Stichocorys wolffii Zone Reference Slide R 23
Sample Slide
85-573B-14-CC R23.1 R23.2 R23.3

Stichocorys wolffii C32/0 W18/0 G29/0

A30/0 C12/4 E46/2

F12/3 C40/0 H41/0

Calocycletta virginis M5/0 E13/2 F38/0
Carpocanopsis cingulata U33/4 F26/1 A40/0

Q32/4 K15/1 G32/1
Didymocyrtis tubaria K35/0 F32/1 D24/1
Dorcadospyris forcipata V34/0 G24/0 B36/2
Stichocorys delmontensis C22/0 C37/3 C17/3

G32/0 F33/0 F44/0

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well to moderately well preserved in this sample. Delicate specimens are usually dissolved. There are rare diatoms and a few Orosphaerid fragments present as well.