oblique faults. See faults, oblique
ocean floors
age, A2:5
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5, 10, 12; A3:13
tholeiite, B1:3
oceanic crust. See crust, oceanic
oceanic layer 3, volcaniclastics, B8:11
offset beds, Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:5-6
oil, abundance, B10:5-7
oil drops
abundance, B10:5-7
photomicrograph, B10:28
Okiduse volcanics
mantle, B1:6
ophiolite, B1:3
Olduvai Subchron
magnetic polarity, A5:29-30; A6:51-52; A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:37
Oligocene, middle, hydrothermal alteration, B2:13
basalt, A7:16
lamprophyre, A7:15
lithostratigraphic units, B6:11
photomicrograph, A6:127; A10:32
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
olivine, chromium-rich, sediments, B6:17-24
olivine grains
photomicrograph, B7:53-54
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
olivine phenocrysts, photomicrograph, B8:42-43
Ontong Java Plateau
mantle, B1:6
MORB-normalized multielement diagram, B1:14
ooze, Pliocene-Pleistocene, A1:18-19
ooze, calcareous, lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-8
ooze, foraminifer-bearing nannofossil, lithostratigraphic units, A8:4
ooze, foraminifer-rich, lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-8
ooze, nannofossil
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A6:8; A7:7-8; A9:6; B6:5
photograph, A6:91; A9:68
ooze, silty clayey nannofossil, lithostratigraphic units, A7:10-11; A9:8-9
opal-A, pore water, A5:32-33
opal-CT, pore water, A5:32-33
correlation, B1:2-4
Paleogene, B6:19
sediment provenance, B6:17-24; B7:20
source terrains, B6:22
ophiolite clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:10-11
ophitic dolerite. See dolerite, ophitic
ophitic texture
dolerite, A7:14
metadolerite, A8:17-18
photomicrograph, A7:43
organic carbon. See carbon, organic
organic geochemistry. See geochemistry, organic
organic matter
abundance, B10:5-7
chromatographs, B16:5-9
degradation, A1:26-27
diagenesis, A6:56-59
lithostratigraphic units, A12:13; B6:13
maturation, B10:5-7
origin, B10:12
oxidation, A1:11; A9:40-41
photograph, A9:78
sediments, B(synthesis):15
thermal maturity, B16:4
organic matter, dispersed
photomicrograph, B10:33-34
sediments, B10:10
organic petrology, sediments, B10:1-36
orogeny, Paleogene, B(synthesis):4, 6
photograph, A6:114
photomicrograph, A6:115
orthopyroxene, mineral chemistry, B8:10
overbank deposits, lithostratigraphic units, A6:33
overgrowths. See calcite overgrowths
overpressure, permeability, B23:7-8
overprinting, photomicrograph, A11:27
overturned bedding. See bedding, overturned
overturned folds. See folds, overturned
Owen Stanley Metamorphics
correlation, B1:2
evolution, A3:4; B7:20
lithostratigraphic units, A10:12
organic matter, A1:11; A6:56; A9:40-41
photomicrograph, A12:91
sedimentation, A12:23
oxygen index, vs. hydrogen index, B16:11
oxygen isotopes
pore water, B17:1-20
vs. depth, B17:11


Pacific Ocean SW, marginal basins, B6:21
lithostratigraphic units, A6:12, 15, 23-24; A8:10; A9:14-15, 22-23; A12:18-19; B6:8, 11, 13
photograph, A6:97, 108-109; A9:88; A12:79
volcaniclastics, B8:4-5
packstone, pebbly, photograph, A9:88
palagonite, lithostratigraphic units, A9:21; A12:9
benthic foraminifers, A6:47-48
sedimentation rates, B(synthesis):33; B4:5-11
See also bathymetry
calcareous nannofossils, A6:45
Pliocene, B11:4-5
tectonics, B6:42
Paleocene, dolerite, B(synthesis):5
Pliocene, B11:1-15
See also climate proxies
paleocurrents, tectonics, B6:42
Botryococcus colonies, B15:2
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
See also anoxic sedimentation; bathyal sedimentation; beach sedimentation; coastal sedimentation; cyclic sedimentation; deep-water sedimentation; epiclastic sedimentation; fluvial sedimentation; freshwater environment; lagoonal sedimentation; littoral sedimentation; margin-slope sedimentation; marine sedimentation; nearshore sedimentation; neritic sedimentation; paralic sedimentation; shallow-marine sedimentation; shelf sedimentation; suboxic sedimentation; terrigenous sedimentation
basalt, A6:37-38
collision complxes, B(synthesis):4
ophiolite, B6:19
orogeny, B(synthesis):4, 6
late Miocene, B(synthesis):9
Pleistocene, B(synthesis):13-14
dolerite, A6:52-53
Site 1108, A5:27-30
Site 1109, A6:48-53
Site 1114, A8:29-30
Site 1115, A9:34-38
Site 1116, A10:15-16
Site 1117, A11:9-10
Site 1118, A12:33-35
Sites 1110-1113, A7:19-21
paleorift basins, Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
paleotransport, tectonics, B7:45
paleovallies, sedimentation, A6:32-33
paleowater depths, seismic profiles, B(synthesis):34
palisade cells, photomicrograph, B10:34
panidiomorphic texture, lamprophyre, A7:15
Papua New Guinea
continental extension, A1:1-77
tectonics, B2:1-35
Papua New Guinea E, regional geology, A3:14
Papuan Ophiolite Belt
lithostratigraphic units, A10:12
mantle, B1:6
Papuan Peninsula
basalt, A6:37
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
provenance, B(synthesis):12
tectonics, A1:1-77; A3:3-6; B(synthesis):3
Papuan Plateau, tectonics, B(synthesis):4
Papuan Ultramafic Belt
dolerite, B(synthesis):5
evolution, A3:3-6
MORB-normalized multielement diagram, B1:12
ophiolite, B1:2-4
basement, B3:3-4
lithostratigraphic units, A10:6-7; A12:20-21; B6:13-14
petrography, B7:16
photograph, A5:64; A10:30; A12:80
photomicrograph, A12:81
paraconglomerate, calcareous, composition, A1:8
paraconglomerate, sandy, photograph, A12:84
paralic sedimentation
lithostratigraphic units, A6:29-30, 33
sandstone, B7:10, 18
parallel laminations. See laminations, parallel
partial melting, mantle, B1:6
passive continental margin. See continental margin, passive
gelification, B10:5
intraclasts, B10:10-11
photomicrograph, B10:32
dolerite, A7:14
granite porphyry, A7:13
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9, 14; A6:23-24, 28-29; A8:5; A10:7-8; A12:19-20, 22
metadolerite, A7:14-15; A8:18
petrology, A11:5-6
photograph, A5:57, 64; A9:83, 88
photomicrograph, A7:47
Pleistocene, A1:12-13
sandstone, B7:13
structures, A12:30
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
See also basalt pebbles; dolerite pebbles
pebbles, bioclastic, lithostratigraphic units, A9:23-24
pebbles, sandstone-coated, lithostratigraphic units, A12:22
pebbles, well-rounded, photograph, A12:80
pebblestone, lithostratigraphic units, B6:15
pegmatite, chemistry, A12:27
pegmatitic dolerite. See dolerite, pegmatitic
pelagics, lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A8:57; A9:7
penetrative breccia. See breccia, penetrative
peralkaline rhyolite volcanism. See volcanism, peralkaline rhyolite
constant flow testing, B23:7
deformation, B(synthesis):17
numerical modeling, B23:7-8
pore-water geochemistry, B22:6
sediments, B22:20-21; B23:1-14
vs. depth, B23:13
vs. effective stress, B22:5-6, 15
permeability, vertical
sediments, B22:5, 19
vs. depth, B22:12
perthitic feldspar. See feldspar, perthitic
lithostratigraphic units, A5:12-13
sandstone, Trobriand Basin, B7:1-58
volcaniclastics, B8:1-44
organic matter, A9:40-41
pore water, A6:54, 56; A7:21; A9:38; A12:36, 38
vs. depth, A6:162; A9:114; A12:118
phase diagrams
titanium oxide-potassium oxide-phosphorus oxide, A6:133
titanium-zirconium-yttrium, A6:134
phenoclasts. See amphibole phenoclasts; biotite phenoclasts; plagioclase phenoclasts
clinopyroxene, A7:15
diabase, B3:6
granite porphyry, A7:13-14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A6:9-10; A12:14
