; B6:12
precipitation, A9:40
dolomitization, diagenesis, A9:41-42
dolostone, lithostratigraphic units, A6:26
domains, rock magnetics, B20:1-15
downhole measurements
Site 1108, A5:40-42
Site 1109, A6:69-76
Site 1114, A8:38-43; B24:15
Site 1115, A9:52-58
Site 1118, A12:45-51
Woodlark Basin, A1:27-29
ductile deformation
crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
gabbro, A11:8
metadolerite, A7:15
veins, A7:13
ductile structures, mica schist, A7:12-13


geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
normal faults, B(synthesis):16-18
echinoderm debris, lithostratigraphic units, A12:18-20
effective stress. See stress, effective
Egum Atoll
provenance, B(synthesis):12
sediment provenance, A6:32
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
Emo, metamorphic core complexes, B(synthesis):4
Emo Metamorphics, evolution, A3:4
epiclastic sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A12:25
lithostratigraphic units, A9:7
photograph, A9:69
photomicrograph, B8:41
volcaniclastics, B8:9
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:8
metadolerite, A7:15; A8:19
dolerite, A7:14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 13; A8:15-16
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12-13
mineral chemistry, B3:23
petrology, A11:4, 8
photograph, A8:80; A11:24, 28, 30
photomicrograph, A7:36, 45; A8:76, 79; A11:17, 25, 29; B3:28; B8:41
secondary minerals, B3:8
veins, A8:17
epidote-quartz schist, photograph, A7:38
epidote clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
epidote grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
epidote veins
photomicrograph, B7:53-54
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
estimates, A1:20-21
late Miocene, B(synthesis):8
erosional structures, photomicrograph, B8:41
eruptions, volcanic ash, A9:28
sediments, A1:9; A5:34; A6:59; A9:45; A12:40; B18:4-14
vs. depth, A5:86; A6:166; A9:118; A12:122
See also methane/ethane ratio
ethylene, sediments, A8:32
europium, clay, B17:6
eustatic effects
rift onset, B(synthesis):9
See also sea levels
exhumation, continental crust, B3:1-28
deformation, A1:7
normal faults, B(synthesis):13-14
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A3:5-6; B(synthesis):1-36
tectonics, A7:17
thermal subsidence, B(synthesis):10
extension, continental, A1:1-77
extensional faults. See faults, extensional
extrusive rocks, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9


deformation, B(synthesis):16
lithostratigraphic units, A6:10, 25
magnetic susceptibility, A6:48-50
structures, A5:23-24
fabric, mylonitic
gabbro, A11:8
photomicrograph, A11:27
fabric, scaly
photograph, A8:72
structures, A8:21-24
thickness vs. clay thickness, A8:128
fabric, shallow scaly, photograph, A8:75
facies, Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:21
Facies A
Formation Microscanner imaging, B9:17-18
photograph, B9:19-20
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
Facies B
photograph, B9:21
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
Facies C
Formation Microscanner imaging, B9:22
photograph, B9:23
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
fault dips, vs. slickenside plunge, A5:70; A6:144; A8:73; A9:97; A10:47; A12:99
fault gouge
brecciation, A1:13-14
deformation, B(synthesis):16
magnetic anisotropy, B21:1-7
petrology, A11:4
photograph, A1:53; A11:14, 23
structures, A11:7
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4; B8:5-6
X-ray diffraction data, A11:40
fault planes
lithostratigraphic units, A12:18
structures, A6:41-43; A12:29
fault scarps, sedimentation, B(synthesis):14
Fault Zone 1, structures, A6:40, 43
Fault Zone 2, structures, A6:42-43
Fault Zone 3, structures, A6:42-43
fault zones
dips, A9:97-98
mylonitization, A11:6-7
permeability, B23:7-8
shallow-angle normal faults, B(synthesis):16
structural domains, structures, A9:30-31
structures, A5:23-24; A6:39-40; A12:30
velocity, B(synthesis):17
vs. depth, A5:74
fault zones, brecciated, Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:7
flexured margin, A1:23-24
lithostratigraphic units, A8:16
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
cross sections, A1:67
diabase, B3:4-7
dip, A6:142; A8:21-22, 71-72, 83; A9:96-97; A10:47-48
photograph, A6:130; A12:70
photomicrograph, A8:65-66
physiography, B(synthesis):29
relation to fractures and veins, A6:145
structures, A5:20-23, A8:21; A10:12-14
See also fractures/faults ratio; grabens; microfaults; thrust sheets
faults, brittle, structures, A12:29
faults, detachment
structural analysis, B24:1-43
tectonics, A1:13-14
faults, dip-slip, photograph, A5:68
faults, extensional
arrays, A6:141
brittle deformation, A6:146
faults, low-angle normal, subsidence, A1:5, 8
faults, normal
crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
dips, A5:73; A6:140
flexured margin, A1:23-24; A3:1-20
photograph, A10:27
Quaternary, B(synthesis):13
rifts, A1:8-9
stress, A1:10-11
structures, A12:29; B(synthesis):3-4
tectonics, A1:12-16
faults, oblique, flexured margin, A1:23-24
faults, polyphase extentional
photograph, A12:100
Subdomain II, A12:100
faults, reverse
Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:5-6, 31-32
structures, A6:40
faults, shallow-angle normal, earthquakes, B(synthesis):16-18
faults, sigmoidal normal, photograph, A10:48
faults, steep conjugate, photograph, A8:75
faults, strike-slip, flexured margin, A1:23-24; A3:7
faults, transform, evolution, A3:6-7
clay, B17:6
dolerite, A7:14
