Stichocorys delmontensis Zone Reference Slide R 24
Sample Slide
85-573B-15-3, 61-63 cm R24.1 R24.2 R24.3

Stichocorys delmontensis L27/1 C15/3 C12/0

P38/3 E10/3 C33/1

U8/0 J35/4 H29/0

F34/2 P15/0 J11/2
NOT S. delmontensis * F35/2 G10/3 F28/2

Calocycletta virginis T9/4 N11/0 E3/3
Carpocanopsis favosa W17/0 G34/0
Cyrtocapsella cornuta M33/3 E37/2 B31/0
Cyrtocapsella tetrapera M30/2 E19/3 G10/2

J23/3 K30/1
Lychnocanoma elongata F23/0 K11/4 E10/0

U35/1 D37/1 F7/1
Siphostichartus corona T10/2

*The fourth segment on these unnamed forms is too wide for them to be S. delmontensis.

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well to moderately well preserved in this sample, but there are some signs of dissolution.