F1. Coring and depth intervals.

F2. Examples of numbered core sections.

F3. Granular sediment class diagram.

F4. Siliciclastic sediment ternary diagram.

F5. Leg 181 "barrel sheet" example.

F6. Core description graphic textures and symbols.

F7. Combined biostratigraphic zonal schemes.

F8. Diatom zonation and stratigraphic ranges of diatom species.

F9. Latitudinal ranges of Holocene planktonic foraminifers.

F10. Cenozoic radiolarian biostratigraphic zonation schemes.

F11. Magnetic susceptibility records (mbsf) and composite section example.

F12. Magnetic susceptibility records and resulting spliced record.

F13. Tool strings used.

F14. The Formation MicroScanner (FMS).


T1. Outline of granular sediment classification scheme.

T2. Calcareous nannofossil datums used during Leg 181.

T3. Foraminiferal and bolboformid datums used during Leg 181.

T4. Age assignments of biostratigraphic diatom zones used during Leg 181.

T5. Ages of biostratigraphically useful radiolarian datums in the New Zealand region.

T6. Tool strings used and properties measured.