Because Leg 196 will conduct LWD operations at the Leg 190 sites, we will have a minimal logging program on Leg 190. Following coring operations at the reference site (Site ENT-01A), we will run the triple combo and Formation MicroScanner (FMS)/sonic tool strings and then carry out a vertical seismic profile (VSP) with the well seismic tool (WST). The triple-combo string includes natural gamma ray, neutron porosity, density, and resistivity tools and will be deployed with Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory temperature/acceleration/pressure (LDEO-TAP) tool. The FMS/sonic string includes the FMS, the dipole shear sonic imager (DSI) or long-space sonic sonde, and the LDEO-TAP tool. A VSP will be conducted with the three component WST with shots conducted at three levels. No logging is planned at any other site during Leg 190.

Sampling Strategy

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