lithostratigraphic units, A6:21-22; A12:5, 8-9, 11, 16-17, 20, 22; B6:5-6, 10-12
mineral chemistry, B8:10
oscillatory zoning, A7:48
photomicrograph, A1:62; A5:50-52, 63; A6:98-99; A7:31; A8:56-57; A10:24-26, 33-34; B7:55-58
sericitization, A11:5
See also alkali feldspar; plagioclase
feldspar, perthitic, lithostratigraphic units, A9:20
feldspar, plumose, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
feldspar grains
photomicrograph, A9:90, 92; A10:23; A12:62, 68
volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
vs. depth, B7:31-33, 39-42
feldspar laths, lithostratigraphic units, A10:7
feldspar porphyry
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
photomicrograph, A7:42
feldspathic sandstone. See sandstone, feldspathic
felsitic fragments
sandstone, B7:8-12
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
Fergusson Island
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
topography, A1:33
ferro-augite, gabbro, B3:7
ferro-augite, fibrous, diabase, B3:6
ferromagnesian minerals
photograph, A9:69
photomicrograph, A6:98-99
fibrous calcite. See calcite, fibrous
fine-grained sandstone. See sandstone, fine-grained
finite element analysis, permeability, B23:11-12
clays, A8:22
structures, A5:22-23
fission-track dating, apatite, B2:6, 34
fissures, structures, A6:41-43
fissures, mud-filled, lithostratigraphic units, A12:22
flame structures
lithostratigraphic units, A12:12
photograph, A10:37
flow banding, lithostratigraphic units, A12:9
flow rate
permeability, B23:7-8
vs. hydraulic gradient, B22:13-14
fluid circulation
breccia, A12:101
photograph, A11:30; A12:102-103
fluid escape pipes, lithostratigraphic units, A12:6, 8
fluid flow
metadolerite, A8:19-20
permeability, B23:7-8
pore-water geochemistry, B22:6
fluid injection structures, photograph, A10:29
fluid migration
faults, B(synthesis):18
sediments, B(synthesis):14
lithostratigraphic units, A12:8, 11
photograph, A12:61
fluvial sedimentation
deposition, A9:27
lithostratigraphic units, A6:31
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10
sandstone, B7:9, 18
folding, lithostratigraphic units, A12:9
folding, recumbent, lithostratigraphic units, A12:12
fault gouge, A11:7
metadolerite, A7:15
photograph, A6:92; A7:35; A11:23; A12:70
photomicrograph, A7:35-36
structures, A6:38-39
folds, overtuned, structures, A10:12
folds, shear, fault gouge, A11:11
folds, slump
sedimentation, A1:9
Site 1116, A10:45
structures, A12:28-29
clasts, A1:14
mylonite, A11:5
photograph, A1:54; A7:35; A11:23
photomicrograph, A7:35-36
protoliths, A1:13
foliation planes
granite gneiss, A7:13
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12-13
photograph, A7:40; A11:24
foliation planes, anastamosing, structures, A11:7-8
deposition, A1:19
structural analysis, B24:1-43
footwall margin
continental crust, B3:3-4
textures, B3:5-6
lithostratigraphic units, A6:8, 23-24; A8:6; A9:15-16, 21-22; A12:5-6, 8-9, 11-14, 16; B6:5-6, 8, 12
photograph, A5:61-62; A9:75, 78
photomicrograph, A9:76-77, 89; B7:49-50
sandstone, B7:9
foraminifers, benthic
biostratigraphy, A5:26-27; A6:47-48; A7:19; A8:26-29; A9:33-34; A10:15; A12:32
lithostratigraphic units, A8:7-8; A12:18-20
paleoecology, A1:10
photomicrograph, A10:34; A12:81, 83
Pliocene, A1:16
subsidence, B(synthesis):10
foraminifers, planktonic
accumulation rates, A5:76
biostratigraphy, A5:25; A6:45-47; A7:18-19; A8:27-28; A9:32-33; A10:14-15; A12:31-32; B4:1-13
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 13, 15-16; A9:6
Miocene-Pliocene, B12:1-5
paleoecology, A1:11
photomicrograph, A6:94; A8:48; A9:70, 72, 92; A12:62, 68, 75, 81, 83
range chart, A5:121; A6:253-254; A8:130; A9:185-186; A12:185-186
stratigraphic distribution, A10:68
zonation, A7:49; A9:32-33; A10:14-15; A12:32
zones vs. age, A5:75
forearc basins
environment, A6:32
unconformities, A1:6
emergence, B(synthesis):8
Neogene, A3:4-5
Formation Microscanner imaging
azimuth, A8:107
bedding dips, A6:211
borehole geometry, A8:106
caliper logs, A8:108
contact between conglomerate and dolerite, A6:213
correlation, B9:15-16
dipping beds and fractures, A8:113-117; B24:39-43
downhole measurements, A9:55-58; A12:48-51
laminations, A6:212
lithology, A1:28; A6:73; A9:149-153; A12:152-155; B25:5-19, 27-30, 34-38, 40-41, 43-46, 58, 50-53, 61-64, 66-67, 69, 72, 74-77, 79-82, 91-92, 94-95, 97, 100, 102-103, 106-107, 132-159
magnetic field, A8:109
resistivity, A6:210
structural geology, B25:1-159
structures, B24:1-43
tool acceleration, A9:143
tool string acceleration, A12:149
turbidite facies, B9:1-30
turbidites, A6:209
vs. depth, A1:73-74; A6:203-205; B24:16-21
well logs, A8:41-43
geochemistry, A1:23
methane, B16:4
fracture density, vs. depth, B24:25
fracture dip direction, vs. depth, B24:25
fracture dips, vs. depth, B24:25
fracture zones, Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:5-6; B25:19-20
clasts, A12:26
diabase, B3:4-7
dips, A1:56; A6:142; A8:22-27, 111-117; B24:23, 25-31; B25:32, 59, 87
fluid migration, B(synthesis):17
Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:213; A8:110; B24:5-6; B25:19-20
granite porphyry, A7:13
metadolerite, A7:15; A8:18
mica schist, A7:12
photograph, A7:38; A8:58, 64; A11:28-29; A12:89, 103
photomicrograph, A8:66, 77
relation to faults and veins, A6:145
structures, A5:20-23; A6:39-43
See also joints
fractures, conjugate
photograph, A8:81
structures, A6:39; A10:14
fractures, vertical, structures, A6:40
fractures/faults ratio, histogram, A5:69
fragmentation, cores, A5:71-72
