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Figure 14. Track line for leg 194 seismic data.
Figure 33. Regional seismic section used to locate Site CS-15A.

Priority: 2
Position: 20°54.14'S, 152°49.19'E
Water Depth: 365 m
Sediment Thickness: 469 m
Target Depth: 478 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: 650 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Regional Line MAR-20, CDP 3780

Objectives: The objectives of Site CS-15A are the following.

1. Determine the age and facies description of Megasequences B-D, particularly the initiation of the MP3 platform.
2. Determine the age and duration of the unconformities that can be carried into the MP3 paltform and those separating each sequence in the proximal slope adjacent to MP3.
3. Determine the paleowater depth of the initial growth phase of MP2.
4. Determine the age and nature of the condensed section equivalent to MP2.
5. Determine the age and nature of the basement.
6. Measure fluid flow processes within the MP3 platform and adjacent sediments.
7. Determine Pliocene-Holocene paleoceanography from the Megasequence D drift deposit.
8. Calibrate the seismic sequence stratigraphy.

Drilling Program: Double APC/XCB (~1 core into basement)

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple-combo, sonic-FMS, WST, GHMT (if available)

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Approximately 203 m of hemipelagic ooze overlying ~266 m of periplatform ooze, wackestones with some siltstones, mudstones, and turbidites; underlying basement composed of Paleozoic quartz-feldspar mafic metasediment

Site CS-16A | Table of Contents