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Figure 5. Comparison of the timing of Oligocene to middle Miocene reflectors on the New Jersey slope with a benthic foraminiferal 18O record, a summary of onshore sequences, and the inferred eustatic record of Haq et al. (1987, after Miller, Mountain et al., 1996a). The 18O record is a stacked composite of Cibicidoides spp. from several sites that has been smoothed to remove all periods >1 m.y.; Oi1 to Mi6 are 18O maxima; dashed lines indicate inflections in the d18O records immediately pre-dating the maxima. Shelf-slope reflectors o1 to m1 are dated on the New Jersey slope (Leg 150) and are shown with best age estimates (indicated with thin lines) and error bars (indicated with boxes). Further calibration of these horizons beneath the shelf is the primary objective of Leg 174A. Onshore sequences are indicated by dark boxes; the white areas in between are hiatuses. Drilling on the New Jersey coastal plain is continuing and will be incorporated as Leg 174AX (see Fig. 1). New Jersey onshore sequences O1 to O6 are Oligocene, and Kw0 to Kw-Cohansey (Coh) are Miocene; cross-hatched areas indicate uncertain ages. Sequences TA4.4 to TB3.1 are from Haq et al. (1987).

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