Appendix D: Leg-Specific Sampling Strategy Guidelines43

Development of the leg-specific Sampling Strategy begins in the initial stages of leg planning, when ODP drilling proposals are written and submitted to the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) Office. At this stage, proponents will develop a draft Sampling Strategy that will fulfill the scientific objectives of the leg.

Once a proposal has been scheduled for drilling by JOIDES and Co-Chiefs have been selected, the SAC will write a formal, leg-specific Sampling Strategy for publication in the ODP Scientific Prospectus series. The ODP Director and the Deputy Director will review the Scientific Prospectus before it is published. This will give them an opportunity to advise on sampling issues pertaining to the broader (non-leg-specific) community.

The Sampling Strategy will meet the specific objectives of the leg. The Sampling Strategy will define the minimum permanent archive and any supplements to it that the SAC deems necessary. The Sampling Strategy will also become the basis of the shipboard and moratorium "sampling plan."

A successful Strategy will:

The Sampling Strategy should be formatted using the following categories. For examples, review recent copies of leg-specific sampling strategies from previous legs in the Scientific Prospectus series ( (Also see Appendix B.)

Sampling Timetable
General Sampling Procedures
Critical Intervals
Permanent Archive
Temporary Archive


43Policy revision made June 2001. See Appendix H.1.a. for details.