Table 3. Analyses of the communal and composite samples, Hole 801C.

MeasurementsInvestigatoraliquot (g)
Major Elements (ICP-AES)Kelley/Plank Composites
Trace Elements (ICP-MS) Kelley/Plank Composites
EMP, SEM, Petrography AltTSB
XRD, EMP, Petrography HonnorezAdjacent
S, Se, metals (MC-ICP-MS) Rouxel/Ludden/ArmstrongComposites
Trace Elements (LAM-ICPMS) PlankVeins
Hf isotopes Ludden/Chauvel Composites
Os isotopes Ludden/Reisberg Composites
Sr, Nd, PbSchmidt/Staudigel Composites
Cl isotopes and halogens Spivack Composites
Li, B isotopes Valentine Composites
C, O, H, S isotopesAltComposites
N isotopes Bebout/Emilio Composites
Ion Probe (C, O, S, traces) Ludden/RouxelVeins

Note: Total number of communal samples = 118; total number composite samples = 12.

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