freshwater environment, sedimentation, A1:6
fungal hyphae, photomicrograph, B10:35
fungal tissues
photomicrograph, B10:35
sediments, B10:11
coal, B10:10-11
organic matter, B10:7
abundance, B10:7, 9
photomicrograph, B10:29


age, B(synthesis):6
alteration, B1:4-5
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
chemistry, A11:6
correlation, B1:3
crystalliazation, B(synthesis):5
geochronology, B2:1-35
intrusions, B3:8-11
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10
petrology, A1:22-23; A11:5
photograph, A1:52; A11:18, 26, 28
photomicrograph, A11:19-21; B3:28
uranium-lead dating, B2:24
See also microgabbro clasts; quartz gabbro; quartz-magnetite gabbro
gabbro, brecciated
magnetic anisotropy, B21:1-7
photomicrograph, A11:29
gabbro, calcitized, shearing, B3:5-6
gabbro, deformed, photomicrograph, B3:28
gabbro, iron-titanium oxide, photomicrograph, B8:43
gabbro, noncumulate quartz-magnetite, brecciation, A1:13-14
gabbro, sheared, photograph, A1:54
gabbro, undeformed, magnetic anisotropy, B21:1-7
gabbro, undeformed coarse-grained, photomicrograph, B3:28
gabbro clasts, composition, A11:8
gabbro grains, lithostratigraphic units, A10:11-12
gadolinium, clay, B17:6
gamma rays
hole-to-hole correlation, A9:52
sediments, A5:40; A6:67-68; A7:25; A8:37; A9:51-52; A10:20; A12:45
vs. depth, A1:69; A7:62; A9:128, 130; A10:63; A12:131
vs. grain size, A5:98-99
gamma-ray logs, vs. depth, A5:95, 100, 102; A6:176, 179, 182-185, 190-194, 196, 198, 200; A8:97, 99-100, 103-105; A9:131-134, 139-141; A12:132-136, 142-146
chromatographs, B16:5-9
purge-trap adsorption gas analysis, B18:1-14
gases, headspace, composition, A5:123; A6:259-260; A7:82; A8:132; A9:189-190; A10:70; A12:188
gastropods, lithostratigraphic units, A9:17
Gauss/Gilbert boundary
disconformities, A1:8
magnetic polarity, A6:52; A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
Gauss Chron
magnetic polarity, A5:30; A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A9:37
See also Matuyama/Gauss boundary
gelification, peat, B10:5, 12
gelified tissue, photomicrograph, B10:35
geobarometry, intrusions, B3:8-11
dolerite, B1:1-18
pore water, B22:17
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
sediments, B(synthesis):15; B6:1-53
geochemistry, inorganic
Site 1108, A5:30-33; B6:14-15
Site 1109, A6:54-59; B6:9-12
Site 1114, A8:30-31
Site 1115, A9:38-45; B6:5-9
Site 1116, A10:17; B6:16
Site 1118, A12:36-39; B6:12-14
Sites 1110-1113, A7:21
geochemistry, organic
Site 1108, A5:33-34; B16:1-21
Site 1109, A6:59-60; B16:1-21
Site 1114, A8:31-32
Site 1115, A9:45
Site 1116, A10:17
Site 1117, A11:10
Site 1118, A12:40
Sites 1110-1113, A7:22
diabase, B2:1-35
strontium isotopes, B12:1-5
See also age; argon-argon dating; fission-track dating; uranium-lead dating
geology, physiography, B(synthesis):29
geophysical surveys, A2:1-20
geothermal gradient
crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
hydrocarbons, B18:5-6
temperature, A1:24-25, 68
vs. depth, B10:17
geothermometry, intrusions, B3:8-11
Gilbert Chron. See Gauss/Gilbert boundary
glass shards
chemical composition, B8:36
devitrification, B17:6
lithostratigraphic units, A5:16; A7:10-11; A9:6, 9
photograph, A6:89
photomicrograph, A6:90; A12:75; B8:41
volcaniclastics, B8:9
See also vitric fragments; volcanic glass
glass shards, angular vesicular, photomicrograph, A12:74
glass shards, pipe-vesicle, photomicrograph, A1:58; A12:69
glassy basalt. See basalt, glassy
glassy basalt clasts, photomicrograph, A10:33
glassy dolerite. See dolerite, glassy
glassy matrix, photomicrograph, A10:34
glauconite, photomicrograph, B3:26, 28
glauconite veins, secondary minerals, B3:8
glomeroporphyritic texture, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
See also granite gneiss
gneiss dolerite, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
gneiss fragments
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
goethite, photograph, A6:113
goethite concretions
lithostratigraphic units, A1:6; A6:28; B6:11
photomicrograph, B7:51-52
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
Goodenough 1
carbonate platforms, B(synthesis):13
correlation, B(synthesis):30
forearc basins, B(synthesis):7-8
Goodenough Basin
bathymetry, A1:33
geophysical surveys, A2:6
Goodenough Bay, geophysical surveys, A2:5
Goodenough Island
basement, B(synthesis):6
topography, A1:33
grabens, Pliocene-Pleistocene, A3:5-6
graded bedding
lithostratigraphic units, A9:10-11, 14, 21-22, 25-26; A10:5
photograph, A9:71; B9:20
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
graded bedding, inverse-to-normal, photograph, A8:49; A9:85
graded bedding, normal
petrography, B8:4
photograph, A12:73
graded conglomerate. See conglomerate, graded
grain density. See density, grain
grain size
dolerite, A12:26
vs. depth, A5:65; A6:117-118, 170, 175; A9:66-67; A12:56
vs. gamma rays, A5:98-99
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A5:96-97
lithostratigraphic units, A6:23-24; A12:18-19; B6:11, 13
photograph, A12:79, 84
photomicrograph, A12:83
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
photomicrograph, B8:41
volcaniclastics, B8:6
See also microgranite
granite clasts
dating, B2:10-11
volcaniclastics, B8:6
granite gneiss, foliation planes, A7:13
granite porphyry, petrology, A7:13-14
granodiorite, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
petrology, A11:5
photomicrograph, A11:20
granular texture
dolerite, A7:14
lithostratigraphic units, A6:35
metadolerite, A8:17-18
