Site: MAT-9B

There are three approved site-specific locations, designated 9B-1, 9B-2, and 9B-3. All will be discussed.

Priority: 1
Position: 9B-1: 39° 21.9348'N, 72° 41.6712'W; 9B-2: 39° 22.0866'N, 72° 41.4024'W; 9B-3: 39° 21.9582'N, 72° 41.5206'W
Water Depth: all three sites: 98 m
Sediment Thickness: all three sites: ~10 km
Approved Maximum Penetration: 9B-1: 1096 mbsf; 9B-2: 1199 mbsf; 9B-3: 1206 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: 9B-1: at the crossing of seismic lines Oceanus 270 #147 (cdp 10912/shot 37.99) and #908 (cdp 10265/shot 11.54); 9B-2: at the crossing of seismic lines Oceanus 270 #803 (cdp 10816/shot 34.01) and #910 (cdp 10239/9.94); 9B-3: at the crossing of seismic lines Oceanus 270 #801 (cdp 10816/34.01) and #910 (cdp 10192/8.00) These lines are shown in accompanying figures.

Objectives: The objectives of MAT-9B are to determine the:

1.Date major Oligocene-Holocene unconformities on the New Jersey margin and evaluate their correlation with glacioeustatic age estimates obtained from the d18O record; this site will concentrate on surfaces that are latest middle Miocene (m1) and younger.

2.Place constraints on the amplitudes and rates of sea-level change that may have been responsible for unconformity development.

3.Assess the lithostratigraphic response of changes in sequence architecture to glacial eustatic forcing.

4.Provide a baseline for future scientific ocean drilling that will address the effects and timing of sea-level changes on other passive margins.

Drilling Program: Double APC/XCB to refusal; RCB (after installation of FFF) to TD at Hole B.

Logging and Downhole Operations: VSP to TD, Logging While Drilling*

Nature Of Rock Anticipated: Sands, silts, and clays; subordinate gravel.

Seismic lines map 9B

Seismic section 9B-1

Seismic section 9B-2

Seismic section 9B-3

Seismic section 9B-3

*LWD tools: CDR, CDN (see preceding text).

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