Site: STR-1A

Track Line: STR-1A
Seismic Line: STR-1A

Priority: 2
Position: 47°51.22´S, 147°51.05´E
Water Depth: 1465 m
Sediment Thickness: At least 1300 m
Target Drilling Depth: 600 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 600 m
Seismic Coverage: Tasmante (L'Atalante) 125-31, Sonne SO36B-51

Objectives: The objectives of STR-1A are to sample

1. Complete middle Eocene to lower Oligocene section for paleoceanographic/paleoclimatologic study

2. Neogene pelagic carbonates for stratigraphic/paleoceanographic study

Drilling Program: Triple APC, XCB, RCB

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS-Sonic, GHMT

Nature of Sediment Anticipated: Neogene ooze and chalk (180 m); Paleogene mudstone

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