Publishing Instructions for ODP Scientists

Publication of Cruise Results

  • Approximately 1 to 2 months after each cruise, the draft contents of the Initial Reports volume are sent to all cruise participants and any shore-based sample recipients who receive samples within the 1-year moratorium.
  • The initial postcruise meeting is scheduled 3 to 5 months postcruise. All Initial Reports materials are reviewed by a select group of scientific party members during this meeting. All review comments must be funneled through the meeting participants before the meeting.
  • At the initial postcruise meeting, all material intended for publication in the Initial Reports volume is completed and the volume production process begins. There will be no opportunity to amend the contents of the Initial Reports after the initial postcruise meeting.
  • The co-chief scientists and the ODP staff scientist are responsible for reviewing the volume galleys.
  • The volume is published approximately 1 year after the cruise.

    Publication of Postcruise Results

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