photomicrograph, A5:63; A7:31, 42; A9:73, 76-77; A10:24, 31-33
See also amphibole phenocrysts; clinopyroxene phenocrysts; microphenocrysts; olivine phenocrysts; plagioclase phenocrysts
phenocrysts, relict, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
phlobaphinite, macerals, B10:8
phosphorus, dolerite, B1:5
phosphorus oxide
sediments, B6:7, 11, 15
See also titanium oxide-potassium oxide-phosphorus oxide
photoelectric effect, vs. depth, A1:71
photoelectric effect logs
vs. depth, A6:186-189, 194, 196, 198, 200; A8:101-102; A9:135-138; A12:137-141
vs. spherically focused resistivity, B25:110
phyllite, lithostratigraphic units, A5:13; A7:9-10
physical properties
correlation of core data to downhole measurements, A6:69
sediments, B(synthesis):14
Site 1108, A5:35-40
Site 1109, A6:61-69
Site 1114, A8:32-38
Site 1115, A9:47-52
Site 1116, A10:17-20
Site 1117, A11:10-11, 45
Site 1118, A12:41-45
Sites 1110-1113, A7:22-25
physiography, tectonics, A1:32; B6:28
phytane, chromatograms, B16:14
phyterals, coal, B10:10-11
reflectance, B10:11-12
vitrinite, B10:8-9
phytoplankton, dispersed organic matter, B10:10
pigeonite, diabase, B3:7
pilotaxitic basalt. See basalt, pilotaxitic
pilotaxitic texture
basalt, A7:16
photomicrograph, B7:57-58
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
basalt, A7:16
composition, B8:21
gabbro, A11:5-8; B8:6-7
granite porphyry, A7:13-14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7-9, 12-13; A6:28; A8:7-8; A10:5-6; A12:6, 9-11, 14-15, 17, 19, 22; B6:5-16
metadolerite, A7:14-15; A8:17-18
mica schist, A7:12-13
mineral chemistry, B3:20-21; B8:10
photomicrograph, A1:61-62; A5:48-49, 63; A6:94, 102, 107, 124; A7:31-33, 42-43, 45, 47-48, 53, 59-61, 79; A9:70, 76-77, 82, 86 A10:32-34; A11:16-17, 19-21; A12:74-75, 83, 91, 93-94; B3:26-28; B7:51-52, 57-58
secondary minerals, B3:8
temperature, B3:9
See also albite; andesine; bytownite; labradorite
plagioclase, altered, photomicrograph, A6:125; A12:92
plagioclase, angular, photomicrograph, A9:72, 80
plagioclase, magmatic, gabbro, B3:7
plagioclase, porphyroclastic, photomicrograph, B3:26
plagioclase, quench, photomicrograph, A7:46
plagioclase, subangular, photomicrograph, A9:76, 80, 84
plagioclase, zoned
photomicrograph, A9:70, 72
volcaniclastic sandstone, A7:16
xenoliths, A7:16
plagioclase clasts, mylonite, A11:5
plagioclase grains, photomicrograph, B7:49-50
plagioclase grains, subangular, photomicrograph, A12:85
plagioclase laths
photomicrograph, A6:126-127; A10:23, 31
quartz gabbro, B3:6
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
plagioclase microliths, chemical composition, B8:40
plagioclase needles, photomicrograph, A10:32
plagioclase phenoclasts, chemical composition, B8:40
plagioclase phenocrysts, chemical composition, B8:40
planar structures
number, B25:113
orientation, B24:24; B25:33, 60, 88
planktonic foraminifers. See foraminifers, planktonic
plant fragments, photomicrograph, B10:33-34
plate boundaries
physiography, B(synthesis):27; B6:28; B8:16
tectonics, A1:32
biostratigraphy, A5:24-27; A6:43-48; A7:17-19
deposition, A1:18-19
hemipelagite, A1:10
lithostratigraphic units, A6:7-15; A7:10-11; A8:4-6; A9:6-9; A12:4-7
paleogeography, B(synthesis):13-14
rifting, A3:5-6
sand, B7:20-21
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
sediments, A1:14-15; B6:18-24
Pleistocene, lower, lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18
Pleistocene, upper
high-potassium volcanism, B6:19
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7
pleochroic amphibole. See amphibole, pleochroic
biostratigraphy, A5:24-27; A6:43-48
deposition, A1:18-19
evolution, A3:4-5
lithostratigraphic units, A6:13-24; A8:5-15; A10:4-12
low-potassium calc-alkalis, B6:19
paleoclimatology, B11:1-15
rifting, A3:5-6; B2:13
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
sedimentation rates, A1:9
sediments, A1:14-15; B6:18-24
subsidence, B(synthesis):10-12
turbidite facies, B9:1-30
Pliocene, lower
foraminifers, B12:1-5
lithostratigraphic units, A9:12-17; A12:16-19
sand, B7:18-19
sedimentation, A1:6
Pliocene, lower-upper, sand, B7:19-20
Pliocene, middle, lithostratigraphic units, A9:9-12; A12:7-10
Pliocene, middle-upper, lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18
Pliocene, upper, lithostratigraphic units, A9:8-9; A12:4-18
plutonic fragments, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
plutonic rocks
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
photomicrograph, A10:26
Pocklington Rise
basement, B(synthesis):6
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
sea-floor spreading, B(synthesis):4
poikilitic texture, lithostratigraphic units, A6:35
polygenic arenite. See arenite, polygenic
polymict breccia. See breccia, polymict
pore water
geochemistry, A1:7, 25-26; A5:30-33, 122; A6:54-59, 257; A7:21, 81; A8:131; A9:39-45, 188; A12:36-39, 187; B17:1-20
permeability, B22:6
fault gouge, A11:11
limestone, B12:3
regression exponential curves, A5:91
sedimentation, A1:20-21
sediments, A1:25-26, 44-45; A5:35-37; A6:62-63; A7:23; A8:33-34; A9:48-49; A10:18; A12:42-43; B(synthesis):14
vs. depth, A1:11; A5:89; A6:170; A7:59-60; A8:92-93; A9:123; A10:59; A12:126; B22:9; B23:13
vs. dissolved silica, A6:165
porosity logs
vs. depth, A5:102; A6:186-189, 193-194, 196, 198, 200; A12:146
See also neutron porosity logs
porphyritic basalt. See basalt, porphyritic
porphyritic texture, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
diabase, B3:6
hornblende, B3:8-9
mica schist, A7:12-13
photomicrograph, A7:37; B3:28
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
diagenesis, A9:42, 44
dolerite, A6:36; B1:4-5
lamprophyre, A7:15
metadolerite, A8:19
pore water, A1:25; A6:54-56; A7:21; A8:31; A9:39; A12:37-39
sediments, B6:19
vs. depth, A5:83; A6:163; A9:115; A12:119
See also high-potassium volcanism; low-potassium tholeiite
potassium feldspar
argon-argon dating, B2:25
lithostratigraphic units, B6:11
mineral chemistry, B8:10
potassium logs, vs. depth, A5:102; A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
potassium oxide
lamprophyre, A7:15
metadolerite, A8:18
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5-6, 8-11, 13-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:12, 14-16, 18, 33, 35-36, 39, 41
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. rubidium, B6:38
See also titanium oxide-potassium oxide-phosphorus oxide
dolomite, A9:40
pyrite, A9:40
preferred orientation, structures, A5:22-23; A8:24
prehnite, photomicrograph, B8:43
prehnite grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
prerift bedding. See bedding, prerift
preservation, fossils, A6:43-48
pressure, amphibole, B3:9
pressure, hydrostatic, fault zones, B(synthesis):17
pressure-temperature conditions
continental crust, B3:1-28
gabbro and diabase, B3:17
pressure shadows, fibrous quartz, structures, A11:7-8
pristane, chromatograms, B16:14
sediments, A5:34; B18:4-14
vs. depth, A5:86
fault gouge, A11:4
igneous rocks, A1:13
metamorphic rocks, A7:11-12
clasts, B8:9-12
clay, B17:5-6
lithostratigraphic units, A8:11-12
sediments, A5:17-19; B(synthesis):12; B6:1-53
tectonics, B7:44
volcaniclastic sand, B7:1-58
clinopyroxene, A7:15
textures, B3:5
pseudonodules, photograph, A8:54
pteropods, lithostratigraphic units, A9:6; B6:5-6
lithostratigraphic units, A6:9-10
photomicrograph, A1:60
pumiceous clasts
photomicrograph, A9:73
