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Preliminary Pages (Volume cited by)
1. Leg 188 Synthesis: Transitions in the Glacial History of the Prydz Bay Region, East Antarctica, from ODP Drilling (PDFCited by)
Alan K. Cooper and Philip E. O'Brien
Publication date: 20 July 2004
2. Palynology of Neogene Slope and Rise Deposits from ODP Sites 1165 and 1167, East Antarctica (PDFCited by)
M.K. Macphail and E.M. Truswell
Publication date: 13 February 2004

3. Palynology of Site 1166, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica (PDFCited by)
M.K. Macphail and E.M. Truswell
Publication date: 29 January 2004

4. Neogene Foraminifers and Accessories, ODP Leg 188, Sites 1165, 1166, and 1167, Prydz Bay, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
Patrick G. Quilty
Publication date: 27 August 2003

5. Data Report: Phytoliths in Drill Core Sediments from Sites 1165 and 1166, Leg 188, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica (PDFCited by)
Vanessa C. Thorn
Publication date: 28 January 2004

6. Data Report: Quaternary–Pliocene Diatom Biostratigraphy of ODP Sites 1165 and 1166, Cooperation Sea and Prydz Bay (PDFCited by)
Jason M. Whitehead and Steven M. Bohaty
Publication date: 12 March 2003

7. Data Report: Spectral Data from Sites 1165 and 1167 Including the HiRISC Section from Hole 1165B (PDFCited by)
John E. Damuth and William L. Balsam
Publication date: 17 September 2003

8. Seismic Stratigraphic Correlations between ODP Sites 742 and 1166: Implications for Depositional Paleoenvironments in Prydz Bay, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
Tzvetina Erohina, Alan Cooper, David Handwerger, and Robert Dunbar
Publication date: 12 February 2004

9. Data Report: Multisensor Core Logging Data, Coarse-Fraction Grain-Size Analyses, and Biogenic Silica Content of Upper Miocene–Lower Pliocene Sediments, ODP Site 1165 (PDFCited by)
Jens Grützner
Publication date: 11 March 2003

10. Synthetic Seismograms Linking ODP Sites to Seismic Profiles, Continental Rise and Shelf of Prydz Bay, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
D.A. Handwerger, A.K. Cooper, P.E. O’Brien, T. Williams, S.R. Barr, R.B. Dunbar, A. Leventer, and R.D. Jarrard
Publication date: 11 February 2004

11. Calcareous Nannofossils from Continental Rise Site 1165, ODP Leg 188, Prydz Bay, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
James J. Pospichal
Publication date: 28 August 2003

12. Data Report: Numerical Evaluation of Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Data and Correlation with Core Photos, ODP Site 1165, Wild Drift, Cooperation Sea, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
Michele Rebesco
Publication date: 21 August 2003

13. Data Report: HiRISC (High-Resolution Integrated Stratigraphy Committee) Pliocene–Pleistocene Interval, 0–50 mbsf, at ODP Leg 188 Site 1165, Prydz Bay, Antarctica (PDFCited by)
Detlef A. Warnke, Carl Richter, Fabio Florindo, John E. Damuth, William L. Balsam, Kari Strand, Mattiina Ruikka, Juho Juntila, Kevin Theissen, and Patrick Quilty
Publication date: 30 January 2004

14. Prydz Channel Fan and the History of Extreme Ice Advances in Prydz Bay (PDFCited by)
P.E. O'Brien, A.K. Cooper, F. Florindo, D. Handwerger, M. Lavelle, S. Passchier, J.J. Pospichal, P.G. Quilty, C. Richter, K.M. Theissen, and J.M. Whitehead
Publication date: 30 July 2004

15. Authigenic Carbonates, Methane Generation, and Oxidation in Continental Rise and Shelf Sediments, ODP Leg 188 Sites 1165 and 1166, Offshore Antarctica (Prydz Bay) (PDFCited by)
George E. Claypool, Thomas D. Lorenson, and Craig A. Johnson
Publication date: 11 March 2003

16. Data Report: Stable Isotopic Measurements of Sedimentary Organic Matter and N. pachyderma (s.) from Site 1166, Prydz Bay Continental Shelf (PDFCited by)
Kevin M. Theissen, Robert B. Dunbar, and Alan K. Cooper
Publication date: 25 April 2003

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