Publishing Instructions for ODP Scientists

Publication of Postcruise Results

Meeting ODP Publication Requirements

  • See the ODP Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy for more information.

    Requirements for Submission of Data to ODP

  • See the ODP Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy for more information.

    Planning Postcruise Publications

  • During the cruise, shipboard participants must submit tentative titles and proposed venues for all postcruise science publications. The ODP staff scientist and co-chief scientists will generate a list of all planned submissions, linking sample request numbers to each title. See the ODP Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy.
  • About 6 weeks before the second postcruise meeting (held 12-24 months postcruise), all participants will receive a packet of materials outlining how to fulfill their ODP publication obligations. This information pertains to authors who plan to publish in either the Scientific Results volume or an outside journal.
  • At the second postcruise meeting, all participants must fill out a Preliminary Manuscript Description Form for each manuscript they plan to publish or have already published. The ODP staff scientist will use these forms to prepare a finalized publication listing of all publications from the leg that are planned for the outside literature and the Scientific Results volume.
  • An Editorial Review Board (ERB) member will be assigned to each proposed manuscript. The board will:
    (a) coordinate the review process for all Scientific Results papers, and
    (b) check each paper submitted to the outside literature for proper usage of data and conclusions of other members of the scientific party and for correct citation of the Initial Reports volume.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted on, or before, the deadlines established by ODP. See Postcruise Publication Deadlines.

    Postcruise Publication Deadlines

  • Deadlines for publishing in the outside literature:
  • Deadlines for publishing in the Scientific Results volume: * Specialty papers are defined as regular research papers and data reports (do not contain interpretation). Contact the ODP publication coordinator for more information,

    Scientific Results Manuscript Submission Guidelines

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