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
pumpellyite grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
purge-trap adsorption gas analysis, gases, B18:1-14
clay, B17:20
diagenesis, B6:19
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10; A8:9; A9:12; A12:5-7, 10-12, 14, 17; B6:6-8, 11, 13, 15-16
photograph, A5:62
photomicrograph, B10:26, 28-29, 32
precipitation, A9:40
structures, A11:7-8
pyrite, euhedral, photomicrograph, A7:39
pyrite framboids, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
pyrite grains, photomicrograph, A11:25
pyritization, claystone, A9:45
lithostratigraphic units, A6:9-10; B6:9, 13
photograph, A9:69
pyrofusinite, photomicrograph, B10:29
pyrolysis, Rock-Eval, hydrocarbons, B16:3-4
pyrolysis gas chromatography, kerogen, B16:6
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A12:10, 14; B6:8-9, 12-13, 16
mineral chemistry, B8:9-10
photomicrograph, A6:94; A8:56; A10:33; A11:16-17
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
See also aegirine; augite; clinopyroxene; orthopyroxene; pigeonite
pyroxene, chromium-rich, sediments, B6:17-24
pyroxene basalt. See basalt, pyroxene
pyroxene grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:5


clay, B17:6
dolerite, A7:14; A12:26
fault gouge, A11:4
granite porphyry, A7:13-14
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7-9, 12-14; A6:21-22; A8:4, 7-8; A10:5-6; A12:6, 8-11, 14-17, 19-20, 22; B6:5-13, 15-16
metadolerite, A7:14-15
mica schist, A7:12-13
mylonite, A11:6
photograph, A8:80; A11:28, 30
photomicrograph, A1-62; A5:48, 50-52, 63; A6:94, 99; A7:31-33, 35-36; A8:48, 52-53, 56, 76, 79; A9:80, 82, 84, 90; A10:25-26, 33-34; A11:16, 20, 29; A12:74-75; B3:28; B8:41
veins, A7:13; A8:17
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
See also epidote-quartz schist
quartz, chalcedonic, lithostratigraphic units, A9:20
quartz, detrital, photomicrograph, A9:92
quartz, embayed, photomicrograph, B8:41
quartz, polycrystalline
lithostratigraphic units, A8:16
photomicrograph, A8:52; A9:76
quartz, sigmoidal lenses, photograph, A11:24
quartz gabbro
composition, A11:6
textures, B3:5-6
quartz grains
photomicrograph, A10:23; A12:62, 68
volcaniclastic sand, B7:4
vs. depth, B7:31-33, 39-42
quartz grains, elongated, photomicrograph, A8:66
quartz trachyte
petrology, A7:13
volcaniclastics, B8:9
quartz veins
photograph, A7:35; A8:62, 64, 76
photomicrograph, A7:35-36, 44
quartz-magnetite gabbro, fault zones, A11:6-7
quartzite, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
quartzo-feldspathic rocks, mylonitic, photomicrograph, A7:41-42
biostratigraphy, B4:1-13
evolution, A3:4-5
lithostratigraphic units, A7:7-8
radiolarians, B14:1-21
rifting and sedimentation, B(synthesis):13-14
sponge spicules, B13:1-8
quench textures, basalt, A7:16


biostratigraphy, B4:1-13
lithostratigraphic units, B6:10
Quaternary, B14:1-21
rare earths, sediments, B6:5-6, 10-11, 13, 16-24
reaction rims. See alteration rims
calcite, A9:40-41
lithostratigraphic units, A8:11-12
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
veins, A7:13
recumbent folds. See folding, recumbent
reduction halos, lithostratigraphic units, A12:5
maturation, B10:6
organic matter, B10:5
vitrinite, B10:11-12, 20-21
reflectors, correlation, B5:6-9
relics, photomicrograph, A7:37
remanent magnetic intensity logs, vs. depth, A5:95
remanent magnetization
discrete samples, A7:20-21; A10:69
ferrimagnetic minerals, A8:29-30
sediments, A6:50
remanent magnetization, characteristic
discrete samples, A7:20-21
dolerite, A6:52-53
sediments, A5:28-29; A9:36-37; A10:16; A12:34-35
remanent magnetization, isothermal
anisotropy, A11:35
discrete samples, A11:10
vs. depth, B20:8-10
remanent magnetization, natural
discrete samples, A11:9
sediments, A9:36-37; A10:16; A12:34-35
remanent magnetization, saturation, vs. depth, B20:8-10
coal, B10:10-11
photomicrograph, B10:30-31, 35
resins, chromatographs, B16:5-6, 19
resistivity, Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:210; A9:149-153
resistivity logs
vs. depth, A5:102; A6:182, 195, 197, 199, 201
See also microresistivity logs; neutron lithodensity porosity difference; shallow spherically focused current logs resistivity, spherically focused
vs. neutron lithodensity porosity difference, B25:110
vs. photoelectric effect logs, B25:110
retrograde metamorphism, intrusions, B3:8-10
Reunion Subchron
magnetic polarity, A6:51-52; A12:35
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4; A9:38
reverse faults. See faults, reverse
clasts, B8:12
lithostratigraphic units, A9:20; A10:7-8
sandstone, B7:10
lithostratigraphic units, A6:24; A9:23; A12:20
photograph, A12:82
photomicrograph, A9:89
rhyolite clasts
age, B(synthesis):7
dating, B2:9-10, 27
rhyolite volcanism. See volcanism, peralkaline rhyolite
rift basins
deposition, A1:16-21
Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:15-16
sand, B7:1-58
sediment provenance, B6:1-53; B7:21-22
turbidite facies, B9:1-30
rift basins, deep water, sedimentation, A6:33-34
late Miocene, B(synthesis):8-10
P-T conditions, B3:10-11
Pliocene, B2:13
Quaternary, B(synthesis):13-14
sandstone, B7:21
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
sediments, B6:18-24
subsidence, A1:8-9
tectonics, A1:1-77; A3:1-20; B(synthesis):3-4, 13-14
See also bedding, prerift; bedding, synrift; paleorift basins
ripidiolitic texture, secondary minerals, B3:8
ripple laminations. See laminations, ripple
rock fragments
lithostratigraphic units, B6:7-8, 11, 15-16
photomicrograph, B7:51-57
sandstone, B7:10-13
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7, 20
volcaniclastics, B8:5-9
rock fragments, metamorphic, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
rock fragments, volcanic, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
rock magnetics
discrete samples, A11:9-10, 35
sediments, B20:1-15
See also coercivity
Rossel Island, topography, A1:33
Ruaba unit, Miocene unconformity, B(synthesis):7
dolerite, A6:36
metadolerite, A8:18
pore water, B17:1-20
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:10-11, 14, 20
vs. depth, B17:9
vs. potassium oxide, B6:38


Sadowa Gabbro, tholeiite, B(synthesis):6
pore water, A5:30; A6:54; A7:21; A9:39; A12:37
vs. depth, A5:83
Formation Microscanner imaging facies, B25:115
lithostratigraphic units, A5:9, A6:11-12, 14-17; A7:7-10; A8:4; B6:9-10
logarithmic plots, B9:26
photograph, A8:47
Pleistocene, A1:10
point-count data, B7:47-48
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
sand, burrowed, photograph, B9:20
sand, calcareous, lithostratigraphic units, A6:12; A9:9
sand, carbonate, lithostratigraphic units, A6:9
sand, graded, photograph, A7:30
sand, siliceous, lithostratigraphic units, A9:9
sand, volcaniclastic
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A6:19; A9:7, 9, 10-11; B6:9
petrography, B7:1-58
photograph, A6:93, 96-97; A9:71
photomicrograph, A6:94
sand-injection structures
lithostratigraphic units, A10:5, 9; A12:12, 17
photograph, A10:40, 42
sand clasts, composition, B7:18
alteration, A1:6
basement, B3:3-4
Formation Microscanner imaging facies, B25:115
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A6:21-23, 25-26, 28, 30-31; A8:6-8, 12-13; A9:19-23; A10:5, 7-9; A12:6, 11-12, 16-17, 21; B6:7-8, 11-13, 15-16
modal composition, B7:8-17
petrography, B7:1-58
photograph, A5:53-57, 59-60; A6:101, 105, 112-113; A8:49, 55, 70, 74; A9:78
photomicrograph, A5:52; A7:32-33