photomicrograph, A8:61
lithostratigraphic units, A6:12, 23-24, 30-31; A7:8; A10:7-8; A12:20-21
photograph, A5:57, 64; A9:83
photomicrograph, A9:73
GRAPE density. See density, GRAPE
gravel, photograph, A6:88
gravity anomalies, geophysical surveys, A2:5-6, 15
gravity flows
deposition, A10:11-12
lithostratigraphic units, A6:33; A7:8
See also mass-flow deposits
greenschist facies
amphibole, B3:8-9
faulting, A1:23-24; A3:6-7
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:8; A8:14-16
metadolerite, A1:14-15; A7:15; A8:19-20
mica schist, A7:12
protoliths, A1:13
structures, A11:7-8
talc, B(synthesis):17
fault planes, A6:41
photomicrograph, A6:129
veins, A6:143


hafnium, dolerite, B1:4
Halimeda sp., lithostratigraphic units, A6:9
hanging wall, rift basins, A1:17-21
hanging-wall margin
continental crust, B3:3
textures, B3:4-5
headspace gases. See gases, headspace
hematite, lithostratigraphic units, B6:8
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A6:17, 22; A7:8; A8:57; A10:6; B6:16; A12:6-7, 9-13, 15, 18, 24-25
photograph, A10:28
Pleistocene, A1:10
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A1:18-19
sediment provenance, B6:1-53; B7:19
heulandite, lithostratigraphic units, B6:8
sediments, B18:4-14
vs. depth, B18:11-12
deposition, A9:27-28
sedimentation, A1:3
high-potassium volcanism. See volcanism, high-potassium
high-potassium volcanism, B6:19
lithostratigraphic units, A6:7-11
Honshu arc, marginal basins, B6:21-22
granite porphyry, A7:13-14
greenschist facies, B3:8-9
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 13; A12:5-6, 8-9, 14-15, 19; B6:6, 12-13
metadolerite, A7:14-15
mineral chemistry, B3:23; B8:10
photomicrograph, A1:60; A6:94, 102-103, 107; A7:33, 42, 45; A9:70, 72-73, 76-77, 80, 82, 84; A10:31, 34; A12:74-75; B3:28; B7:51-52
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
See also clinopyroxene/hornblende ratio; magnesiohornblende
hornblende, actinolitic
mineral chemistry, B3:23
photomicrograph, B3:28
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
hornblende andesite. See andesite, hornblende
hornblende grains
photomicrograph, A12:62; B7:49-50
volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
hornblende, green, photomicrograph, B8:41
humic matter, photomicrograph, B10:22
huminite, abundance, B10:7-8
Huon-Finisterre forearc, tectonics, B(synthesis):8
hyalopilitic texture, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
hydraulic gradient, vs. applied flow rate, B22:13-14
bacteria, A1:26-27
Rock-Eval pyrolysis, B16:3-4
sediments, B(synthesis):15; B10:11; B18:1-14
See also aromatics; butane; cis-2-butene; dimethylbutane; ethane; ethylene; hexane; isobutylene; isobutylene+1-butene; isopentane; methane; methane/ethane ratio; methylpentane; methylpropane; n-alkanes; phytane; pristane; propane; toluene; trans-2-butene
traces, B(synthesis):3
See also trimethylbenzene
hydrocarbons, low molecular weight, sediments, B18:5-6
hydrocarbons, saturated, chromatograms, B16:14-15
hydrocarbons, volatile
headspace gases, A11:10
sediments, A5:34; A6:59; A7:22; A8:32; A9:45; A10:17; A12:40
hydrogen index, vs. oxygen index, B16:11
hydrology, sediments, B22:1-22
hydrothermal alteration
breccia, A1:15
fault gouge, A1:13-14
geochemistry, A12:39
granite porphyry, A7:13
metadolerite, A7:15; A8:17
mica schist, A7:12
middle Oligocene, B2:13
petrology, A11:5
See also alteration; diagenesis
hydrothermal processes, crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
hypautochthonous origin, coal, B10:10-11
hypidiomorphic texture, petrology, A11:5
nickel standard sample, B20:13
rock magnetics, B20:1-15
hysteresis ratio
bilogarithmic plots, B20:11
hysteresis loops, B20:12
vs. depth, B20:8-10


Iauga volcanics, forearc basins, B(synthesis):7
Iberia Abyssal Plain, sediment provenance, B6:22
iddingsite, dolerite, A12:26
igneous clasts, lithostratigraphic units, A6:28-29
igneous petrology
Site 1109, A6:35-38
Site 1114, A8:16-20
Site 1117, A11:3-7
Site 1118, A12:25-27
Sites 1110-1113, A7:11-17
igneous rocks
basement, B3:3-4
lithostratigraphic units, A6:28-29
photograph, A12:80
protoliths, A1:13
igneous rocks, altered basic, photograph, A11:30
igneous textures, metamorphic rocks, A7:16-17
clay, B17:6
diagenesis, A9:42
lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-8; A12:10, 17; B6:6-16
sedimentation rates, A1:4
gabbro, B3:7
mineral chemistry, B3:22
photomicrograph, B3:27
index properties, sediments, A5:126-128; A6:61-64, 264-271; A7:23, 85; A8:134; A9:194-202; A10:17-20, 72; A12:192-198
induction logs
vs. depth, A5:102
See also deep induction logs; medium induction logs
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
organic matter, B10:7, 9
inorganic calcite. See calcite, inorganic
inorganic carbon. See carbon, inorganic
inorganic geochemistry. See geochemistry, inorganic
intersertal texture, diabase, B3:10-11
interstitial water. See pore water
lithostratigraphic units, A8:4
peat, B10:10-11
photomicrograph, B10:30, 32
intrusions, mafic rocks, B3:8-11
inverse grading
lithostratigraphic units, A5:9
photograph, A5:53, 64
diabase, B3:6-7
diagenesis, B6:19
enrichment, B6:19
gabbro, B3:7
iron/magnesium ratio
basalt pebbles, A12:27
metadolerite, A8:19
iron oxide
clasts, A12:26
dolerite, B1:6
geochemistry, A1:23
metadolerite, A8:18
mica schist, A7:12-13
photomicrograph, A6:125; A8:61; A12:92; B3:26
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:9-11, 14-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:18, 33, 41
