Volume 192 Scientific Results

ISSN 1096-7451

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1. Leg 192 Synthesis: Origin and Evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau (PDFCited by)
J.G. Fitton, J.J. Mahoney, P.J. Wallace, and A.D. Saunders
Manuscript number: 192SR-101
2. Apparent Cooling in the Tropical Pacific during the Maastrichtian and Diagenetic Artifacts in Late Cretaceous Stable Isotopic Trends in Bulk Carbonate from Ontong Java Plateau (PDFCited by)
Kenneth G. MacLeod and J.A. Bergen
Publication date: 16 April 2004

3. Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of Cretaceous Sediments at Sites 1183 and 1186, Ontong Java Plateau (PDFCited by)
Timothy J. Bralower, Paul D. Fullagar, Taylor A. McCay, Kenneth G. MacLeod, James Bergen, and Eglée Zapata
Publication date: 17 March 2004

4. Data Report: Boron Contents of Leg 192 Sediments (PDFCited by)
Takashi Sano, Hajime Naruse, Toshiaki Hasenaka, and Takaaki Fukuoka
Publication date: 10 March 2004

5. Magnetic Fabric Studies of Ontong Java Plateau Basalts from ODP Leg 192 (PDFCited by)
Stuart A. Hall, Peter Riisager, Maria Antretter, and Xixi Zhao
Publication date: 2 March 2004
6. Data Report: Low-Temperature Alteration of Upper Oceanic Crust from the Ontong Java Plateau, Leg 192: Alteration and Vein Logs (PDFCited by)
Neil R. Banerjee and José Honnorez
Publication date: 3 March 2004

7. Relationships between Physical Properties and Alteration in Basement Rocks from the Ontong Java Plateau (PDFCited by)
Xixi Zhao, Maria Antretter, Loren Kroenke, Peter Riisager, and Stuart Hall
Publication date: 14 September 2004

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See Supplementary Material for data files presented in Microsoft Excel 97/98 format. The files present alteration and vein logs.
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