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Site: DR-4B

Priority: 3

Position: 9°20.5'N, 54°6.2'W

Water Depth: 2800 m

Target Drilling Depth: 350 mbsf

Approved Maximum Penetration: 350 mbsf

Seismic Coverage: Primary line GeoB01-209, crossing line GeoB01-217

Objective: The main objective of Site DR-4B is to recover a reduced section of Oligocene to Aptian sediments serving as a comparison to deeper and shallower sites to the north and south.

Drilling Program: Triple APC/XCB to 350 mbsf.

Logging Program: Triple combo and FMS-sonic.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Foraminifer-nannofossil ooze, chalk, carbonaceous claystone, and black shales.

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