vs. calcium oxide, B6:8-9
vs. depth, A6:131-132
vs. manganese oxide, B6:14, 37
vs. vanadium, B6:38
vs. yttrium, B6:14
iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio
dolerite, A6:36
metadolerite, A8:19
quartz gabbro, A11:6
vs. major oxides, A12:95
island arcs, dating, B2:11-13
isobutylene, sediments, B18:4-14
isobutylene+1-butene, vs. depth, B18:11
isopach maps, synrift sediments, A2:18
isopentane, sediments, B18:4-14
isothermal remanent magnetization. See remanent magnetization, isothermal
isotopes. See argon-argon isotopes; carbon isotopes; oxygen isotopes; strontium isotopes
Izu collision zone, marginal basins, B6:21-22


Japan, marginal basins, B6:21-22
Jaramillo Subchron
magnetic polarity, A6:51, 158
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
photograph, A6:129
structures, A5:22-23
See also fractures
joints, extensional, diabase, B3:4-7


Kaena Subchron
magnetic polarity, A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
Kaga Metamorphics, lithostratigraphic units, A10:12
diagenesis, B6:19
lithostratigraphic units, A8:15; B6:6, 10-11, 13, 15-16
kerogen, pyrolysis gas chromatography, B16:6
Kiriwina Limestone, carbonate platforms, B(synthesis):13
Kutu Volcanics, Maastrichtian, B1:3


labradorite, diabase, B3:6-7
labradorite, microlitic, diabase, B3:6
lagoonal sedimentation
lithostratigraphic units, A1:6; A6:26-27; A9:19; A12:19, 21
sandstone, B7:9
abundance, B10:7
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:212
lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16; A6:23, 26; A8:7-8; A9:14-26; A12:5-10, 17-18
photograph, A5:56; A6:96-97, 104-105, 112; A10:35; A12:59, 70; B9:20, 23
photomicrograph, A9:90
See also cross laminations
laminations, climbing-ripple, photograph, A12:66
laminations, convolute
lithostratigraphic units, A9:23; A10:9; A12:11
photograph, A8:51
Pliocene, A1:16
laminations, cross/convolute, Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
laminations, discontinuous, lithostratigraphic units, A9:6
laminations, graded, photograph, A10:27
laminations, parallel
lithostratigraphic units, A9:21, 23
photograph, A5:59; A8:47, 50-51; A12:60, 65-66, 72
sandstone, B8:4
laminations, parallel-wavy, photograph, A5:60
laminations, planar, photograph, A9:91
laminations, ripple
lithostratigraphic units, A10:5; A12:8
photograph, A5:56, 59; A9:74; A10:36
laminations, wavy and inclined, photograph, A10:38-39
composition, A7:77
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10
pebbles, A7:15
Pleistocene, A1:13
trace elements, A7:78
volcaniclastics, B8:9
lamprophyric rocks, petrology, A7:15
lanthanum, sediments, B6:10-11
laterization, sediments, A5:17-19
lathwork fragments
photomicrograph, B7:55-56
sandstone, B7:8-12
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
Lau Basin, marginal basins, B6:21
lava, dikes, B(synthesis):6
lava, boninitic, basement, B(synthesis):6
lava, calc-alkaline, photomicrograph, A7:48
lava clasts
photomicrograph, B8:42
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
lava fragments, volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
dolerite, B1:4-5
sediments, B6:7, 10, 14
leaf cuticles, photomicrograph, B10:34
lepidoblastic texture
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12-13
Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) martini, equatorial section, A9:102
lignite, photograph, A6:112
composition, A1:8
Formation Microscanner imaging facies, B25:115
lithostratigraphic units, A9:14-15, 19, 22-23; A12:18-20
photograph, A9:88
strontium isotopes, B12:1-5
See also grainstone; packstone; wackestone
limestone, algal, photograph, A12:84
limestone, bioclastic, lithostratigraphic units, B6:7
limestone, recrystallized, volcaniclastic sand, B7:8
limestone, sandy, lithostratigraphic units, A8:10
slickensides, A8:72
structures, A6:40
coal, B10:10-11, 13
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
photomicrograph, B10:31, 33
reflectance, B10:6
coal, B10:10-11
photomicrograph, B10:30, 35
lithic component, volcaniclastics, B8:5-9
lithic sandstone. See sandstone, lithic
degassing, B16:5
structural domains, A9:29-31
diagenesis, A9:42
pore water, A5:31, 33; A6:54-55, 58; A7:21; A8:31; A9:39; A12:37, 39; A7:21
volcanic ash, A9:43
vs. depth, A5:83; A6:163; A9:115; A12:119
lithostratigraphic units, A5:13; A6:23-24; A7:10-11; A12:14-15, 17, 21; B6:13
Photomicrograph, A7:32-33; A8:56, 59
sedimentation sources, A6:34-35
lithodensity logs
vs. depth, A5:101
See also neutron lithodensity porosity difference
lithofacies, late Miocene, B(synthesis):9
bed-by-bed logs, A8:46
Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:20-21
logs, A8:45; A9:64-65; A10:22; A11:13; A12:55; B25:112
recovery, A12:88
summary, A5:46; B8:3
well-logging, A12:146
lithosphere, continental, breakup, B(synthesis):3-4
lithostratigraphic units
Site 1108, A5:7-18; B6:14-15
Site 1109, A6:7-31; B6:9-12
Site 1110, A7:7-8
Site 1111, A7:9-10
Site 1112, A7:10-11
Site 1114, A8:4-15
Site 1115, A9:6-28; B6:5-9
Site 1116, A10:4-12
Site 1118, A12:4-25; B6:12-14
correlation, A1:41, 55; B(synthesis):32; B6:32, 40; B7:29, 38
Pliocene, B11:2-3
Site 1108, A5:6-19; B6:14-15
Site 1109, A6:7-35, 84-85, 116; B6:9-12
Site 1110, A7:6-8
Site 1111, A7:9-10
Site 1112, A7:10-11
Site 1114, A8:3-16; B6:15-16
Site 1115, A9:5-28; B6:5-9
Site 1116, A10:4-12; B6:16
Site 1118, A12:4-25; B6:12-14
littoral sedimentation, lithostratigraphic units, A9:20
lizardite, fault gouge, A11:4; B3:3-4