Pliocene, A1:16; B(synthesis):11
point-count data, B7:47-48
QFL plots, B7:43
sedimentation, A1:15
structures, A8:23
terrigenous sedimentation, A1:10
volcaniclastics, A1:9; B8:9
See also siltstone-sandstone, clayey
sandstone, altered coarse-grained, photograph, A12:86
sandstone, bioclastic, modal composition, B7:8-14
sandstone, calcareous
lithostratigraphic units, A12:20
photograph, A9:79; A12:82
sandstone, calcite-cemented, lithostratigraphic units, A8:10
sandstone, coarse-grained lithostratigraphic units, A9:22-23; B6:11, 15-16
photograph, A9:85; A10:29, 35, 39; A12:67, 80
photomicrograph, A9:76, 80, 84, 86, 89
sandstone, coarse-grained parallel-laminated, photograph, A12:78
sandstone, deformed laminated, photograph, A12:70
sandstone, feldspathic
modal composition, B7:8-17
photomicrograph, B7:49-50
sandstone, fine-grained
lithostratigraphic units, A9:19; B6:15
photograph, A8:51; A9:74, 87, 93; A10:27, 36-39
sandstone, graded, lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18; A9:14, 21, A12:8-9, 13-14; B6:12-13
sandstone, interbedded normally-graded volcaniclastic, photograph, A12:73
sandstone, lithic
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11-12
modal composition, B7:8-17
photomicrograph, B7:49-52, 55-56
sandstone, medium-grained, photograph, A8:50; A9:75
sandstone, medium-grained volcaniclastic, photomicrograph, A12:75
sandstone, mixed, photograph, A12:79
sandstone, mixed bioclastic, photograph, A12:78
sandstone, mixed bioclastic/volcaniclastic, lithostratigraphic units, A12:17
sandstone, normal-graded, photograph, A12:61
sandstone, normal-graded mixed, photograph, A12:77
sandstone, normal-graded volcaniclastic, photograph, A12:72
sandstone, parallel-laminated fine-grained volcaniclastic, photograph, A12:72
sandstone, sharp-based calcium carbonate, photograph, A9:88
sandstone, shell-rich, photograph, A9:87
sandstone, silty
lithostratigraphic units, A9:14, 17-18, 24-25; A12:22; B6:7
photograph, A5:59-60
sandstone, volcaniclastic
clasts, A7:16
composition, A1:8
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A6:26; A7:10-11; A9:11, 13, 26; B6:13
photograph, A5:47; A6:106
photomicrograph, A7:48; A8:48, 56; A12:62, 68
sandstone/siltstone graded bed, photomicrograph, A12:65
sandstone clasts
photograph, A9:83
volcaniclastics, B8:9
sandstone clasts, volcanogenic, composition, A7:16
sandy carbonates. See carbonates, sandy
sandy siltstone. See siltstone, sandy
sandy silty claystone. See claystone, sandy silty
sandy turbidites. See turbidites, sandy
saturates, yield, B16:19
saturation remanent magnetization. See remanent magnetization, saturation
metadolerite, A8:17
photomicrograph, A12:92
scaly fabric. See fabric, scaly
lithostratigraphic units, A5:13
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
See also actinolite schist; calc-schist; epidote-quartz schist
schist clasts, photomicrograph, A10:25
schist fragments
photomicrograph, B7:53-54
volcaniclastics, B8:5-6
schist grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
fungal tissues, B10:11
photomicrograph, B10:35
coal, B10:10-11
organic matter, B10:7
scouring, lithostratigraphic units, A8:6
sea levels. See eustatic effects
sea-floor spreading
crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
Miocene-Holocene, B(synthesis):4
sedimentation, B(synthesis):14
tectonics, A1:1-77; A3:1-20
dating, B2:12-13
talus, A7:17
secondary minerals, alteration, B3:7-8
sediment injection, photograph, A9:87
sediment transport, tectonics, B7:45
sediment/basement contact, Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:7
sedimentary clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:9
sedimentary rocks, structural domains, A8:20-24
sedimentary structures
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11; A8:13-14
sandstone, B7:9
sedimentary structures, mesoscopic, summary, B8:4
environment, A6:31-35
lithostratigraphic units, A8:15-16
permeability, B23:7-8
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
Quaternary, B(synthesis):13-14
See also anoxic sedimentation; bathyal sedimentation; beach sedimentation; coastal sedimentation; cyclic sedimentation; deep-water sedimentation; epiclastic sedimentation; fluvial sedimentation; freshwater environment; lagoonal sedimentation; littoral sedimentation; margin-slope sedimentation; marine sedimentation; nearshore sedimentation; neritic sedimentation; paralic sedimentation; shallow-marine sedimentation; shelf sedimentation; suboxic sedimentation; terrigenous sedimentation
sedimentation rates
age vs. depth, B(synthesis):31
biostratigraphy, A5:18; A6:48; A7:29-44; A12:33; B4:1-13
deposition, A9:27-28
depth vs. age, A1:42-43
lithostratigraphic units, A6:13, 19
paleobathymetry, B(synthesis):33
Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
Site 1115, A9:34
subsidence, A1:7
undercompaction, A1:4
volcaniclastics, A1:9
vs. depth, A6:170; B23:13
See also mass accumulation rates
carbon isotopes, B16:4
diagenesis, A1:25-26; B(synthesis):14
hydrology, B22:1-22
magnetic properties, A:29
permeability, B23:1-14
petrography, B8:22-31
provenance, B6:1-53
rock magnetics, B20:1-15
thickness, A1:76
X-ray diffraction data, A6:246-247; A7:76; A8:125; A9:181-182; A12:178-179
sediments, contorted fine-grained, photomicrograph, A12:63
seismic logging, correlation, B5:1-25
seismic profiles
depth conversion, A1:59; A6:223-224; B6:30; B7:27
reflection, A2:6-7, 17; A3:19-20
seismic stratigraphy, B(synthesis):34
vs. depth, B9:28
vs. two-way traveltime, A9:162; A12:159, 162
Woodlark Basin, A1:35-38
seismic profiles, multichannel, reflectors, B5:6-13
seismic profiles, vertical
break times and depth, A12:212
check-shot corrections, B5:3-4
check-shot data vs. depth, A12:213
depth vs. transit time, A6:220; A12:160
lithology, A1:28-29
Site 1109, A6:76-79, 219, 296-297
Site 1115, A9:59-61
Site 1118, A12:52-53
seismic stratigraphy, seismic profiles, B(synthesis):34
seismic tracks, A1:39
seismicity, geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
seismograms, synthetic, reflection coefficient, B5:5
semifusinite, abundance, B10:7, 9
Sequence 1, deposition, A9:27
Sequence 2, deposition, A9:27
Sequence 3, deposition, A9:27-28
sequences, deposition, A9:27-28
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
metadolerite, A7:14-15; A8:17
mylonite, A11:6
dolerite, A7:14
metadolerite, A8:18
petrology, A11:5
photomicrograph, A10:24
clay, B17:6
fault gouge, A1:13; A11:4; B3:3-4
lithostratigraphic units, B6:9
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A10:11-12; B6:10
photomicrograph, A1:62; A5:48, 51; A6:98
sediment provenance, B6:20-24
serpentinite clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:6
serpentinite fragments
photomicrograph, B7:53-54; B8:41
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7, 19-20
volcaniclastic sandstone, A7:16
volcaniclastics, B8:6
serpentinite fragments, rounded, photomicrograph, A10:25
shadow pressures, fibrous quartz, photomicrograph, A11:25
shallow spherically focused current logs, vs. depth, A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
shallow-marine sedimentation
deposition, A1:6
lithostratigraphic units, A12:19-21
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
shaly coal. See coal, shaly
shape parameter
magnetic susceptibility, A10:53
vs. depth, A1:62; A5:78; A12:112; B21:5
shear bands
photograph, A7:40; A11:24
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
