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Position: 40°43.5'N, 11°18.0'W
Water Depth: 4725 m
Sediment Thickness: 400 m + 300 m (prerift).
Total Penetration: 750 m

Seismic Coverage: Discovery Line CAM 144, CDP3140

1) Sample acoustic basement high (continental crust overlain by synrift or prerift sediments).
2) Determine the early sedimentary and subsidence history.
3) Characterize the tectonic and magmatic processes that dominate the transition from continental to oceanic crust.
4) Determine the petrogenic origin, synrift melting, and metamorphic historyof igneous basement. Confirm predictions of continental crust at this site and the approximate level from which it came.

Drilling Program: Wash down to transparent layer of syn- or prerift sediments, then RCB through the transparent layer several tens of meters into basement or to bit destruction.

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Nannofossil clay, clay, claystone, siltstone and fine sandstone, ooze, and chalk; upper/mid continental crust overlain by tilted syn- or prerift sediments.

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