Didymocyrtis antepenultima Zone Reference Slide R 12
Sample Slide
85-573-17-3, 61-12 cm R12.1 R12.2 R12.3

Diartus hughesi U29/3 R30/0 P31/0

E14/1 W18/2 R3/1

Calocycletta caepa L28/0 P25/4 C3/1
Calocycletta cladara M3/0 M25/2 D42/0
Dictyocoryne ontongensis J7/3 W21/4
Didymocyrtis antepenultima U27/0 D12/1 Y37/0

Q23/0 J31/4 C35/4
Didymocyrtis laticonus M40/0 C11/3 L8/4

P9/4 O34/0 H40/2
Lithopera neotera E31/3 G35/2 S21/2
Lychnodictyum audax D25/2 B26/4 C29/2
Spongaster berminghami P33/0 T17/0
Stichocorys delmontensis U12/2 P27/1 X36/0
Stichocorys johnsoni M39/1 L23/2 B8/4

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well preserved in this sample.