Site: KIP-7B

Track line KIP-7B

Seismic for KIP-7B

Priority: 1

Position: 5333.1S, 7558.5E

Water Depth: 1168 m

Sediment Thickness: 685 m

Target Drilling Depth: 885 mbsf

Approved Maximum Penetration: 1085 mbsf

Seismic Coverage: 1997 multichannel seismic line Rig Seismic 179-101

Objectives: The objectives of KIP-7B are to

  1. obtain 200 m of igneous basement to characterize petrography and lava compositions,
  2. determine basalt flow thicknesses,
  3. obtain sedimentary record and determine sequence facies,
  4. determine a minimum basement age using overlying sediment and possible sediment interbeds,
  5. define the ages of seismic sequence boundaries, and
  6. estimate duration of possible subaerial and shallow-water environments.

Drilling Program: RCB

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS/DSI, WST, DLL/NGT

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Calcareous and siliceous ooze, chalk, basalt

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