Site: PBD-15A

To PBD-15A Line RAE 40001

Priority: 2 (alternate to PBS-2A should Prydz Bay be inaccessible)
Position: 63°00´S, 067°38´E
Water Depth: 4125 m
Sediment Thickness: ~4000 m
Target Drilling Depth: ~850 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: 850 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: RAE 40001 SP 100, RAE 40006 SP 117

Objective: Alternate to PBS-2A should Prydz Bay be inaccessible. Seismic surfaces thought to mark the onset of Cenozoic glaciation can be drilled in the relatively thin distal drift section at this location.

Drilling Program: Same as for PBD-12B

Logging Program: Triple Combo, FMS-sonic, GHMT

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Mud, silt, biogenic ooze, and rare sand

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