structures, A11:7-8
shear folds. See folds, shear
shear strength
sediments, A6:65-66; A7:24, 88; A9:50, 219-223
vs. depth, A9:127
shear strength, undrained, vs. depth, A6:174; A7:61
shear strength, vane, sediments, A6:291-294
shear zones
bedding, A8:26
cristobalite, A6:143
Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:7
lithostratigraphic units, A8:15
photomicrograph, A11:27
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A3:5-6
structures, A8:23-26
shearing, mica schist, A7:12
shelf sedimentation, Pliocene, B(synthesis):10
shell fragments
lithostratigraphic units, A6:25; A9:12-13, 19; A12:13, 17-20; B6:5-6
photograph, A6:88, 108-112; A9:75, 78-79; A12:77, 80
photomicrograph, A12:81, 83
sedimentation, A1:4
See also skeletal fragments
Shikoku Basin, marginal basins, B6:21-22
shoshonite, mantle, B1:6
shoshonitic rocks
lamprophyre, A7:15-16
mesostasis, A7:13-14
diagenesis, A9:43-44
glass fragments, B8:18
marginal basins, B6:21
pore water, A1:25; A5:31-33; A6:54-56, 58; A7:21; A8:31; A9:40; A12:38-39
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:6, 10, 15
volcanic ash, A9:43
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:14, 36; B8:18
vs. calcium oxide, B8:18
vs. chromium oxide, B8:18
vs. depth, A1:49; A5:84; A6:131, 164; A9:117; A12:121; B6:34
vs. iron oxide, B8:18
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
vs. magnesium oxide, B8:18
vs. major oxides, B8:18
vs. manganese oxide, B8:18
vs. nickel oxide, B8:18
vs. potassium oxide, B8:18
vs. sodium oxide, B8:18
vs. titanium oxide, B8:18
See also chalcedony; cristobalite; opal-A; opal-CT
silica, dissolved, vs. porosity, A6:165
silicic volcanic rocks. See volcanic rocks, silicic
lithostratigraphic units, A6:23; A7:10-11
photomicrograph, A5:58
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
vs. depth, B7:30-35, 39-42
silicification, diagenesis, A9:44
sill complexes, structure, B(synthesis):6
sills, dolerite, A6:37-38
lithostratigraphic units, A6:11-12, 16-17, 23; A7:7, 9-10; A8:4; B6:9-10
logarithmic plots, B9:26
Pleistocene, A1:10
turbidite facies, B9:5-9
silt, calcareous
lithostratigraphic units, A6:8-9; A8:13-14;
A9:8; B6:9
photograph, A6:87
silt, clayey
lithostratigraphic units, A6:8, 14, 16; B6:10
photograph, A6:92
silt, volcaniclastic
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A9:7, 11
photograph, A6:91, 93
silt matrix, chloritized, photomicrograph, A12:85
silt matrix, volcaniclastic, lithostratigraphic units, A12:22
siltite, photomicrograph, B8:41
alteration, A1:6
lithostratigraphic units, A6:21-22, 28; A8:5-6, 9; A9:14, 19-22; A10:5, 7; A12:5, 10-12, 16-17; B6:7-8, 11-13, 15-16
photograph, A5:55; A6:105, 113; A8:47, 54, 58; A9:88; A10:27; A12:58
photomicrograph, A6:102; A9:92; B10:33-34
Pliocene, A1:16
sedimentation, A1:4
structures, A8:21-22
terrigenous sedimentation, A1:10
unconformities, B(synthesis):9
volcaniclastics, A1:9
See also sandstone/siltstone graded bed
siltstone, calcareous, lithostratigraphic units, A9:15-16, 25; B6:8
siltstone, clay-rich, lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16
siltstone, clayey
lithostratigraphic units, A5:14-15; A6:18-19, 25, 27-28; A9:16, 23; A12:5-6, 8, 10, 13; B6:10-13, 15
photograph, A5:59, 61; A9:81; A10:40; A12:59-60, 67, 71, 76
siltstone, clayey sandy, lithostratigraphic units, A12:14
siltstone, graded
lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18; A12:8-9, 13-14
photograph, A12:59
siltstone, greenish or grayish clayey, lithostratigraphic units, A12:8
siltstone, massive, photograph, A12:66
siltstone, normal-graded, photograph, A12:61
siltstone, sandy
lithostratigraphic units, A9:16, 25; B6:7
photograph, A9:91
photomicrograph, A9:77
siltstone, volcaniclastic, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A9:11, 13
siltstone-sandstone, clayey, lithostratigraphic units, A9:16
siltstone/claystone couplets, photomicrograph, A12:64
siltstone clasts, photograph, A9:83
silty clay. See clay, silty
silty claystone. See claystone, silty
silty sandstone. See sandstone, silty
Simbo Transform, geophysical surveys, A2:5
Site 1108, A5:1-134
biostratigraphy, A5:24-27
coring summary, A5:109-116
downhole measurements, A5:40-42
hydrocarbons, A1:27
in-situ temperature measurements, A5:42-43
inorganic geochemistry, A5:30-33; B6:14-15
lithostratigraphy, A5:6-19; B6:14-15
microbiology, A5:34-35
operations, A5:3-6
organic geochemistry, A5:33-34; B16:1-19
paleomagnetism, A5:27-30
permeability, B23:1-14
physical properties, A5:35-40
sandstone, B7:13
site description, A5:1-134
site summary, A1:10-11
structural geology, A5:19-24
Site 1109, A:1-298
biostratigraphy, A6:43-48
composite depths, A6:79
core-log correlation, B5:1-25
coring summary, A6:226-245
diabase, B3:6
downhole measurements, A6:69-76
gases, B18:1-14
geochronology, B2:1-35
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A6:35-38
inorganic geochemistry, A6:54-59; B6:9-12
lithostratigraphy, A6:7-35; B6:9-12
microbiology, A6:60-61; B19:1-12
operations, A6:4-6
organic geochemistry, A6:59-60; B16:1-19
paleomagnetism, A6:48-53; B20:3-4, 8, 11-12, 14-15
physical properties, A6:61-69
pore water, B17:1-20
sandstone, B7:10-12
sediment hydrology, B22:1-22
site description, A6:1-298
site summary, A1:5-8
structural geology, A6:38-43; B25:24
turbidites, B9:5-9
vertical seismic profile and depth conversion, A6:76-79
Site 1110
lithostratigraphy, A7:6-8
operations, A7:3-4
paleomagnetism, B20:4-5, 10-15
site summary, A1:12-13
Site 1111
coring by section, A7:71-72
lithostratigraphy, A7:9-10
operations, A7:4
site summary, A1:12-13
Site 1112
coring by section, A7:73-74
lithostratigraphy, A7:10-11
operations, A7:4-5
sandstone, B7:16
site summary, A1:12-13
Site 1113
coring by section, A7:75
operations, A7:6
site summary, A1:12-13
Site 1114, A8:1-139
biostratigraphy, A8:27-29
coring summary, A8:120-124
downhole measurements, A8:38-43
geochronology, B2:1-35
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A8:16-20
inorganic geochemistry, A8:30-31; B6:15-16
lithostratigraphy, A8:3-16; B6:15-16
microbiology, A8:32
operations, A8:2-3
organic geochemistry, A8:31-32
paleomagnetism, A8:29-30
physical properties, A8:32-38
sandstone, B7:15
site description, A8:1-139
site summary, A1:14-15
structural geology, A8:20-26; B24:1-43
Site 1115, A9:1-226
biostratigraphy, A9:31-34
core-log correlation, B5:1-25
coring summary, A9:163-165
coring summary by section, A9:166-180
downhole measurements, A9:52-58
gases, B18:1-14
in-situ temperature, A9:58-59
inorganic geochemistry, A9:38-45; B6:5-9
lithostratigraphy, A9:5-28; B6:5-9
microbiology, A9:45-46; B19:1-12
operations, A9:3-5
organic geochemistry, A9:45
paleomagnetism, A9:34-38; B20:4, 9, 11-15
permeability, B23:1-14
physical properties, A9:47-52
Pliocene paleoclimatology, B11:1-15
pore water, B17:1-20
sandstone, B7:8-10
site description, A9:1-226
site summary, A1:3-5
structural geology, A9:28-31; B25:15-19
turbidites, B9:5-9
vertical seismic profiles, A9:59-61
Site 1116, A10:1-75
biostratigraphy, A10:14-15
coring summary, A10:64
coring summary by section, A10:65-66
inorganic geochemistry, A10:17; B6:16
lithostratigraphy, A10:4-12; B6:16
operations, A10:2-4
organic geochemistry, A10:17
paleomagnetism, A10:15-16
physical properties, A10:17-20
sandstone, B7:15-16
site description, A10:1-75
site summary, A1:15-16
structural geology, A10:12-14
Site 1117, A11:1-45
biostratigraphy, A11:8
coring summary, A11:36-37
