Site: TSO-2B

Position: 41°8.20'S, 13°33.65'E
Water Depth: 2104 m
Sediment Thickness: 1300 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 700 mbsf (PPSP: 800 mbsf)
Seismic Coverage: TN057/TSO-2, shot point TN1100

Objectives: Recover a Cenozoic sequence that will be used to reconstruct long-term changes in
1. surface-water parameters, and the evolution of the Subtropical Front (STF) and its response to southern-high latitude climate variability;
2. paleoproductivity north of the PFZ;
3. the mixing ratio between lower upper CPDW and upper NADW and the evolution of these water masses through time; and
4. the paleodepth history of the Agulhas Ridge.

Drilling Program:
Single APC to 200 m, XCB to 400 m, RCB to 700 m

Logging and Downhole: Triple Combo, GHMT, and FMS logs

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Nannofossil-foraminiferal ooze, chalk, limestone

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