load casts
lithostratigraphic units, A12:8, 11
photomicrograph, B8:41
Log Unit L1
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:42; A9:57; A12:49
lithology, A6:70-71, 73-74; A8:39; A9:53; A12:46
Log Unit L2
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:42; A9:57; A12:49
lithology, A6:71, 74; A8:40; A9:54; A12:46-47
Log Unit L3
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:42; A9:57; A12:49
lithology, A6:71, 74-75; A8:40; A9:54; A12:47
Log Unit L4
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:42-43; A9:57; A12:50
lithology, A6:71, 75; A8:40-41; A9:54; A12:47
Log Unit L5
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:43; A9:57; A12:50
Lithology, A6:71, 75; A8:41; A9:54; A12:47
Log Unit L6
Formation Microscanner imaging, A9:57; A12:50
lithology, A6:72, 75; A9:54-55; A12:47
Log Unit L7
Formation Microscanner imaging, A9:57-58; A12:50
lithology, A6:72, 75; A9:55; A12:47
Log Unit L8
Formation Microscanner imaging, A9:57-58; A12:50
lithology, A6:72, 75; A9:55; A12:47
Log Unit L9
Formation Microscanner imaging, A9:58; A12:50
lithology, A6:72, 75-76; A9:55; A12:48
Log Unit L10
Formation Microscanner imaging, A12:51
lithology, A6:72, 75-76
Log Unit L11, lithology, A6:72, 75-76
log units, lithology, A6:70-72; A9:53-55; A12:46-48
loss on ignition, metadolerite, A8:18
low-potassium tholeiite. See tholeiite, low-potassium
Luluai volcanics
correlation, B1:7
MORB-normalized multielement diagram, B1:13
ophiolite, B1:3
tholeiite, B(synthesis):6
Lusancay-Trobriand-Woodlark Islands, tectonics, B(synthesis):4


micrite, B(synthesis):6
volcanics, B1:3
Maastrichtian, upper, gabbro crystalliazation, B(synthesis):5
abundance, B10:5-10, 18-19
See also collinite; corpocollinite; cutinite; detrovitrinite; funginite; fusinite; huminite; inertinite; lamalginite; liptinite; liptodetrinite; phlobaphinite; pyrofusinite; resinite; semifusinite; sporinite; suberinite; telocollinite; telovitrinite; textinite; texto-ulminite; ulminite; vitrinite
Madilogo volcano, lamprophyre, A7:15
mafic rocks
intrusions, B3:8-11
sediment provenance, B6:16-24
textures, B3:5-7
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4
magmatic texture
photomicrograph, B3:26
structures, A12:30; B3:4-6
basement, B(synthesis):6
dating, B2:12-13
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
magnesio-augite, diabase, B3:6
photomicrograph, B3:28
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
magnesite, clay, B17:20
diabase, B3:6-7
diagenesis, A9:41-44; B6:19
gabbro, B3:7
pore water, A1:25; A5:31-32; A6:54-56; A7:21; A8:31; A9:39; A12:37-38
vs. depth, A1:49; A5:84; A6:164; A9:116; A12:120
See also calcium/magnesium ratio; iron/magnesium ratio
magnesium oxide
basalt pebbles, A12:27
metadolerite, A8:18
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:8-10, 15-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:18, 41
vs. calcium oxide, B6:8-9, 33
vs. chromium, B6:14, 16, 37
vs. copper, B6:14-16, 37
vs. depth, A6:131
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. nickel, B6:14-16, 37, 39
vs. zinc, B6:14, 37
See also iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio
magnetic declination, vs. depth; A5:80-82; A6:154-155; A7:52-55; A8:89; A9:110-112; A10:56-57; A11:32-33; A12:116
magnetic fabric, shape factor, B21:5
magnetic field
downhole measurements, A6:72-76; A9:55-56; A12:48-51
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:41, 109
magnetic foliation, shape factor, B21:2-3
magnetic inclination
demagnetization, A7:20
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:109
sediments, A5:28-29
vs. depth, A5:80-82; A6:154-158, 206; A7:52-55; A8:87, 89; A9:107, 110-113, 148; A10:53, 56-57; A11:32-33; A12:112, 116-117, 151
magnetic intensity
demagnetization, A7:20
Formation Microscanner imaging, A8:109
sediments, A5:28-29
vs. depth, A5:80-82; A6:154-155, 158, 175, 207; A7:52-55; A8:89; A9:106, 110-112, 128, 148; A10:56-57; A11:32-33; A12:111, 116, 130, 151
magnetic lineation, seafloor spreading, A2:14
magnetic polarity
magnetostratigraphy, A9:37-38
sediments, A5:29-30; A6:50
zonation, A6:256
magnetic properties, anisotropy, A:29
magnetic susceptibility
anisotropy, A6:153, 161
correlation, A6:225; A7:65
depths of correlative peaks, A7:89
discrete samples, A7:79; A11:9
dolerite, A6:53
ferrimagnetic minerals, A8:29
intersite correlation, A1:21-22
mineralogy, A5:39-40; A6:66-67
sediments, A5:27-28; A6:48-50; A7:20, 24-25; A8:36; A9:35, 50-51; A10:15-16, 19-20; A12:33-34, 44-45
stereonet plots, A10:54; A12:113
vs. age, A1:47, A1:46
vs. depth, A6:151-152, 175-176, 178, 180, 298; A7:50-51, 62; A8:86-87, 97; A9:104-107, 128-129; A10:52, 63; A11:34; A12:110-113, 130-131; B20:8-10
vs. grain size, A5:96-97
magnetic susceptibility anisotropy. See anisotropy, magnetic susceptibility
magnetic susceptibility, discrete samples, vs. depth, A5:78
magnetic susceptibility logs, vs. depth, A5:95
magnetic susceptibility, long-core, vs. depth, A5:77
magnetic susceptibility, mean volume, vs. depth, A9:107; A10:53; A12:112
lithostratigraphic units, B6:9
photomicrograph, A11:21; A12:91-92
protoliths, A11:4
sediments, B20:1-15
magnetite, dendritic
dolerite, A12:26
petrology, A11:5
photomicrograph, A11:19; A12:93
magnetite grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
geophysical surveys, A2:5, 13
vs. depth, B20:8-10
magnetization, saturation, vs. depth, B20:8-10
age, B4:1-13
chron boundaries, A9:37-38
magnetic excursions, A9:38