coring summary by section, A11:38-39
gabbro, B3:7
geochronology, B2:1-35
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A11:3-7
magnetic anisotropy, B21:1-7
operations, A11:2-3
organic geochemistry, A11:10
paleomagnetism, A11:9-10
physical properties, A11:10-11
retrograde metamorphism, B3:8-10
site description, A11:1-45
site summary, A1:13-14
structural geology, A11:7-8
Site 1118, A12:1-213
biostratigraphy, A12:31-33
core-log correlation, B5:1-25
coring summary, A12:163-177
diabase, B3:7
downhole measurements, A12:45-51
geochronology, B2:1-35; B12:1-5
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A12:25-27
inorganic geochemistry, A12:36-39; B6:12-14
lithostratigraphy, A12:4-25; B6:12-14
microbiology, A12:41
operations, A12:3-4
organic geochemistry, A12:40
paleomagnetism, A12:33-35
permeability, B23:1-14
physical properties, A12:41-45
pore water, B17:1-20
sandstone, B7:12-13
site description, A12:1-213
site summary, A1:8-9
structural geology, A12:28-30; B25:5-14
turbidites, B9:5-9
vertical seismic profile and depth conversion, A12:52-53
Sites 1110-1113, A7:1-89
biostratigraphy, A7:17-19
composite depths, A7:26
coring, A7:65-69
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A7:11-17
in-situ temperature, A7:25-26
inorganic geochemistry, A7:21
microbiology, A7:22
organic geochemistry, A7:22
paleomagnetism, A7:19-21
physical properties, A7:22-25
site description, A7:1-89
skeletal fragments
sandstone, B7:8-10
volcaniclastic sand, B7:8
See also shell fragments
slickenside plunge, vs. fault dips, A5:70 ; A6:144; A8:73; A9:97; A10:47; A12:99
lineation, A8:72
paleoecology, A1:11
structural domains, A9:30-31
structures, A5:20-23; A6:40-43; A8:21-22; A12:30
sliding planes, structures, A12:28-29
slip planes, structures, A5:20-23
slip rates, faults, B(synthesis):18
slope sedimentation. See margin-slope sedimentation
slump folds. See folds, slump
lithostratigraphic units, A12:7
photograph, A9:87
smear slides, coring, A6:119-120
clay, B17:20
diagenesis, A9:42; B6:19
fault planes, A6:41 lithostratigraphic units, A10:5-6; A12:10, 22; B6:8, 11-16
See also chlorite/smectite mixed minerals
photomicrograph, B8:42
volcaniclastics, B8:8
amphibole, B3:8-9
dolerite, B1:4-5
pore water, A5:31; A6:54, 58; A7:21; A9:39; A12:37
porphyroclasts, B3:9
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
volcanic ash, A9:43
vs. depth, A5:83; A6:163; A9:115; A12:119
sodium oxide
dolerite, A6:36
metadolerite, A8:18
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5, 9-10, 15
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:14-16, 18, 36, 41
vs. depth, A6:131; B6:34
vs. iron oxide/magnesium oxide ratio, A12:95
soft sediment deformation
lithostratigraphic units, A12:6, 9, 12, 15, 17-18, 28-30
photograph, A9:87
structural domains, A9:30-31
sole marks, lithostratigraphic units, A12:8
Solomon Sea
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
Pliocene paleoclimatology, B11:1-15
tectonics, B2:1-35
Solomon Sea Plate, upper-plate paradox, B(synthesis):19
Solomon Trench, mantle, B1:6
sonic velocity logs, vs. depth, A8:101-102
spar cement. See calcite spar cement
gabbro, B3:7
See also titanite
spherulitic texture
basalt, A7:16
lithostratigraphic units, A9:20
photomicrograph, A8:63
spinel, mineral chemistry, B8:10
spinel grains
clasts, B8:6
lithostratigraphic units, B6:9
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
sponge spicules
lithostratigraphic units, A7:9-10; A12:6, 14; B6:5-6, 8, 10
Quaternary, B13:1-8
coal, B10:10-11
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
photomicrograph, B10:30
spreading centers, geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
strain rates, crustal thinning, B(synthesis):18-19
stratigraphy, reflectors, B5:6-9
stress, effective, vs. permeability, B22:5-6, 15
strike-slip faults. See faults, strike-slip
stromata, fungal tissues, B10:11
clay, B17:6
diagenesis, A9:41-42
dolerite, A6:36; B1:5
lamprophyre, A7:15
lithostratigraphic units, B6:6
pore water, A5:32; A6:54, 56, 58; A7:21; A8:31; A9:39-40; A12:37-39
sediments, B6:10-11
vs. calcium oxide, B6:14, 38
vs. depth, A5:84; A6:164; A9:116; A12:120
strontium isotopes
geochronology, B12:1-5
pore water, B17:1-20
vs. depth, B17:10
structural analysis, footwall fault block, B24:1-43
Structural Domain I, structures, A5:20; A6:38; A9:29-30; A10:12; A11:7; A12:28-29
Structural Domain II, structures, A5:21; A6:38-39; A8:20-21; A9:30-31; A10:12-13; A11:7-8; A12:29-30
Structural Domain III, structures, A5:21; A6:39; A8:21-24; A10:13; A11:8; A12:30
Structural Domain IV, structures, A5:22; A6:40; A8:24; A10:13-14; A11:8
Structural Domain V, structures, A5:22-23; A6:40; A8:24-26
Structural Domain VI, structures, A6:41
Structural Domain VII, structures, A6:41-42
structural domains
Site 1116, A10:12-14
Structures, A11:7-8, 22; A12:28-30
vs. depth, A5:66; A6:136, 138; A11:22
structural geology
Formation Microscanner imaging, B25:1-159
logs, A6:147
Site 1108, A5:19-24
Site 1109, A6:38-43
Site 1114, A8:20-26; B24:1-43
Site 1115, A9:28-31; B25:15-19
Site 1116, A10:12-14
Site 1117, A11:7-8
Site 1118, A12:28-30; B25:5-14
cross section, B2:19
geometry, A8:83
orientation, B25:38-39, 42, 47, 49, 54, 65, 68, 70-71, 73, 78, 93, 96, 98-99, 101, 104-105, 108
summary, A8:67; B24:14, 38; A9:95;A10:43; A12:96
thickness of deformed intervals, A12:182
subarkose, lithostratigraphic units, A10:9
dating, B2:11-13
evolution, A3:3-6
Miocene, B(synthesis):4, 7-8
coal, B10:10-11
macerals, B10:8-9
photomicrograph, B10:24, 26-27, 31-32, 35
suboxic sedimentation
environment, A1:15
lithostratigraphic units, A8:11-12; A10:10
late Miocene, B(synthesis):8-10; B7:18-20
Miocene-Pleistocene, A1:5
Pliocene, B(synthesis):10-12
rifts, A1:8-9, 17-18
sedimentation rates, A1:7
sediments, B6:18-24
Suckling-Dayman massif
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
metamorphic core complexes, B(synthesis):4
bacteria, A9:40-41
methane, A9:45
organic matter, A1:26-27
pore water, A1:25-26; A5:31, 34-35; A6:54, 56; A7:21; A8:30; A9:39; A12:36, 38, 189-190
sediments, B(synthesis):15
vs. depth, A1:48; A5:84; A6:162; A9:114; A12:118; B(synthesis):35
sulfide reduction, lithostratigraphic units, A12:5
lithostratigraphic units, A9:8
petrology, A11:4
data, A5:118
rocks, A11:10, 44
sediments, A5:34; A6:60, 261-262; A7:22, 83; A8:32, 133; A9:45, 191-192; A10:17, 71; A12:40
sulfur, total, vs. depth, A9:119; A12:123
photomicrograph, B3:28
secondary minerals, B3:8
synrift bedding. See bedding, synrift
synsedimentary structures, lithostratigraphic units, A10:5
synthetic seismograms. See seismograms, synthetic


tachylitic basalt. See basalt, tachylitic
tachylitic textures, basalt, A7:16
Tagula Island, topography, A1:33
clay, B17:6
fault gouge, A1:13-14; A11:4
greenschist metamorphism, B(synthesis):17
lithostratigraphic units, B6:10
sediments, B6:17-24
volcaniclastics, B3:3-4
lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A7:11; A10:6
metamorphism, A7:16-17
Pleistocene, A1:12-13
sedimentation, B(synthesis):14; B7:16
See also debris-flow deposits
tantalum, dolerite, B1:4
tectonic breccia. See breccia, tectonic
paleocurrents, B6:42
Papua New Guinea, A1:1-77; A3:1-20
provenance, B7:44
regional setting, B6:28; B7:25
sediment transport, B7:45
thermochronology, B2:1-35
volcaniclastics, B8:9-13
Teichichnus, lithostratigraphic units, A9:13
coal, B10:10-11
fungal tissues, B10:11
photomicrograph, B10:31, 35
