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Preliminary Pages (Volume cited by)
1. Leg 189 Synthesis: Cretaceous–Holocene History of the Tasmanian Gateway (PDFCited by)
Neville F. Exon, James P. Kennett, and Mitchell J. Malone
Publication date: 8 September 2004
2. Late Eocene–Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cysts from ODP Site 1168, off Western Tasmania (PDFCited by)
H. Brinkhuis, D.K. Munsterman, S. Sengers, A. Sluijs, J. Warnaar, and G.L. Williams
Publication date: 28 October 2003

3. Latest Cretaceous–Earliest Oligocene and Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cysts, ODP Site 1172, East Tasman Plateau (PDFCited by)
H. Brinkhuis, S. Sengers, A. Sluijs, J. Warnaar, and G.L. Williams
Publication date: 31 October 2003

4. Dinoflagellate Cysts from the Eocene–Oligocene Transition in the Southern Ocean: Results from ODP Leg 189 (PDFCited by)
A. Sluijs, H. Brinkhuis, C.E. Stickley, J. Warnaar, G.L. Williams, and M. Fuller
Publication date: 22 October 2003

5. Southern Ocean and Global Dinoflagellate Cyst Events Compared: Index Events for the Late Cretaceous–Neogene (PDFCited by)
G.L. Williams, H. Brinkhuis, M.A. Pearce, R.A. Fensome, and J.W. Weegink
Publication date: 9 April 2004

6. Quaternary Nannofossil Biostratigraphy from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 189, Tasmanian Gateway (PDFCited by)
S. Audra Stant, Jonathan Lara, Kristeen L. McGonigal, and Bryan C. Ladner
Publication date: 22 April 2004

7. Data Report: Miocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy, ODP Leg 189, Tasmanian Seaway (PDFCited by)
Kristeen L. McGonigal and Wuchang Wei
Publication date: 10 October 2003

8. Data Report: Paleogene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of ODP Leg 189 (Australia-Antarctica Gateway) (PDFCited by)
Wuchang Wei, Kristeen L. McGonigal, and Shilan Zhong
Publication date: 23 July 2003

9. Integrated Age Models for the Early Oligocene–Early Miocene, Sites 1168 and 1170-1172 (PDFCited by)
Helen A. Pfuhl and I. Nicholas McCave
Publication date: 12 November 2003

10. Late Cretaceous–Quaternary Biomagnetostratigraphy of ODP Sites 1168, 1170, 1171, and 1172, Tasmanian Gateway (PDFCited by)
C.E. Stickley, H. Brinkhuis, K.L. McGonigal, G.C.H. Chaproniere, M. Fuller, D.C. Kelly, D. Nürnberg, H.A. Pfuhl, S.A. Schellenberg, J. Schoenfeld, N. Suzuki, Y. Touchard, W. Wei, G.L. Williams, J. Lara, and S.A. Stant
Publication date: 13 August 2004

11. Data Report: Bulk and Clay Mineral Assemblages of the Tasmanian Area, Maastrichtian–Pleistocene, ODP Leg 189 (PDFCited by)
Christian Robert
Publication date: 21 April 2004
12. Data Report: Sediment Geochemical Results from ODP Leg 189, Site 1171—Eocene to Present (PDFCited by)
Jennifer C. Latimer and Gabriel M. Filippelli
Publication date: 20 June 2003

13. Data Report: Oxygen and Carbon Stable Isotope Records of the Miocene Calcareous Microfossils from ODP Leg 189 Sites 1170 (South Tasman Rise) and 1172 (East Tasman Plateau) (PDFCited by)
Atsuhito Ennyu and Michael A. Arthur
Publication date: 14 April 2004

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