magnetic polarity, A6:51-52; A7:21; A9:37-38; A12:35
sedimentation rates, A1:4
sediments, A5:29-30
vs. depth, A5:80-82; A6:154, 156-158; A9:112-113
major elements
dolerite, A6:248; A8:126; A12:180
dolerite and basalt, B1:16-17
dolerites and microdolerites, A1:64-66
gabbro, A1:22-23; A11:6
sediments, B6:13, 16-24, 44-53
X-ray fluorescence data, A11:41
Mammoth Subchron
intersite correlation, A1:21
magnetic polarity, A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A9:38
manganese, gabbro, B3:7
manganese oxide
lithostratigraphic units, B6:6
sediments, B6:15
vs. barium, B6:14, 38
vs. iron oxide, B6:14, 37
enrichment, B(synthesis):5
evolution, A3:4-5
partial melting, B1:6
margin-slope sedimentation, Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
marine sedimentation
lithostratigraphic units, A9:19
sandstone, B7:10
See also shallow-marine sedimentation
mass accumulation rates
nannofossils and foraminifers, A5:76
sediments, A5:27
turbidites, B9:29
See also sedimentation rates
mass-flow deposits
lithostratigraphic units, A7:8, 10
See also gravity flows
mineral composition, B8:32-33
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
volcaniclastics, B8:4
vs. depth, B7:30-34, 39-42
See also carbonate-clay matrix; clay matrix, silty; silt matrix
matrix-supported breccia. See breccia, matrix-supported
organic matter, B10:5-7
reflectance, B10:6
Matuyama/Gauss boundary
magnetic polarity, A6:51; A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
Matuyama Chron
magnetic polarity, A5:29-30
magnetostratigraphy, A9:37
See also Brunhes/Matuyama boundary
medium induction logs, vs. depth, A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
medium-grained sandstone. See sandstone, medium-grained
mesophyll, photomicrograph, B10:34
mesostasis, lithostratigraphic units, A6:23-24
mesostasis, felsic
andesite, A7:13-14
lamprophyre, A7:15
metabasite, P-T conditions, B3:10-11
breccia, A1:14-15; A8:82
geochemistry, A1:64-66
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:9-10; A8:15-16
petrology, A7:14-15
photograph, A8:64
photomicrograph, A7:37, 43-44, 66
physical properties, A11:11
Pleistocene, A1:13
recovery log, A7:34
structures, A8:24-26
metadolerite, brecciated
petrology, A8:17-18, 82
photomicrograph, A8:60, 63, 65
metagabbro clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:6-7
metaigneous rocks, Pleistocene, A1:13
metamorphic clasts
lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-8
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
metamorphic core complexes
emplacement, B(synthesis):12
high-grade metamorphism, B(synthesis):8-10
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
metamorphic petrology
Site 1109, A6:35-38
Site 1114, A8:16-20
Site 1117, A11:3-7
Site 1118, A12:25-27
Sites 1110-1113, A7:11-17
metamorphic rocks
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
photograph, A7:30
protoliths, A7:11-12
sediment provenance, B6:20-24; B7:21-22
structural domains, A8:24-26
volcaniclastic sandstone, A7:16
evolution, A7:16-17
intrusions, B3:8-11
petrology, A11:5
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
volcaniclastics, B8:9-13
See also greenschist facies; retrograde metamorphism
metapelite, lithostratigraphic units, A7:8
metasedimentary rocks
petrology, A7:12-13
Pleistocene, A1:13
photomicrograph, B8:43
quartz gabbro, A11:6
diagenesis, A5:31-33
headspace gases, A11:10
pore water, A1:26
sediments, A1:8-9; A5:34; A6:59; A7:22; A8:32; A9:45; A10:17; A12:40; B(synthesis):15; B16:4; B18:4-14
vs. depth, A1:48; A5:86; A6:166; A7:57; A9:118; A12:122; B(synthesis):35
methane/ethane ratio
bacteria, A9:46
sediments, A1:27; A5:34-35; A6:59, 61; A9:45; A12:40; B(synthesis):15, 35; B18:4-14
vs. depth, A1:48; A5:86; A6:166; A9:118; A12:122; B16:13
methylpentane, sediments, B18:4-14
2-methylpentane, vs. depth, B18:11
3-methylpentane, vs. depth, B18:11
2-methylpentane, vs. depth, B18:12
3-methylpentane, vs. depth, B18:12
methylpropane, sediments, B18:4-14
lithostratigraphic units, A12:8-11; B6:6
photomicrograph, A5:63; A8:48
See also biotite; biotite/muscovite ratio; muscovite
mica grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
mica schist
petrology, A7:12-13
photograph, A7:35, 40
photomicrograph, A6:99; A7:35-36, 39
mica schist, foliated, photomicrograph, A5:50
lithostratigraphic units, A9:10; A12:12
Maastrichtian, B(synthesis):6
micrite cement, photomicrograph, A9:76, 80; A10:24, 26; A12:83
sediments, B(synthesis):15; B19:1-12
Site 1108, A5:34-35
Site 1109, A6:60-61; B19:1-12
Site 1114, A8:32
Site 1115, A9:45-46; B19:1-12
Site 1118, A12:41
Sites 1110-1113, A7:22
microdolerite, lithostratigraphic units, A6:28-31
dip, A10:46
dips, A8:21-22
structures, A12:29
microfaults, inclined reverse, photograph, A8:74
microfaults, normal, photograph, A10:46; A12:98
microfaults, reverse, Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:5-6
microfaults, synsedimentary, lithostratigraphic units, A9:23
microgabbro clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:6-7
dating, B2:10-11
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:8
mineral chemistry, B8:10
photomicrograph, A7:46
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
volcaniclastics, B8:8
See also plagioclase microliths
microlitic texture
photomicrograph, B7:57-58
sandstone, B7:8-12
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
andesite, A7:13-14
basalt, A7:16
lithostratigraphic units, A12:9
photomicrograph, A1:62; A5:48-49; A8:56-57, 59; A12:94