telocollinite, macerals, B10:8
coal, B10:10-11
macerals, B10:8-9
photomicrograph, B10:22-28, 30-31, 34-35
amphibole, B3:9
thermal maturity, B16:4
vs. depth, A5:103-104, 108; A6:214-215, 218; A7:64; A8:118-119; A9:154, 157; A12:156-157; B10:17
vs. time, A5:105-107; A6:216-217; A7:63; A9:155-156; A12:158
vs. transformation ratio, B16:12
well logs, A8:43; A9:58; A12:51
temperature, in-situ
Site 1108, A5:42-43
Site 1109, A6:76
Site 1115, A9:58-59
Sites 1110-1113, A7:25-26
temperature, surface water, Pliocene, B11:13
temperature logs, vs. depth, A5:102
tensor tools, orientation, A6:255
photomicrograph, B8:42
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
terrigenous sedimentation, organic matter, B10:7
textinite, macerals, B10:8, 13
texto-ulminite, macerals, B10:8
textures. See basaltic texture; cataclastic texture; doleritic texture; glomeroporphyritic texture; granular texture; hyalopilitic texture; hypidiomorphic texture; intersertal texture; lepidoblastic texture; magmatic texture; microlitic texture; ophitic texture; pilotaxitic texture; porphyritic texture; quench texture; ripidiolitic texture; spherulitic texture; tachylitic texture; trachytic texture; trachytoidal texture; variolitic texture; vesicular texture
thermal conductivity
cores, A5:131-134
fault gouge, A11:11
sediments, A5:38; A6:64-65, 279-290; A7:24, 87; A8:35-36, 136-138; A9:49-50, 210-218; A10:19, 74-75; A12:44, 205-210
vs. depth, A5:94; A6:173; A8:96; A9:126; A10:62; A12:129
thermal maturity
Rock-Eval pyrolysis, B16:4-8
See also maturation
thermochronology, tectonics, B2:1-35
ophiolite, B1:3
See also basalt
tholeiite, low-potassium
ophiolite, B6:14
phase diagrams, A6:133-134
sills, A6:37-38
zirconium vs. titanium/yttrium ratio, A6:135
tholeiitic andesite. See andesite, tholeiitic
tholeiitic basalt. See basalt, tholeiitic
lithostratigraphic units, B6:6
sediments, B6:5, 10
thorium/uranium ratio logs, vs. depth, A6:182-185
thorium logs, vs. depth, A5:102; A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
thrust sheets, correlation, B1:3
tidal currents, lithostratigraphic units, A9:15
granite gneiss, A7:13
See also sphene
clay, B17:6
diabase, B3:7
dolerite, A6:36; B1:4
gabbro, B3:7
hornblende, B3:8-9
secondary minerals, B3:7-8
titanium-zirconium-yttrium, phase diagrams, A6:134
titanium/yttrium ratio, vs. zirconium, A6:135
titanium oxide
dolerite, A6:36
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:6-7, 9, 10-11, 14-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:14, 18, 33, 36, 41
vs. depth, A6:131
titanium oxide-potassium oxide-phosphorus oxide, phase diagrams, A6:133
toluene, chromatograms, B16:15
tonalite, intrusions, B(synthesis):6
topography, A1:33
total organic carbon. See carbon, total organic
trace elements
dolerite, A6:249; A8:127; A12:181
dolerite and basalt, B1:16-17
dolerites and microdolerites, A1:64-66
gabbro, A1:22-23; A11:6
lamprophyre, A7:78
pore water, B17:1-20
sediments, B6:5, 10, 13, 15-24, 44-53
spider diagrams, B17:12-13
X-ray fluorescence data, A11:42
trachyte. See quartz trachyte
trachyte clasts, volcaniclastics, B8:9
trachytic texture, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
trachytoidal texture, photomicrograph, A10:31
trans-2-butene, sediments, B18:4-14
transform faults. See faults, transform
transformation ratio
thermal maturity, B16:4
vs. temperature, B16:12
transgression, lithostratigraphic units, A6:33; B7:19
transport. See paleotransport; sediment transport
transverse velocity. See velocity, transverse
lithostratigraphic units, B6:10, 13
metadolerite, A7:15, 21
photomicrograph, A11:15
protoliths, A11:4
trimethylbenzene, chromatograms, B16:15
Trobriand Basin, sandstone, B7:1-58
Trobriand forearc
deposition, A1:17
late Miocene, B(synthesis):9
sedimentation sources, A1:16; A6:32-34
Trobriand forearc basin
basement, A3:16
cross sections, A3:17
evolution, Papuan Peninsula, A3:4-5, 7
sedimentation, A1:3
Trobriand Islands
ophiolite, B1:3
See also Lusancay-Trobriand-Woodlark Islands
Trobriand Trough
carbonate platforms, B(synthesis):13
geophysical surveys, A2:4-6
mantle, B1:6
subduction, B(synthesis):4, 7-8
upper-plate paradox, B(synthesis):19
tuff, forearc basins, B(synthesis):7
tuff, crystal vitric, photomicrograph, A12:69, 74
tuff, vitric, photomicrograph, A1:58
tuffaceous conglomerate. See conglomerate, tuffaceous
turbidite facies, rift basins, B9:1-30
bed number vs. age, B9:27
Formation Microscanner imaging, A6:209
lithostratigraphic units, A5:11, 17-19; A6:18, 33-34; B6:7, 13-15
mass accumulation rates, B9:29
mid-late Miocene, B6:19
modal composition, B7:8-10
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A1:18-19
sedimentation, A1:3, 15
terrigenous sedimentation, A1:10
turbidites, amalgamated, photograph, A6:95
turbidites, calcareous, photograph, A6:95
turbidites, sandy, photograph, B9:23
turbidites, volcaniclastic
lithostratigraphic units, B6:15-16
photograph, A6:95
turbidity currents
clasts, B8:12
deposition, A9:27-28
frequency, B9:6
lithostratigraphic units, A5:9; A6:13; A7:8, 10-11; A8:16; A9:7, 11, 13, 26; A10:10; A12:6-7, 9-10, 15, 18, 24-25
Pliocene, B(synthesis):11
sandstone, B7:8-18
sediments, B6:17-24


ulminite, macerals, B10:8, 13
ultracataclasite, petrology, A11:5-6
ultramafic rocks, sediment provenance, B6:16-24
ultramylonite, petrology, A11:5-6
basement, B(synthesis):5-7
evolution, A3:4-5, 7
lithostratigraphic units, A8:57
Miocene, A1:17-21; B(synthesis):7
rift onset, B(synthesis):9
sedimentation, A1:3
sedimentation rates, B(synthesis):33
See also disconformities; hiatuses
unconformities, angular, synrift sediments, A2:18
unconformities, erosional, sedimentation, A6:32-33
undeformed zones, structural domains, structures, A9:29-30
undercompaction, sedimentation rates, A1:4
Unit I, lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A6:7-11; A7:7-10; A8:4-5; A9:6-7; A10:4-6; A12:4-7; B6:5, 9, 12
Unit II, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9; A6:11-13; A8:5-6; A9:8-9; A10:6-8; A12:7-10; B6:5-6, 9-10, 12
Unit III, lithostratigraphic units, A5:9; A6:13-15; A8:7-12; A9:9-12; A10:8-11; A12:10-13; B6:6, 10, 12-13
Unit IV, lithostratigraphic units, A5:10-18; A6:15-17; A8:12-13; A9:9-12; A12:13-16; B6:6, 10, 13, 15
Unit V, lithostratigraphic units, A6:18-20; A8:13-14; A9:13-15; A12:16-18; B6:7, 10, 13
Unit VI, lithostratigraphic units, A6:20-22; A8:14-15; A9:15-17; A12:18-19; B6:7, 11, 13
Unit VII, lithostratigraphic units, A6:22-24; A8:15; A9:17-18; A12:19-21; B6:7, 11, 13-14
Unit VIII, lithostratigraphic units, A6:25-27; A9:18-19; A12:21-24; B6:7, 11, 14
Unit IX, lithostratigraphic units, A6:27-30; A9:19-20; B6:7-8, 11
Unit X, lithostratigraphic units, A6:30-31; A9:20-22; B6:8, 11
Unit XI, lithostratigraphic units, A6:31, 35-38; A9:22-24; B6:8
Unit XII, lithostratigraphic units, A9:24-28; B6:8
uplifts, sedimentation, A6:32-33
upper crust. See crust, upper
uranium logs
vs. depth, A5:102; A6:182-185; A8:99-100; A9:131-134; A12:132-136
See also thorium/uranium ratio logs
uranium-lead dating
gabbro, B2:24
rhyolite clasts, B2:10, 27, 33
zircon, B2:6


quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:7, 11, 13, 16
vs. iron oxide, B6:38
variolitic basalt. See basalt, variolitic
variolitic dolerite. See dolerite, variolitic
variolitic texture
basalt, A7:16
metadolerite, A8:17
photomicrograph, A6:124; A12:94
brittle deformation, A6:146; A8:26, 80
clasts, A12:26
composition, A1:8
