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Site F-5

Priority: 1
Position: 23°36.80'N; 79°03.36'W
Water depth: 335 m
Sediment thickness: >8000 m
Total penetration: 371 mbsf (approved to a depth of 471 mbsf)
Seismic coverage: High-resolution MCS survey

Objectives: To reveal possible fluid flow through the middle slope portion of the margin

Drilling Program: APC to refusal. XCB to 471 m if time permits.

Logging and Downhole: ADARA heat flow measurements will be made on the first eight APC cores below Core 3 and one every third core thereafter. Three logging runs (Quad-Combination, GLT, andFMS), if time permits.

Nature of rock anticipated: Periplatform ooze occasionally mixed with coarser grained units.

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