171A Scientific Prospectus

Site: NBR-9A

Priority: 1

Position: 15°32.161'N, 58°42.849'W

Water Depth: 4984 m

Sediment Thickness: 810 m

Total Penetration: 600 mbsf

Seismic Coverage: 3-D survey, Line 736 SP 1230
East-west seismic profile through Site NBR-11A; VE: 3.7.

Objectives: The objectives of proposed Site NBR-9A are

1. To determine physical properties through a weakly developed negative polarity reflection at the décollement zone.

2. To determine the physical properties through the accretionary prism, décollement zone, and into the upper portion of the underthrust sediment section at Site 949 where borehole monitoring is successfully underway.

Drilling Program: No cores.

Logging and Downhole: LWD.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Pelagic and hemipelagic sediments, local distal turbidites in the underthrust section.

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