microresistivity logs, turbidite facies, B9:1-30
microseismicity, shallow-angle normal faults, B(synthesis):16-18
microspar, lithostratigraphic units, A12:12
Milne Basic Complex
evolution, Papuan Peninsula, A3:3-6
mantle, B1:6
ophiolite, B1:3
tholeiite, B(synthesis):6
Milne Bay
basalt, A6:37
geophysical surveys, A2:5
Milne Bay Islands, ophiolite, B1:3
Milne Ophiolite, volcanic rocks, B1:3
mineral chemistry
diabase, B3:7
volcaniclastics, B8:9-10
mineral matter, fluorescence, B10:5
mineralization, hydrothermal, deformation, B(synthesis):16
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
X-ray diffraction data, A5:117
algae, B15:1-6
evolution, A3:4-5
rifting, B2:13
sedimentation, A1:3
sediments, B6:18-24
subduction, B(synthesis):4, 7-8
unconformities, B(synthesis):, 7
Miocene, middle
lithostratigraphic units, A9:20-28
sand, B7:17-18
Miocene, middle-upper
rift basins, A1:17-21
turbidites, B6:19
Miocene, upper
foraminifers, B12:1-5
lithostratigraphic units, A9:17-20; A12:18-19
rifting, B(synthesis):5-10
sand, B7:18-19
Misima Island
metamorphic core complexes, B(synthesis):4
topography, A1:33
modal composition, sandstone, B7:8-17
montmorillonite, lithostratigraphic units, B6:9
Moresby low-angle normal fault
bathymetry, A1:33
geophysical surveys, A2:5
subsidence, A1:5
tectonics, B(synthesis):3-4; B24:1-43
Moresby rift
crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
normal faults, B(synthesis):13-14
rift onset, B(synthesis):9
shallow-angle normal faults, B(synthesis):16-18
tectonics, B(synthesis):3-4
Moresby Seamount
bathymetry, A1:33
deposition, A1:19; A3:7
detachment faults, A1:13-14
faulting, A1:23-24
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
late Miocene, B(synthesis):9-10
Neogene, B(synthesis):13
normal faults, A1:10-13
sandstone, B7:15-17
talus, A7:17
tectonics, B(synthesis):3-4
Moresby Strait, sediment provenance, B6:18-24
Moresby transform fault. See Moresby low-angle normal fault
morphology, geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
mottling, lithostratigraphic units, A6:25; A9:8
Mount Lamington
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
Mount Victory
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
tectonics, B(synthesis):4
mud, sediment provenance, B6:1-53
mud, burrowed, photograph, B9:20
mud clasts, photomicrograph, B8:41
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-12; B6:15-16
photograph, A8:49; A10:39
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
lithostratigraphic units, A8:8; B6:9-11, 13, 15
mica schist, A7:12-13
sediment provenance, B6:20-24; B7:5
See also biotite/muscovite ratio
muscovite laths, volcaniclastic sand, B7:5
deformation, B(synthesis):16
gabbro, A1:14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
mica schist, A7:12-13
petrology, A11:4-5
photograph, A1:54; A11:24
photomicrograph, A11:16
See also ultramylonite
mylonite, sheared, petrology, A11:5-6
mylonite clasts, composition, A1:14
mylonitic fabric. See fabric, mylonitic
mylonitic texture
metadolerite, A7:15
mica schist, A7:12-13
mica schist, A7:12
quartz gabbro, A11:6


n-alkanes, chromatographs, Sites 1108-1109, B16:5-6
nannofossil clay. See clay, nannofossil
nannofossil claystone. See claystone, nannofossil
nannofossil ooze. See ooze, nannofossil
biostratigraphy, B4:4
climate proxies, B11:3
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A9:10, 15-18; A12:5-6, 8-9, 14; B6:5-6, 8, 10, 12
photograph, A5:47; A7:29
sedimentation, B(synthesis):12
See also coccoliths; Coccolithus pelagicus; Discoaster brouweri
nannofossils, calcareous
abundance and preservation, A7:17-18; A8:27-29
accumulation rates, A5:76
biostratigraphy, A5:24-25; A6:43-45; A7:17-18; A8:27; A9:31-32; A10:14; A12:31
Pliocene, B11:1-15
range chart, A5:119-120; A6:250-252; A8:129; A9:183-184; A12:183-184
zonation, A7:18, 49; A9:31-32; A12:31
zonation vs. age, A5:75
natrolite, fault planes, A6:41
natural remanent magnetization. See remanent magnetization, natural
nearshore sedimentation, paleoceanography, A6:45
neodymium, sediments, B6:5, 7, 11
arcs and forearcs, evolution, A3:4-5
forearcs, B(synthesis):4
zonation, B11:11-12
neritic sedimentation
benthic foraminifers, A6:47-48
lithostratigraphic units, A6:24; A9:15-19, 22, 24, 41; A12:23-24
sandstone, B7:9
neutron lithodensity porosity difference, spherically focused resistivity, B25:110
neutron porosity logs, vs. depth, A1:70; A8:101-102, 105; A9:135-138, 141; A12:137-141
neutrons capture rate logs, vs. depth, A6:186-189; A8:101-102; A9:135-138; A12:137-141
New Georgia Basin, geophysical surveys, A2:6
New Georgia Group, geophysical surveys, A2:5-6
basalt pebbles, A12:27
dolerite, A6:36
metadolerite, A8:18
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5-6, 8-10, 13, 15-24; B7:21
vs. chromium, B6:12, 14, 35, 37
vs. copper, B6:15, 39
vs. depth, A6:132
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:14-16, 37, 39
dolerite, B1:4
sediments, B6:5, 10
data, A5:118
rocks, A11:10, 44
sediments, A5:34; A6:60, 261-262; A7:22, 83; A8:32, 133; A9:45, 191-192; A10:17, 71; A12:40, 189-190
See also carbon/nitrogen ratio
nodules. See pseudonodules
normal faults. See faults, normal
Normanby Island, topography, A1:33
Northern Rift, sandstone, B7:8-14
photomicrograph, B8:42
volcaniclastics, B8:8
Nubiam 1
carbonate platforms, B(synthesis):13
correlation, B(synthesis):30
forearc basins, B(synthesis):7-8
Nubiam Shale, forearc basins, B(synthesis):7
numerical modeling, permeability, B23:7-8