dolerite, A7:14
epidote, A8:17
gabbro, A11:8
geometry, A6:143
granite porphyry, A7:13
lithostratigraphic units, A6:28, 36; A8:15-16; A12:8
photograph, A5:54; A6:130 ; A11:28, 30; A12:102, 104
photomicrograph, A8:65, 76, 79; A11:16, 29; B3:28; A12:91
relation to faults and fractures, A6:145
secondary minerals, B3:8
structures, A5:22-23; A6:41-43
volcaniclastic sand, B7:7
See also calcite veins; calcite-zeolite veins; chlorite veins; cristobalite; epidote veins; glauconite veins; quartz veins; zeolite veins
veins, rip-up, photograph, A10:39
depth conversion, A12:161
depth vs. transit time, A9:158
longitudinal vs. average transverse, A5:93, 129-130; A6:172, 272-278; A7:86; A8:95, 135; A9:125, 203-209; A10:61, 73; A12:128, 199-204; B5:16-19
profiles, B5:2-3
sediments, A6:77-79
vs. depth, A6:221; A8:94, 98; A9:159; A10:60; B5:14-15
See also compressional wave velocity
velocity logs
vs. depth, A6:181, 186-189, 195, 197, 199, 201; A9:135-138
See also sonic velocity logs
velocity, sonic, vs. depth, A1:72
velocity, transverse, fault gouge, A11:11
velocity, vertical, properties, A9:225-226
vertical seismic profiles. See seismic profiles, vertical
vertical velocity. See velocity, vertical
lithostratigraphic units, A6:9-10
photomicrograph, A6:103
vesicular basalt. See basalt, vesicular
vesicular texture, basalt, A7:16
vitric fragments
photomicrograph, B7:49-50, 57-58
sandstone, B7:9-13
silica, B8:18
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7, 21
abundance, B10:7-9, 13
coal, B10:10-11
dispersed organic matter, B10:10
photomicrograph, B10:23-25, 28, 31-35
phytoclasts, B10:8-9
reflectance, B10:11-12, 20-21
sediments, B(synthesis):15
See also telovitrinite
volatile hydrocarbons. See hydrocarbons, volatile
volcanic arcs
evolution, A3:4-5
sediment provenance, B6:16-24
volcanic ash
alteration, A9:40
eruptions, A9:28
history, A1:19-20
lithostratigraphic units, A6:9-10, 17, 19, 22; A7:8,10-11; A9:6-7, 9, 11; A12:12, 14-15; B6:5, 9-10, 13
number of layers and thickness per core, A9:94; A12:87
photograph, A6:89; A9:68; A12:73
photomicrograph, A6:90
sedimentation rates, A1:4, 9
sedimentation sources, A6:34-35; B6:24
thickness vs. depth, A6:121
vs. age, A1:51
volcanic breccia, lithostratigraphic units, A5:8-9
volcanic clasts
chemical composition, B8:36
See also alkalic volcanic clasts
volcanic fragments
sandstone, B7:8-17
vs. depth, B7:30-33, 37, 39-42
volcanic fronts, Miocene-Holocene, B(synthesis):4
volcanic glass
lithostratigraphic units, A5:7; A7:8-10; A9:8-11; A10:7; A12:5, 8-9, 11, 13-15; B6:5-7, 10, 12-14, 16
photograph, A7:29; A9:69, 71
photomicrograph, A1:60; A6:103; A8:63; A9:73; A10:23
sedimentation sources, A6:34-35
sediments, B6:17-24
volcaniclastic sand, B7:6-7
volcaniclastics, B8:8-9
See also glass shards; vitric fragments
volcanic grains
lithostratigraphic units, A5:13; B6:13
photomicrograph, A5:50-52
volcanic rock fragments, lithostratigraphic units, A12:8-11
volcanic rocks
basement, B(synthesis):6
correlation, B1:3
volcanic rocks, acidic, photomicrograph, A5:63; A7:32; A9:72, 84
volcanic rocks, basic, photomicrograph, A10:31-32
volcanic rocks, calc-alkalic, sediment provenance, B7:21
volcanic rocks, silicic, sediment provenance, B7:21
volcaniclastic sand. See sand, volcaniclastic
volcaniclastic sandstone. See sandstone, volcaniclastic
volcaniclastic silt. See silt, volcaniclastic
volcaniclastic siltstone. See siltstone, volcaniclastic
volcaniclastic turbidites. See turbidites, volcaniclastic
basement, B3:3-4
diagenesis, A9:42
eruptions, A9:28
lithostratigraphic units, A5:14; A6:9-10, 12, 24, 33-34; A7:7-8; A8:5, 12; B6:10, 13
magnetostratigraphy, A1:4
mineral chemistry, B8:9-10
petrography, B8:1-44
photograph, A9:71
photomicrograph, B8:41
Pliocene-Pleistocene, A1:18-19
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
sedimentation, A1:15
sedimentation rates, A1:7
sediments, B6:17-24
tectonics, B8:9-13
vs. depth, B7:30-35, 39-42
age and location, A3:15
dating, B2:12-13
epiclastic sedimentation, A12:25
history, A1:19-20
sandstone, B7:21
sediment provenance, A6:34-35; B6:19, 23-24
volcaniclastics, B8:9-13
volcanism, high-potassium, late Pleistocene-Holocene, B6:19
volcanism, peralkaline rhyolite, Miocene-Holocene, B(synthesis):4


lithostratigraphic units, A6:15
photomicrograph, A6:107
water-escape structures, photograph, A12:67
weathering, clasts, A12:26, 30
correlation, B5:1-25
Formation Microscanner imaging, B24:1-43
intervals, A1:77
log units, A9:53-55
sediments, A5:40-42
Site 1109, A6:69-76, 295; B25:55-57
Site 1114, A8:38-43, 139; B24:15
Site 1115, A9:224; B25:83-85
Site 1118, A12:211; B25:27-30
Woodlark Basin
biostratigraphy, B4:1-13
continental crust, B3:1-28
cross sections, A1:34
dolerite, B1:1-18
evolution, A3:6-7
marine geophysical surveys, A2:1-20
microbiology, B19:1-12
organic petrology, B10:1-36
paleomagnetism, B20:1-15
permeability, B23:1-14
pore water, B17:1-20
sandstone, B7:1-58
sediment hydrology, B22:1-22
sediment provenance, B6:1-53
tectonics, B2:1-35
turbidite facies, B9:1-30
Woodlark Basin N, structural geology, B25:1-159
Woodlark Basin W
continental extension, A1:1-77; B(synthesis):1-36
correlation, B5:1-25
gases, B18:1-14
magnetic anisotropy, B21:1-7
Miocene algae, B15:1-6
Quaternary radiolarians, B14:1-21
Quaternary sponge spicules, B13:1-8
volcaniclastics, B8:1-44
Woodlark Island
ophiolite, B1:3
tholeiite, B(synthesis):6
topography, A1:33
See also Lusancay-Trobriand-Woodlark Islands
Woodlark Rise
basement, B(synthesis):6
geophysical surveys, A2:4-5
rift onset, B(synthesis):9
tectonics, B(synthesis):3-4
woody tissues, photomicrograph, B10:22-23


X-ray diffraction data
fault gouge, A11:40
sediments, A6:246-247; A7:76; A8:125; A9:181-182; A10:67; A12:178-179; B6:43
X-ray fluorescence data
dolerite, A12:180-181
sediments, B6:44-53
xenocrysts, photomicrograph, A7:47
xenoliths, zoned plagioclase, A7:16
xylem, photomicrograph, B10:29


ytterbium, clay, B17:6
clay, B17:6
sediments, B6:5, 7, 10-11, 13
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:14, 36
vs. iron oxide, B6:14
See also titanium-zirconium-yttrium; titanium/yttrium ratio


zeolite veins
photograph, A12:102
photomicrograph, A12:91
See also calcite-zeolite veins
authigenesis, A9:40, 42
clasts, A12:26
lithostratigraphic units, B6:8
quartz gabbro, B3:5-6
See also calcite-zeolite veins; clinoptilolite
sediments, B6:10-11, 16; B7:21
vs. magnesium oxide, B6:14, 37
aluminum oxide, B6:14
fluorescence, B10:5
granite gneiss, A7:13
ion microprobe data, B(synthesis):5
uranium-lead dating, B2:6, 27
zircon grains, volcaniclastic sand, B7:6
clay, B17:6
dolerite, A6:36; B1:4
granite porphyry, A7:13
quartz gabbro, A11:6
sediments, B6:5-7, 10-11, 13, 15-24
vs. aluminum oxide, B6:14, 36
vs. depth, A6:132
vs. titanium/yttrium ratio, A6:135
See also titanium-zirconium-yttrium
metadolerite, A8:17
mica schist, A7:12-13
mineral chemistry, B3:23
secondary minerals, B3:8
See also clinozoisite
biostratigraphy, A6:43-48
foraminifers, A9:32-33; A12:32
magnetic polarity, A6:256
nannofossils, A7:18; A9:31-32; A12:31
nannofossils and foraminifers, A7:49
Neogene, B11:11-12
planktonic foraminifers, A10:14-15
radiolarians, B14:18
zoned amphibole. See amphibole, zoned
zoned clinopyroxene. See clinopyroxene, zoned
zoned plagioclase. See plagioclase, zoned
lithostratigraphic units, A5:15-16; A6:15-16, 20, 23; A9:10, 17, 24; A10:9; A12:5, 13, 16
photograph, A12:57; B9:21